Perdue takes criticism of AJC to radio

The AJC was kind enough to write about Sonny taking his criticism of their sports headline to talk radio. You can read the full story here.

“Let me tell you what it stems from. It stems from whether a major paper in the state … whether it’s the front page or the business page, and now the sports page … they celebrate our losses, and cancel our victories,


  1. rugby_fan says:

    (pardon my language and editorializing but) Jesus Christ, doesn’t he have a state to govern that according to him is immenintly going to be taken over by illegal immigrants? WHO IN HIS OR HER RIGHT MIND CARES!!!!!

    Get back to doing your job Governor Perdue and stop this game of using your office to get movie roles and try on costumes all day.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Give me a “P!”
    Give me a “U!”
    Give me a “S!”
    Give me a “———————-!” (picture a hook yanking me off the stage before I finish the cheer as to what we have for a Governor in this state)

  3. SpaceyG says:

    Somebody needs to take their sippy cup and get on back to Bonaire. Maybe if he’d married Anne Cox Chambers instead of that whiney Mary, who rivals only Laura Bush in her inherent dullness, Sonny wouldn’t have to wring his hands so much over irrelevant issues.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    MT’s a UGA grad as well. He wouldn’t risk pissing-off the legions of lemmings who probably think the AJC headline should be the story of the week rather than their football team getting their asses handed to them.

  5. atlantaman says:

    Look I think the whole thing has gotten a little out-of-hand, but I’m continually amazed at all the people who make statements like, “He’s the Governor and he works for me and I don’t want him wasting time writing to the AJC” or “doesn’t he have a state to govern” As if the people of Georgia have complete control over him and his free-time 24 hours a day. It would be like if a police officer wrote a letter to the editor and someone said, “Hey that guy works for me shouldn’t he be spending all of his time catching murderers?”

  6. rugby_fan says:

    no its not the same, its that he is trying to tell us we are on the brink of a full scale Mexican invasion, we were in a “fiscal crisis”, yet the only time he has shown any thing resembling vim in his mansion is over the AJC saying UGA lost. Great bloody governor we’ve got.

  7. atlantaman says:

    If writing a very short letter to the AJC during his free-time is not allowed, what is he allowed to do during free-time (or should he be working for the State of Georgia 24/7 with no time for even sleep).

  8. rugby_fan says:

    no, allow me to copy and paste for you, maybe with repitition you’ll understand my point.

    its that he is trying to tell us we are on the brink of a full scale Mexican invasion, we were in a “fiscal crisis

  9. gatormathis says:

    So, Sonny writes a letter to the AJC questioning their delight in continually harassing all things Georgian as if was their sole purpose was to tout everybody except Georgia citizens. The AJC is located in Georgia, but writes about things here as if it were located in the bowels of New York.

    Headline: Georgia is put in their “place”. What is their “place”? People steadily take offense today with people being told they have a “place” in life, with the AJC leading the decry. Yet it seems the AJC revels in telling people their “place”.

    It is simple to see that Sonny figures a headline such as “Georgia handed a sound defeat” or something similiar would suffice, without the AJC using the Jim Crow bassackwards logic of someone being put in their “place”.

    The AJC -whatever they wanna be when they wanna be it, otherwise you can kiss their ass.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Everyone should have seen this loss coming for Georgia. They had come from behind wins playing teams that were not really that good. You can pull that off against some teams, but not a team like Tennessee.

    Get over it and don’t whine about it.

    The Governor should not have written that comment.

  11. rugby_fan says:

    Wow. debbie, I , I don’t know what to say, I, I, I…don’t know how to say this but, I agree with you. Vehemently. It’s just, too much right now… 😀

    I don’t see what is patently offensive about the headline, the Bulldogs were jolly good fixed after that game.

    Maybe what caused Gov Perdue to be so outraged was that as a vet, he recognized that UGA was fixed violently and thought it a cruel way to treat animals?

  12. atlantaman says:

    “its that he is trying to tell us we are on the brink of a full scale Mexican invasion, we were in a “fiscal crisis

  13. SpaceyG says:

    Why couldn’t Sonny have just posted a comment on… say… Peach Pundit! Or Radical Georgia Moderate? (Lord knows, they love football AND politics over there.) Who even writes “Letters To The Editor” nowadays? How last century backwoods is that! I’d sooner have an AOL address as I’d write a letter to the editor. Heck, I don’t even buy envelopes and stamps anymore.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    In actuality…Sonny DIDN’T write the final version. He had Dan McLagan help him. That was in the first AJC article.

    So, not only is our Governor a whiny-baby, he’s a whiny-baby who needed help in writing his whiny-baby letter to the AJC.

    Maybe next week we’ll hear about a spider named Charlotte who has woven “SOME GOVERNOR!” in her web down in Bonaire.

    And the week after that, we’ll hear about how the Governor finally finished reading his summer book assignment on Stuart Little.

  15. buzzbrockway says:

    So, Perdue has declined to appear at the debate this Thursday? What a freaking coward.

    Where you hear that Mojo? I just got an email from Perdue saying he’ll be there.

  16. leftrightcombo says:

    I just opened an e-mail from the Gov. requesting I appear at the debate and bring a home made sign for support. The “fat” Guy is bussing in union types to show support. Is he not going to be there?

    Somebody verify this.

  17. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Verified. I have it from the Governor’s staff that he WILL be in attendance at the debate, and that there was never any consideration whatsoever of cancelling.

    Take that as you will, but he’ll be there.

  18. Mojo says:


    Already figured that out, but being that they changed the wording means that I wasn’t the only one with this mistaken impression…at least, I hope I’m not the only one.

  19. SpaceyG says:

    Yes, Jeff The Boy Scout or All Around Do Gooder. I know that. But thanks for, uh, being so literal-minded. And your blog is really boring.

  20. rightofcenter says:

    Please do us the favor of using your superior intelligence and cultural nuance to better this state by running for public office. The political vine just doesn’t have the readership for you to really impact anything. And please make it statewide so I’ll have the pleasure of voting on your race.

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