1. Bill Simon says:

    I don’t quite recall Mason’s ordeal as being one of being under suspicion of murder. I recall it more about being so pumped-up about appearing live on “Sean Hannity wants to talk to ME? Wow! Far-Out!” more than anything else.

  2. mercergirl says:

    I kind of agree, on an emotional end I suppose, but technically I would think that Wilbanks has the law on her side- am I right? How would the courts decide that, I’m curious 🙂

  3. buzzbrockway says:

    Don’t forget Greta did a show from the Town Green in Duluth. You could hear it in her voice – she was hoping and praying for another Scott Peterson story.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Speaking of Greta, I haven’t heard a preview on the Natalie Holloway story for quite some time. Greta needs to get back on covering that for 5 months straight.

    (No offense to the Natalie Holloway family…it’s just that Greta has over-exposed the story to the point of viewers being totally tuned-out).

    Full Disclosure: I do not watch Greta’s show.

  5. buzzbrockway says:

    It’s about time for Greta to head back down to Aruba.

    I don’t watch Greta either. I get a general idea of what’s on her show by watching the commercials while getting my daily Alan Combs fix.

  6. Mad Dog says:


    Has Greta disappeared in Aruba and no one cared?

    Who da heck is Greta?

    Inquiring minds want to know …

    Dang. That was lame. I just wanted to point out that ‘free’ political discussion on Peachpundit is also sold in the supermarket checkout rags.

    How about some real political insider stuff?

  7. rugby_fan says:

    If he kept all of the money, he’d deserve it. All he got was public embarrassment because she’s an apparent nut job.

    Watch your self Erick, some folks (Blog for Democracy) will now have more proof that we’re a sexist lot.

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