Sonny comes to Dawgs defense.

Governor Perdue was none too happy with the AJC’s headline on the Dawgs loss to UT:

Perdue, who is in the final weeks of a re-election bid against Democratic Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, fired off a letter to the editor after reading the newspaper’s account of the game Sunday morning. “Sunday’s sports page headline (“Dogs get put in their place,” referring to Georgia’s 51-33 loss to Tennessee, College Football, Oct. 8 ) is an indication of the way the AJC views Georgia,” Perdue wrote. “From the front page to the business page and now to the sports page, it is as if the Journal-Constitution gleefully awaits lousy news about all things Georgia and pounces with their poison pens whenever bad things happen to the good people of our state.”

Perdue, who was a walk-on quarterback with UGA in the mid-1960s, watched the game in Athens with his wife, Mary, from the president’s box. The Bulldogs blew an early lead and were overwhelmed by Tennessee in the fourth quarter, a loss that dropped Georgia’s national ranking to 16 in the Associated Press poll.

“Georgia can’t win every game, and we can’t get every headline just right,” said Journal-Constitution Editor Julia Wallace. “Fortunately, our avid readers, including the governor, help keep us straight.”


  1. stephaniemills21 says:

    This is just stupid. No offense to you Dawg fans but who gives a rat’s ass.

    This stunt by Perdue may shield him from some criticisms by the AJC if they come out before the election, as they would be seen as seeking revenge. I only hope that old saying about picking fights with someone who uses ink by the barrel is true.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Typical level of what passes for intelligent discourse in the state of Georgia. The South would be able to retain its rich cultural heritage and status were it not for college football.

  3. CHelf says:

    Hey Sonny. In case you missed it UT scored the second highest number of points ever seen in Sanford Stadium. They ran 51 points on the board to the nation’s top scoring defense. The best thing UGA could hope for is UT to kick or punt to let your guys try and return for touchdowns. Your offense and defense couldn’t get anything done. Face it, they were put in their place. If the AJC ever got anything right, it was in this headline. I know you’re ahead in the polls but this is seriously the level of a poor sport and a crybaby.

  4. mercergirl says:

    Hell yeah! I mean I think what he Gov. said is great- even though I know its our own fault that we blew it, I would be aggravated by that headline as well. I mean, I would expect it in Knoxville- but not in our own state. It’s shameful.

    Go Perdue!

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Shall I say it?

    Ladies & Gentlemen, we officially have a ***** for a Governor.

    I read the AJC for the last month, and damn near every Sunday issue after a UGA win had over-coverage of the Dawgs’ performance in the previous day’s game.

    Big, splashy pictures of Dawg-uniformed players were on the cover of the Sports pages for at least 3 weeks in a row, and the top of the front page…but, NOOoooooooo…that’s not enough of good headlines for the Governor to have to be able to absorb a RESOUNDING Whoop-Ass defeat by UT Vols last Saturday.

    No, the Governor has to write a letter of disappointment about the sub-headline of a newspaper article. Someone please cue the WAV file of a baby crying here…

  6. This is the most pathetic news cycle surfing kiss ass headline grabbing attempt I can remember in a long time.

    New on the Sonny Do list: Make sure Sonny takes his hormones.

  7. CHelf says:

    Aren’t there more pressing issues in this state to be so impassioned about? Of all the issues for a Governor to write heated letters about, he chooses a beating of his alma mater and the story in the newspaper.

  8. Decaturguy says:

    Governor Perdue has now officially proven himself to be an out of touch jackass. When does Sonny use his power to get headlines in the newspaper? Over a football game? When UGA gives up 51 points and blows a 10 point halftime lead?

    Just goes to show the priorities of this man. It’s a shame he doesn’t get more outraged actually over substantive matters.

  9. leftrightcombo says:

    This is turning out to be one hell of a week for the Bonaire Baron.

    I don’t know if it has occurred to anyone but our football loving, KIA plant digging, land dealing, Gov. is beating his copetition by a pretty good margin. This is obviously the guy most Georgians want as the leader of the state, after Coach Richt of course.

    I am filling out my absentee ballot right now and I can’t think of what cartoon character to wright in.

  10. buzzbrockway says:

    Come on folks lighten up.

    As much as I hate to admit it UGA is the football team most people identify with in this State and for Sonny to defend them against the AJC (which is not a well loved entity) is not going to hurt him, in fact it may help him.

