Saving Dog

Congressmen Nathan Deal, Lynn Westmoreland, Phil Gingrey, and Charlie Norwood have all signed a letter penned by Congressman Tom Tancredo requesting that Condolezza Rice deny a Mexican extradition request for Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Where’s Jack Kingston on this? What about Jim Marshall?

Get with the program guys. I personally don’t care, but I do think it is ridiculous we could be sending a guy to Mexico to go to jail because he captured a dangerous rapist who was on the lamb.


  1. Chris says:

    Ok for those of us who don’t pay attention to such hollywood drivel, what crime is Dog accused of committing?

  2. Jace Walden says:

    Three Counts of Being an Absolute Bad Ass…

    Two Counts of Crotch-Rocking without a License…

    Two Counts of Public Ass-kicking…

    I could go on all day. Dog is the man.

  3. kspencer says:


    Duane Chapman (Dog) went into Mexico in 2003 and captured Andrew Luster. Luster had been convicted in absentia of several charges to include multiple counts of rape.

    The Mexican police wanted Chapman to turn Luster over to them. Chapman refused. At that point the Mexican authorities charged them with breaking extradition laws. They were placed into jail. When released on bond, Chapman and his team left Mexico without getting permission from the presiding judge, who declared them fugitives. Now, three years later, Chapman and his two team members are facing extradition to Mexico to face the charges.

    That’s the core of it.


  4. atlantaman says:

    First Sonny’s letter about UGA football to the AJC, now our Congressman are fighting for Dog Chapman – what’s next?

  5. gatormathis says:

    Sounds like some Mexicans down there are missing some of that money Luster was throwing around and want revenge for it.

    2003? damn Mexico, get over it already, Luster was a creep who drugged, preyed on and raped young girls. A rich and spoiled brat who thought he was above the law. Reminds me of someone else.

  6. mercergirl says:

    Also from an interview I saw with Dog, he was under the impression that the Mexican judge said he could leave the country.

    Just trying to be fair and present all sides.

  7. bird says:

    I believe it was a NYTimes that reported that the Dog was to be given over to Mexico in exchange for at least one high-ranking Mexican drug smuggler.

    Atlantaman, you sound like a bigot. There are doubtlessly millions of a Mexicans who are law-abidding. Saying that “they” (Mexicans) don’t respect the rule of law is like saying that Jews are greedy, blacks are lazy, etc.

    If you want to criticize the Mexican government, I have no problem. But your statment is like a snotty European saying that all Americans are religious zealots who are imperialists because the President is. It ain’t true, and it shows ignorance.

  8. John Konop says:


    You said “I believe it was a NYTimes that reported that the Dog was to be given over to Mexico in exchange for at least one high-ranking Mexican drug smuggler

  9. bird says:

    John, I was just trying to pass some background on why the US arrested Dog. I didn’t pass any judgments on that. Just reporting. I report, you decide.

    What gives you the idea I’m supportive of that deal? If that was the deal, then Condy Rice struck that deal, and I don’t like much of what she does.

    My other statements stand on their own.

  10. John Konop says:

    In about a year of reading Atlantaman post I do not think he was trying to say all Mexican people break the law.

    Yet his point is valid that the Mexican Government has shown no repect for our laws. As an American, I would think you would have something more to say than calling him a bigot.

    Do you not think it is an issue that Mexico has no respect for our laws and now wants to go after an American for stopping a rapist?

  11. Demonbeck says:

    Seriously, until Mexico starts helping out with the whole border situation instead of promoting it, extradition laws should go right out the window.

    And each of you knows it.

  12. bird says:

    John, do you purposefully misconstrue what people say or is it some sort of mental condition that causes you to make these unfounded leaps of logic when you interpret someone’s statements. Either way, you should really get yourself a talk radio job. You’d be perfect for a misinformation campaign.

    As far as Landman’s comments, you can he didn’t say the Mexican government has no respect for our laws. If you read my comments, I said that he should refer to the Mexican government and not Mexicans.

    atlantaman said:
    “I’m not sure if the Mexicans really understand the meaning of a law. They break our laws thousands of times a day.”

    Here’s the definition of a bigot:
    “One strongly loyal to one’s own social group, and irrationally intolerant or disdainful of others.”

    I stick by what I said, and I’m through responding to you–it’s a waste of time.

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