Agenda Journalism at CBS-46: A Coordinated Hit Job on the Governor?

We told you, based on a comment last week, that a DFACS issue would be what the Dems use to bludgeon the Governor.

A friend of mine very close to the Taylor campaign sent me an email saying to look at two things on YouTube. He says that Mark Taylor will be talking about these things at 3pm on Saturday when he is in Macon. Here is the one clip, the other won’t pull up.

Given that the clip features Roy Barnes prominently, we were tipped off on this last week, and Taylor’s people are now circulating the clips as background for upcoming speeches, I think we should legitimately be asking if CBS-46 is the official media outlet for Mark Taylor’s campaign. Was there coordination with CBS-46 in the production of this news story? You have Senator David Adelman and former Governor Roy Barnes sticking it to the Republicans and the Governor in particular.

“I would have scrapped the gold off the gold dome before I would have ever allowed these children to suffer,


  1. David says:

    Desperation politics by a campaign down 15 points. Don’t worry Taylor, you can always get a job after the election as the new figurine for Bob’s Big Boy holding up that hamburger!

  2. This is just another in the long line of budgetary stories that make you go hmmm. Like Sonny vetoing a measure that would extend widows of dead police officers the option to continue paying for state health insurance.

    Sonny talks about inheriting a bad budget atmosphere, but I have a feeling it would actually be Mark that would be in those shoes.

    Now, as for David Adelman. I have worked with him for the last 4 years. He has constantly been working with advocates on the Katie Beckett waivers. He is no johnny come lately and frankly Sonny had four years to shore up this program and hasn’t, and I think it’s about time someone in the press held him accountable for his inaction.

  3. Mojo says:


    I have personal experience with Perdue and his cutting Medicaid coverage. My cousin and his wife had a daughter with severe bronchial problems, she essentially spent her first two years in a hospital and another year and a half on a respirator. One day my cousin’s wife gets a notice in the mail that her daughter, at this point she was two years old, is no longer covered by Medicaid. She conducted a little research and discovered that this was due to Medicaid cuts by Perdue. At that time her daughter dependend heavily on her ventilator and home health care provided by nurses to monitor her daughter, which totaled approx. $10,000.00 a month. My cousin and his wife could not afford this on their own, so the ventilator was taken back by the government and the nurses were to be seen no more. At the time they were self employed b/c they owned a farm, but my cousin was forced to take a second job so that he could offset some of the costs of his daughter’s care with the benefits package, but only a small percentage of the total cost was covered, and, without the ventilator and nursing staff periodic episodes of his daughter being unable to breathe required frequent trips to the ER which added on to the costs. The little girl has come a long way, and her episodes are less and less frequent, though they still occur every now and then. My cousin and his wife have gone into serious debt due to the Medicaid cut.

    I don’t know if the numbers are right in the ad and I really don’t care. All I know is from first hand experience a very sick little girl was cut off from Medicaid by Sonny Perdue.

  4. David says:


    Blue Cross has an insurance option that is available for people who are members of the local county Chambers of Commerce. Most of these folks are self-employed like your cousin. The coverage is at group rates, so the rates will be a little cheaper. I had this coverage when I ran my own business in Georgia. It was complete and gave me an option I did not have elsewhere like with a regular company.

  5. defnotrep says:

    There’s such irony with Perdue and the Repubs.
    They are anti-choice, yet, when the most vulnerable children are born, they won’t take care of them. How can a government possibly deny a ventilator to a child. Neither a State or a Country will be blessed doing these things.

    The old saying before life and after life is really meaningful in light of this subject…and that’s exactly how the Repubs operate.

    Sonny should be ashamed of himself.

  6. hankreardan says:

    To give this ventilator you have to take from some one else. I have a daughter also.So when you take my money by force to pay for an illprepared family it makes it less likely I will be able to afford insurance for my family.You are welcome to donate but you should not be forced into this system.I am sorry if this sounds mean but it is mean to take my daughters money also.

  7. RandyMiller says:

    Yeah, defnotrep, I guess this is nothing like “children die everyday” & the fiasco at Defacs during Barnes??? Just an FYI, The Perdues gave homes to 7 foster children as well as raising their own kids; now what’s this about before and after? With all the millions your guy has if he’s so concerned about children why couldn’t he?

  8. defnotrep says:


    This country has to take care of the least among us. I understand the frustration of trying to care
    for your family when others receive things free.