  11. rightofcenter says:

    First of all, as a rational Tech man (as opposed to Bill), I found the headline amusing. I would have put something far worse. However, I applaud the governor for his letter to the AJC. He is spot on. The AJC goes out of its way to negatively portray this state. The fact that this involved the University (sic) in Athens only insured that the letter got blown-up coverage, as opposed to buried in the letters to the editor section. Nobody, especially no politician, ever got hurt by criticizing the slimy AJC. It’s good politics.

  12. Bill Simon says:

    According to Right of Center, these should be the headlines by the AJC for certain events in Georgia:

    Georgia’s SAT Scores In The Top 50% of the Bottom 10%…

    Governor Changes Law…Saves Himself and Many Others Thousands of Dollars in Taxes That Won’t Go To Wasteful Government Spending Programs…

    Governor Makes A Keen Buy On Underpriced Land in Florida…

    The Bulldogs of The Flagship University of Georgia Suffer A Devastating Loss At The Hands of The Cheating and Lying Tennessee Volunteers…Georgians Across The State In Mourning…Governor Orders Flags To Fly At Half Staff Out Of Respect For Bulldog Heroes Valiant Efforts…

  13. rightofcenter says:

    Once again, don’t bother yourself by reading my post too closely. So, you’re a fan of the AJC. Glad to hear of one.

    A better example than your fictitious headlines is one in today’s AJC: “Critics: Is ‘Sonny did” list overdone?” and the follow-up caption: “Campaign: Much of what ‘Sonny did’ is due to economy, analysts say”. Now that’s hard-hitting, objective journalism. Funny, when we had a good economy in the 80’s, the AJC thought Bill Clinton created it. Now Sonny is just lucky, according to the AJC and the “Democratic critics”. And, I’m sure, to that Republican cynic, Bill Simon.

  14. Bill Simon says:


    Dude, the AJC is what it is. Just read the freakin’ stories rather than relying on the validity of the headlines.

    You probably go over to and complain about their headlines too.

    Bitch, Bitch, Bitch…whine, whine, whine…people are still whining about the AJC’s coverage of the wrongdoings of Ralph Reed. Betcha still hate them for uncovering his immoral work, don’t you?

  15. atlantaman says:

    “Governor Perdue has now officially proven himself to be an out of touch jackass. ”

    From my perspective there are more important issues, but the man is way ahead in the polls and very high in approval ratings – so I’m not sure if I would characterize him as out-of-touch. If we want to look for someone who is out-of-touch with the rest of the state you might want to look in the mirror – Decatur liberals are a dwindling demographic in Georgia.

  16. buzzbrockway says:

    Most people think the AJC is biased. Dawgs fans, Tech fans, Republicans, Democrats etc… all because we look at things from our own perspective.

    From The Hive, here’s the headline a Tech fan expected to see on Sunday morning:

    “Tech gets lucky, UGA does not”

    He wasn’t joking.

  17. rightofcenter says:

    I’m a Tech fan, but I think the AJC’s sports page is reasonably balanced (Bradley and Moore basically trash everybody). And I do get tired of the whiners who constantly complain about it on The Hive. However, it’s difficult for me to see how Democrats could possibly complain about their treatment.

    Bill, I was delighted to see them hold Ralph to a high standard and to save us from having to try to carry his baggage in the general. In general, I’m somewhat leery of the hardcore religious right and their intolerant stance on some issues. I guess I’m a moderate conservative with a libertarian streak. (Hence my name, “rightofcenter.”)

  18. CHelf says:

    And then the call in to 680 The Fan truly makes things sound worse. Kincade called him out on the carpet and Sonny runs. A word to the staff….keep him contained these next few weeks.

  19. fulldawg says:

    Atlantaman: “From my perspective there are more important issues, but the man is way ahead in the polls and very high in approval ratings – so I’m not sure if I would characterize him as out-of-touch.”

    And neither was Roy Barnes characterizedn this way either four years ago…..

  20. atlantaman says:

    I readily concede that Roy Barnes seemed unbeatable 4 years ago (as Perdue seems now), but until Nov. 7th all we have to go by are the polls.

  21. Mojo says:

    What were the polls for the Barnes-Perdue race saying at about this time? I was outside of the state in the Army at the time so all I remember is being really surprised at the result.

  22. WarEagleGuy says:

    What do you expect ? He claimed a “grave situation” last year on a Friday afternoon and said
    Georgia schools did not have enough fuel for school on Monday and Tuesday, but we played football Friday nite and Saturday. The man is a fruit cake.

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