Bush in Macon

Here’s coverage from Macon.

President George Bush spent nearly three hours in Middle Georgia on Tuesday, politicking, raising money and urging a partisan audience to send a Republican to Congress to help cut taxes and keep America safe.
Bush came to Macon for a fundraiser for Mac Collins, the Republican challenger in the 8th Congressional District. But his visit was more than that, stopping traffic and drawing crowds streetside to watch his motorcade pass as a sitting president visited Macon for the first time since 1996. People lined the roads along the president’s route from Robins Air Force Base, where he landed in Air Force One, to the Wilson Convention Center. They waved American flags and signs that said “thank you


  1. mercergirl says:

    I was stuck at work so I missed the whole thing, however a lot of people from the event came into the restaurant where I work and had lots of positive things to say about the event. I’m glad to hear the Telegraph covering that people were waving signs welcoming the President

  2. leftrightcombo says:

    Macon and the whole middle Georgia area are deep red. You will not find many people among the retired military crowd who are not pro-bush. I think this is probally the reason the POTUS came to that area.

  3. mercergirl says:

    I gotta agree with Brian (yes)- the city of Macon is pretty much a blue area, however Bibb County is very red along with Houston. And I wasn’t referring to a retired military crowd, nor do I believe the Telegraph was, however amongst that particular constituency both Brian and I can say from experience that many of them are Pro-Jim Marshall and this rally was for his opponent.

    However- on another note: did anyone see on tv this guy bashing the President’s visit? Let me clarify, he’s one of the managers with the company I work for. Apparently this clip made it to CNN (this could have been an exagerration), but our manager when asked by the news how did he feel about Cherry Street being blocked off for the President decided to be a smart-ass and said something to the effect of “sure get him in get him out- just like a funeral procession”. What an idiot. Funny, but an idiot, he apparently didn’t think that could be taken out of context AT ALL. >:(

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