1. buzzbrockway says:

    This is a brilliant, dare I say “Rovian” strategy. The ad will get more “airplay” through You Tube than it would have on TV, the GOP can take the high road by saying “we’re not responsible for that,” and the point of the ad will be made – all for free!

    Also, the spot is hilarious.

  2. Will Hinton says:

    Um…I’m rather conservative but I found that ad vile. And disingenuous. And fear-mongering.

    While Democrats don’t have a steller foreign policy record over the past 30 years, it’s not like Republicans have done any better.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    It kind of ignores Bush 41’s NK policy, which was ineffectiveness at all costs. Also it contains plenty of the shrill, policy free politics that I don’t like.

  4. CHelf says:

    Considering we’re acquiring two nuclear powers out of three in the Axis of Evil during this Administration, I’d say Zucker’s missed out on fact. You can attack Clinton’s failed diplomacy all you want but W’s has yielded nothing but critical mass…no pun intended.

  5. Mojo says:

    Blaming Democrats for North Korea…stupid. Accusing Democrats of turning a blind eye to terrorism…stupider. Implying that Bush and the GOP has done a good job…stupidest. Watching Kim Jong Il dunk a basketball…priceless.

  6. TBone says:

    That is a ridiculous video that will do nothing for the Republicans. It’s so over-the-top that it has no credibility. For once they’re using good judgement and not airing it. And putting it on You-Tube won’t do much either. Regular voters will never see it — only political junkies, half of which will roll their eyes and move on to something else.

  7. Dorabill says:

    Diplomacy 101 for lightweights:
    Threats, insults, intimidation, and saber-wrattling to anyone in China’s backyard constitute a threat to China–which of course results in China supplying more weapons to these people. I don’t find it funny. And we can thank Clinton’s technology transfer to China for Korean missiles in the first place.

  8. GAWire says:

    Wow, there sure are a lot of foreign policy experts on this thread.

    TBone, no one is expecting this video to do anything for the GOP. It is just a video. It’s funny. Unfortunately it has some accurate facts displayed in the satirical, sarcastic format.

    And, for all of you people who think you somehow have the solution on what we should do to further our diplomatic efforts, while protecting the citizens from global terrorism, I encourage you to submit your proposals to the White House, the State Department, or another applicable government agency. Otherwise, quit criticizing GWB like you could do any better.

    And Hinton, I’m going to say what everyone on here is thinking: YOUR ANALYSIS SUCKS!!!!

  9. Dorabill says:

    So don’t go international if you don’t want bloggers to go there. Perhaps we should apply the same logic to state issues. Where’s those damn blue pages?

  10. Will Hinton says:

    GAWire: so which part sucked? do you prefer fear-mongering and demogoguery to reasoned debate? do you prefer toeing the party line?

    Well, I’m not in the party so I don’t have to toe any line.

    Or maybe you just prefer ad hominem attacks?

  11. Dorabill says:

    OK how about this: As a frustrated conservative voter the ad just reminds me of both Bush’s reliance on the “Boogeyman factor” as a political shot in the arm. Instead of voting it just makes me want to stay home again. And again, and again, and again.

  12. rugby_fan says:

    Yea W has been pretty poor at foreign policy but Clinton was only marginally better. He had good policies but not the courage to act properly when situations arose. A damning quote from Clinton is that he said early in his tenure (I can’t remember when) “Foreign policy is not what I came here to do”. Enough said.

  13. Mojo says:

    rugby fan,

    I think a big problem with Clinton was the American public’s ambivalence to doing anything serious about foreign policy threats. He wanted to do so much but he knew the public would rise against him if he tried, and the GOP would have fanned the flames. Just look at what happened over Bosnia. The public’s determination to do anything substantial about foreign policy threats did not change until 9/11 and W was able to use that and totally f— everything up.

  14. Bill Simon says:


    One thing the WH or the State Department doesn’t welcome is commonsense ideas being introduced into their decision-making processes.

    Geez! You really live with your head so far up the ass of the Republican-mantra it is too funny.

  15. GAWire says:

    Bill, you apparently missed my sarcasm just as you and others missed the humor in the video. The point is that if everyone here thinks they are so da&% smart on foreign policy, why don’t you go forward and do something?!? Everyone’s an expert and it’s just so simple isn’t it?

    Listen, local politics is one thing. Opposing Mark Taylor and Ralph Reed is really pretty simple and basic. However, the same sentiments cannot be translated into foreign policy. It’s an entirely different ballgame, and while I respect that we have some smart and experienced people here, not one single person could do better than Bush, Clinton, or even Carter (well, perhaps Carter is the exception, but you get the idea …).

    It’s so easy for people to say “Bush hasn’t done anything with foreign policy, etc, etc, etc …” and “he should of done this” or “why didn’t he do that” but that gets on my nerves more than anything.

    Finally, I haven’t been comparing Bush vs Clinton foreign policy, but if you do want to compare, Clinton supporters beware. I would much rather have a leader that does SOMETHING on foreign policy rather than someone like Clinton that d0es NOTHING!

    Mojo, your comment is funny to me. What would you do? I’m sure the Mojo Plan is on the docket next for the UN to discuss, but perhaps it was bumped for Hugo Chavez’ “Bush is the devil” speech.

    Everybody’s an expert, huh?

    Hinton, what problem do you have with displaying the truth even if it is in a satirical or sarcastic format? There is no way one can legitimately say the Clinton Administration had more effective foreign policy initiatives than Bush. You might not like it, but again, some foreign policy action is better than none. Besides, it’s just funny. I bet you’re one of those guys who watches SNL for the issues discussed, totally missing the humor.

    Finally, Bill, it has nothing to do with the GOP mantra. However, I would much rather live with my head up the a** of the Republican mantra than with my head up the a** of a donkey!

  16. Mojo says:


    “Mojo, your comment is funny to me. What would you do? I’m sure the Mojo Plan is on the docket next for the UN to discuss, but perhaps it was bumped for Hugo Chavez’ “Bush is the devil

  17. GAWire says:

    Oh I am the elitist? You’re the one criticizing foreign policy when you couldn’t even come close to doing a better job. I’m saying none of us could do a better job, including me. That’s why elect candidates I have confidence in.

    You can comment all you want. I just think people criticizing foreign policy initiatives when they couldn’t do anything better is absurd.

    You can criticize all day long, but when it comes right down to it, you don’t have a solution and certainly couldn’t do any better. Further, you might be a citizen but that doesn’t make you qualified to adequately analyze foreign policy.

    Sure, you CAN comment, but that doesn’t mean you should.

  18. GAWire says:

    BTW, Mojo, name calling really helps your argument, even if it does lack creativity (FYI, that’s sarcasm – I know you have a hard time following such). Good one

  19. dingleberry says:

    […]name calling really helps your argument, even if it does lack creativity[…]

    You’re an idiot.

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