Fulton County Democrats…from riches to rags

As I was perusing through the recently filed campaign financial disclosures, I came across some intriguing information that both disappointed me and upset me.

All through the Democratic ticket’s campaign finance reports, you’ll see contributions made from various county committees throughout the state to Democratic campaigns.  For example, on Mark Taylor’s campaign disclosure, the Bacon County Democratic Party gave $2,000; the Ben Hill County Democratic Party gave $5,000; the Burke County Democratic Party gave $2,000; the Chatooga County Democratic Party gave $2,000; the Coffee County Democratic Party gave $500; the Colquitt County Democratic Party gave $1,000; the Dawson County Democratic Party gave $500; the DeKalb County Democratic Party gave $1,500; the Harris County Democratic Party gave $500; the Talbot County Democratic Party gave $1,000; the Towns County Democratic Party gave $500; the Troup County Democratic Party gave $400; and the Union County Democratic Party gave $75.

Thirteen Democratic county committees gave a grand total of $16,075 to the Democratic gubernatorial nominee alone!  I haven’t even included the $7,650 in contributions that Democratic county committees like Gwinnett, Dawson, and DeKalb gave to the other Democratic nominees for Georgia’s constitutional officers.  And yet, when it comes down to the largest county in the state; the fantastic county of Fulton, you won’t find the word “Fulton County Democratic Party Committee” once on any of the Sept. 30th financial disclosures for the Democratic nominees.

And why is that?

It’s because Fulton County broke the bank on a ten thousand piece, $38,000 canvassing packet.  And now, my friends, the Fulton County Democratic Party is flat broke.  According to the Sept. 30th campaign finance disclosures, the Fulton County Democratic Party Committee now has a DEFICIT of $7,221.41.

Let me repeat that…the Fulton County Democratic Party went from having $42,043.93 in June to being $7,221.41 in the red at the end of September.

Ladies and gentlemen, no amount of spin; no level of personal attack against me can hide what’s printed in black and white, so let’s all stand up and give the current leadership of the Fulton County Democratic Party a round of applause for their fine job in spending all the money that their predecessors helped to raise.


  1. gatormathis says:

    Typical Demorcrats Andre.

    Spending what someone has given them or what they have taken from someone in ways that they desire.

    Accountability nor purpose seem to matter.

    And when the money runs out, they chastise one for not giving more.

    And when it’s all over, they simply throw in the phrase:

    It’s for the children……

    As if that helps matters any.

    Look at the polling numbers, the deaf ear people are giving “ya’ll” and figure out….


  2. ugavi says:

    One question though. Shouldn’t the county party be supporting and trying to get local/county candidates elected. The state party should be focused on statewide office. If the county parties have excess funds after helping local/county candidates, then they can pitch in to the state party.

  3. leftrightcombo says:

    ugavi is right,

    The county should concentrate on local candidates and any money left should be quicked up stairs to the Don. (State party).

    However, I don’t remember reading that Fulton was in any jepardy of becoming a GOP stronghold anytime soon.

    It does make you wonder if someone on the executive committee is in the printing business?

  4. atlantaman says:

    Fulton is not in jeopardy of becoming a GOP stronghold, but the fact the GOP Candidate seems to be the front-runner for Commission Chair, in a non-special election, is a real testament the Fulton Dem Party’s performance. This seat should be a slam-dunk for the Democrats as Fulton is a solid Democrat county. When Bush was far more popular then he is now he only did 40% in Fulton (in a state that went 58% for him). The fact the Republicans even have a shot again for Fulton County Commission Chair should be a major source of embarrassment for the Democrats.

  5. leftrightcombo says:

    That $40k would have gone a long way in smaller, down the tiket races in Fulton county. Maybe they need to check the priorites of the executive committee. If a Commission Chair candidate can’t raise the type of money he/she needs in Fulton county then they aren’t gong to win anyway.