    Personally I think the people who have babies on welfare and receive medicaid, should not be allowed to have more children.

    A sick child is different though.

  9. Mojo says:

    Talked a little with my cousin, and he filled me in a little more. They had private insurance through a job, that I forgot he had at the time, but the insurance wouldn’t cover much at all. That is when they began receiving Medicaid for the costs, but then Perdue began his cuts at the time I mentioned above. Later he obtained another job with a better benefits package, though still not nearly enough.


    Yeah, I’m sure it is a travesty for a family not to have a couple hundred thousand dollars laying around for an unforseen emergency. How ill-prepared of them you fu…

  10. Mojo says:

    That’s my last post on the matter b/c its too personal and I’m just starting to get real freaking pissed. I shouldn’t have said anything at all.

  11. Dorabill says:
  12. Bill Simon says:

    It clearly says “Medicaid Cuts” of 2000 in the 2nd piece (that is, 6500-4500). What’s your problem again, Erick? That the majority of the viewers of the ad will think it means “4500” were cut?

  13. RandyMiller says:

    Several years back , ’98 or 99, I was doing volunteer work through my parish in the metro area. Since I have some medical experience, I was assigned helping debilitated HIV patients sign up for medicaid. This was during Barnes-Taylor please note.
    I’ll refer to this person as patient X. After X was released from a local county hospital we took them to DeFaCS. There X was entered in the system and later received some drugs for about 3 months. X had lost insurance, and the drugs were $1,500 a month not including the doctor visits. After the 3 months, with the help of the drugs, X was showing improvement. Later X was suddenly dropped via a mailed letter. We were supprised to learn this was the “norm” and had happened to countless others.
    If any of you out there have read anything about this disease you know helpful anti-virals MUST be continued or the patient relapses and risk becoming immune to the drug with repeated sickness worse than before. So, there,…that’s my experience with the “party of the little people”, the “party that cares”, what a bunch of b.s.

    If any of you have read

  14. Hank, the point is these families can not get private insurance to cover their needs. Katie Beckett waivers are for families who are not poor, and in many cases are upper middle class, but the cost of caring for their children would completely eat up all of their income.

    Basically, the government says to them you make $100,000/year so before we will pay anything you need to chip in $100,000.

    Luck of the draw, I guess. Your kid gets a cold and you are out of pocket $200. Their kid needs $250,000 of treatment every year and they are out their entire salary. In almost every Katie Beckett case, the parents either have or had insurance before their insurer refused to cover them. It’s not like an insurer said pay your premiums and we’ll cover you — they said we won’t cover you.

    It’s like when someone gets a DUI and gets dropped from their car insurance and can’t get other insurance, at least it’s punitive based on something they did. These people get dropped from their insurance because they committed the “crime” of having a special needs child.

    Randy, the GOP’s solution to all healthcare problems is health savings accounts. But in this particular instance, no matter how much these families saved it would not be enough to pay for their care. The only solution some of them have is to turn their children over to the state where they became wardens of the state and then the state can pay for the care.

    So yeah, Sonny was a foster parent for a few kids, and he should be thanked for that as often as possible. What about the thousands of kids and families in this situation.

    Mark may have enough money, but even his net worth would be wiped out pretty quickly trying to help these kids, and then they’d be back at square one. Democrats will fix this so it won’t require a rich benefactor to get your kid the care they deserve should you be one of the (relatively) few parents in the state who have a special needs child like this.

    Randy, I wonder if 20 years of Republican anti-gay anti-AIDS treatment demagoguery (starting with Reagan) had anything to do with the crappy situation these patients face. Ever thought about that?

  15. RandyMiller says:

    Hardcore Chris:
    Wasn’t both the House and Senate under dem control during the Reagan years? Where were they? I also remember left wing nutjobs saying Aids was a product of bio germ warfare created by the pentagon at some “secret lab outside D.C.” Think those rumors may have had something to do with the crappy situations
    these patients faced? Ever thought about that? Obviously not.

  16. rugby_fan says:

    as opposed to the right wing nut jobs who pressured the CDC to change the name of AIDS to gay related immune disease and used it as a tool to spread their bigotry and who still insist that the best way of preventing the spread of AIDS is to teach abstinence only?

