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There is an ad playing on Athens radio paid for by Jane Kidd that attacks Bill Cowsert. Reports into Peach Pundit are that it is very hard hitting.

If you get your hands on a copy, we’d like to hear it and put it up for everyone. Just hit the tip lie.


  1. RandyMiller says:

    Oh, you mean like directions? For ex: Like how to get from Sandy Springs over to Howell Mill using the backroads during rush hour?

  2. donkeydonkey says:

    Erick, how bout you get off your ass and make a couple of call to Athens radio stations instead of wasting blog space.

  3. John Douglas says:

    If you are talking about the ad that whines about redistricting and Bill’s “brother in law,” you are right. It is playing over and over on Athens radio stations that we can get as far west and south of Athens as my district. And it is beyond any political advertising I have ever heard.

    This ad starts off lamenting negative advertising and then becomes the most negative ad I have ever heard. I believe that it accurately represents the desperation and hopelessness the liberals in the Democratic party are feeling right now.

    The clock is ticking on Jane Kidd and soon she will have time to do other things away from politics.

  4. waterboy says:

    I haven’t heard the add, but if it highlights gerimandering the district for Cowsert, then I’m thinking it is pretty accurate. What else can you call it????

  5. Erick says:

    donkeydonkey, because:
    (1) It’s my site, not yours.

    (2) A radio station is not suppose to give out advertising audio from a customer — only the airing times, ad title, etc.

  6. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    I have heard the ad, and it is hard hitting, but it is all true. The facts are there. What isn’t true is the quote that Sen. Johnson put on Cowsert’s mail piece (the second mail piece I received and it was negative? now that is desparation of a man who not only doesn’t belong in politics, but has no future in politics as well). The beauty is I looked into Cowsert’s quote on his mail piece which was cited as an AJC article, and the actual article doesn’t say what the quote says. Cowsert quotes Rep. Kidd from the House floor, which is NOT true, the quote did not come from the floor according to all news reports.

    Why isn’t PP looking into the lies and desparation coming from Cowsert? Because, redrawing a district can’t save a loser. He lost two years ago, and he knows he is about to lose again (and when no republican should lose this seat), and he’s in his last throws. He couldn’t win on his own, and he won’t win with help from a pathetic liar “president” of the State Senate.

    Rep. Kidd is simply responding not only to the mail piece but negative radio ads from Cowsert! He tried to hit her in mail and on the radio and it didn’t work – and now Kidd’s ad, mixed with her hard working campaign efforts are translating across the district. My friends in GOP Walton and Oconee are telling me they are still planning on voting Republican mostly except when it comes to the State Senate. Why? Because they’ve met Rep. Kidd, they’ve heard her vision, and they’ve seen her campaign staff constantly. Rep. Kidd doesn’t seem to be complaining about her new district, she seems like she can’t wait to meet them and can’t wait to represent them, and I do believe she only has about 26 more days until she does.

    Goodbye Mr. Cowsert, you should have quit two years ago.

  7. atlantaman says:

    You know what would be awful for Kidd is if she lost by only a few votes. You put in all that hard work, do door-to-door, endless meet-and-greets, fundraising and then lose sleep at night asking yourself, “Was it those damn Georgia Tech colors on my signs?”

  8. Sen John Douglas,
    May I remind you that first you voted for the GOP redistricting plan that changed the congressional districts, and then you were horrified to learn that Rockdale County would now be in the 4th district.

    Give me a break. You’re like a kid who orders something from a restaurant, then realizes you ordered the wrong thing, then instead of sucking it up or admitting to your mistake, you just cry until your mom buys you something else.

    Pay attention to what you vote on in the future.

  9. Decaturguy says:

    Senator Douglas,

    You are just too funny! How is it “negative” to point out that the Republican Party has become so drunk with power, that it is now doing the same thing (partisan redistricting) it complained about the Democrats doing when they were in power? And how is it “negative” to point out that the redistricting was done to help the current State Senator’s brother in law win election to the seat and that guy just happens to be your opponent? Isn’t this just indicative of the hypocricy and corruption within the Republican Party nationally that is turing off even hard core conservatives? You can call Democrats names like “liberal” all you want, but that tactic is becoming less and less effective as the GOP is being exposed for what it really is.

  10. John Douglas says:

    Georgia (Liberal) Progressive: “My friends in GOP Walton and Oconee are telling me they are still planning on voting Republican mostly except when it comes to the State Senate…”

    You must have different friends from the members of the Walton GOP that I represent now and in Oconee that I represented in the House. But smoke and mirrors work wonders for the ego just before an election. Nov 8th however will bring the hangover and reality to Jane Kidd.

  11. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    Mr. Douglas, first, the Walton GOP you represent can NOT vote for Rep. Kidd nor is she reaching out. Why (I know this may be tough for you)? Because she’s not running there. You don’t represent the voters that soon to be Senator Kidd will represent, sadly for them.

    Second, you represented a very different Oconee County then the Oconee of today. The tides are turning, and I can only hope you’re wasting time out in Oconee County because you don’t represent them. But, maybe you’re not and maybe you should to get a real picture of this race.

    I can’t wait until you have to face Senator Kidd next session and I want your apologies recorded and posted here as much as your spin and rhetoric. Be glad that Rep. Kidd is not challenging you, otherwise, like Mr. Cowsert, your political career would be coming to an end.

    Again I say, Goodbye Mr. Cowsert, and good riddance!

  12. Jeff Emanuel says:

    GP, you seem to be more than a bit extreme regarding Cowsert the man, as well as his campaign.

    After all, this is the guy about whom the hard-left blog AthensPolitics said:

    Cowsert’s folksy, friendly style plays well with just about everyone, mostly because he actually is a genuinely nice guy … Your crack editorial staff here at Athens Politics are about as Democratic as they come, and we admit it, it’s hard not to like the guy.

    We can all gather from your screenname that you probably disagree with most of his policies; what’s behind the vitriol?

  13. dingleberry says:

    Wow, the Liberal Democrats are going crazy on this thread. That’s what happens when your communist friends (in this case, Kidd) are getting beaten into the ground.

  14. Mojo says:

    Communist? I mean, seriously, communist? What is this, 1953? When wingnuts get an idea in their head, it really stays there.

  15. John Douglas says:

    G(L)P: Maybe is you stomp your feet a little harder, hold your breath longer, and continue screaming to the high heavens that everything in the world has turned upside down, Jane Kidd will in fact win, at least in your mind.

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