    Frankly if we are going to discuss AIDS, the only party that can take the highground is the Libertarian Party as they have never been in a position of power to do anything for or against AIDS treatment.

  17. jackson says:

    I rarely agree with with Chris, but I do this time (on Republican healthcare stands). How Republicans, and it is Republicans, can let little children suffer like this while spending money on other worthless programs (like the georgia holocaust commission pointed out by AFP) is not right.

    I frankly dont care if it was a “democrat-coordinated” hit job, but I dont care. Truth is truth.

    BTW, wasnt that the same reporter that Sonny blasted saying she needed to find another market?

  18. gatormathis says:

    Let us all remember that it is the associated costs of health care that makes it prohibitive for anyone to afford. Why does it cost so much? Walmart makes billions and it’s benevelent benefactors “donate” money to charity. If they want to really help the masses, replace the blood pressure cuff machine with something like an airport x-ray machine that can run simple diagnostics on people.

    It can detact masses in people like an MRI. Star Trek technology at its best. Bill Gates can chip in. Surely the prices charged the public for treatment needs to be looked at, especially when a lot of bills are overcharged on procedures never taken or completed.

    Most of all, it is sad when you recieve an astronomical bill in the mail for a doctor/hospital visit days before you receive the results of the test.
    Most times, they can’t tell you what’s wrong with you, but they can tell you to the penny what you owe for it……

    If everything else here is supposed to be priced on the world market, let’s pay Chinese prices for medicine.

  19. GAWire says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa … I want to go back to Mojo’s first comment about Sonny cutting Medicaid.

    Firstly, Mojo, I am very sorry to hear this about your cousin’s daughter. Please don’t get me wrong – I don’t wish any sickness on anyone, especially children, and I really don’t wish to drag their situations into political issues.

    With that being said, there is a big problem with your analysis. You said your cousin and his wife did some research that somehow concluded medical care ended directly due to cuts in Medicaid, apparently made by Sonny. You are essentially blaming Sonny for a much larger problem, with which his authority actually has very little to do. That’s like me getting pissed at Sonny everytime I get stuck in GA400 construction traffic.

    Now, I hate to hear about this situation, but it wasn’t Sonny that failed her. Sure, Medicaid has a lot of issues, but most are not due to Sonny Perdue.

    That crappy situation, which thousands of others can sympathize with is due to a much larger problem that encompasses the nation’s healthcare system in general.

    Same goes for many of the other posts and situations here.

    Sonny’s healthcare policy is not ripping care away from sick little children, or elderly patients for that matter, nor cancer patients, or any patients in Georgia.

    The healthcare delivery system is in a crisis that Sonny Perdue can’t fix, and neither can Mark Taylor, Cathy Cox, Saxby, Isakson, etc you get the point.

    So, Mojo, the “research” conclusions were either wrong or I would imagine there was a lot of assumptions made, which wrongly concluded that Sonny was to blame for the problems the state’s healthcare system faces.

    And, gator, just FYI, the reason you get a bill in the mail is b/c there are revenue cycles and cash flow issues that have to be addressed by those that provide your care … just like you and other business owners have to deal with. Doctors have to generate revenue you know, and it isn’t always simple when government and private payer negotiated prices barely cover the costs of the services provided. On average, it takes 30-90 DAYS for a physician to receive payment after point of service. Just think what would happen if you didn’t get paid for 3 months after you sold your product or provided your service.

  20. jackson says:

    I ‘m all for people making money, GAWIRE, but “barely cover the costs” doesnt cut the mustard. Most Dr’s I know aren’t living poor…not that they should…but to say they barely cover costs is ludicrous. Just an FYI – I got the bill from my last emergency room visit. Among the services Itemized: 1 capsule of Tylenol. Cost: $15.00. Whatever.

  21. Nicki says:

    Yeah, but jackson, that’s the effect of a capitalistic system, which more or less is what we have. We pay what the market will bear for insurance, and they pay some portion of what the market will bear for our healthcare. Enough to have the market bear our premiums. It’s all about the profit, baby.

    My personal anecdote: My husband had a near-fatal accident while in college. Insurance initially refused to pay, so we filed paperwork declaring X to be low-income. They approved us and dropped his bill from $175K to about 40% of that. Ultimately it didn’t matter because the insurance picked everything up, but evidently there’s some play in the system. Just not unlimited play — and heck, X’s life seems like a bargain at $175K.

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