    If the GOP can pick off a couple of down ticket races and build a good bench of candidates for the future then Fulton will soon fall in line with the rest of the state.

  6. MelGX says:

    As usual, you’ve gotten it all wrong. The 10,000 canvassing packets cost less than $1,000, and represent a fraction of what the Fulton County Democratic Party is doing this election cycle. You really don’t have a clue what’s going on, do you Andre?

    That’s a good thing, considering that if you did, you’d plaster it all over Peach Pundit.

  7. Ah yes, the illustrious First Vice-Chair of the Fulton County Democratic Party…since I don’t “have a clue” as to what’s going on, why don’t you enlighten all of us as to what exactly is going on?

    I’m not asking you to provide minute details, just explain why the Fulton County Democratic Party is over $7,000 in the negative.

  8. MelGX says:

    You’d like me to lay out our entire G-O-T-V plan on a Republican blog because you can’t be bothered to come to a meeting? Sorry, but no thanks. Guess you’ll just have to run for Chair yourself big man. Good luck with that.

  9. Let me repeat that…I’m not asking you to provide minute details.

    What I’d like you to do is explain how you could bankrupt the party?

    You, who’s a member of an organization called Georgia for Democracy that prides itself on being “fiscally conservative”.

    Having a $7,000 deficit is not fiscally conservative not matter how you spin it.

    So once again, why is the Fulton County Democratic Party bankrupt?

    Forget the GOTV plan, just answer me why the county Party is bankrupt?

  10. MelGX says:

    The county party is not bankrupt, as the next disclosure will show. The latest disclosure reflects the finances at the time of filing. Our G-O-T-V plan is extensive, well crafted, well executed, and will come in well under budget.

    We are functioning as a County Party should function, working to elect all Democrats. We are not a PAC that exist to raise money for distribution to candidates.

    I refuse to continue this conversation on a Republican blog. End of story.

  11. Bill Simon says:


    Not that I would rush to defend a Dem Party’s operations, but, really, is it possible there is another interpretation of the disclosure?

    Being $7000 in the hole doesn’t mean the entity is necessarily “bankrupt”. The disclosure statement is not a Balance Sheet, it’s a quasi-Cashflow Statement.

    They owe someone money who has granted them credit. I don’t see how that snapshot of their cashflows means they are “bankrupt” at this point in time.

  12. Melanie, Melanie, Melanie,

    Is it not true that on line 6 of page 2 of the campaign finance disclosures filed with the State Ethics Commission that the Fulton County Democratic Party Committee reported having $43,018.93 in total contributions to date?

    And is it not further true that on line 12 of page 2 of the campaign finance disclosures filed with the State Ethics Commission that the Fulton County Democratic Party Committee reported having $50,240.34 in total expenditures to date?

    And is it not further true that on line 13 of page 2 of the campaign finance disclosures filed with the State Ethics Commission that the Fulton County Democratic Party Committee reported having a deficit of $7,221.41.

    And is it not further true that on page 4 of the campaign finance disclosures filed with the State Ethics Commission that the Fulton County Democratic Party Committee reported an expenditure of $38,000 for printing to Johnson Printing company in Cedartown, GA.

    And is it not further true that if you subtract the $38,000 printing expenditure from the $50,240.34 in total expenses, then the Fulton County Democratic Party would have only $12,240.34 in total expenditures reported on this period’s campaign finance disclosures.

    And is it not further true that if you subtract the $12,240.34 in would-be expenditures that the Fulton County Democratic Party would have had if the $38,000 printing expenditure was not factored into the equation from the $43,018.93 in total contributions, then the Fulton County Democratic Party Committee would have $30,778.59 in net cash on hand at the end of this September 30th campaign finance disclosure cycle.

    And is it not further true that all of the information that I provided is available for public review at the State Ethics Commission’s website.

    And is it not further true that while the Bacon, Ben Hill, Burke, Chatooga, Coffee, Colquitt, Dawson, Decatur, DeKalb, Harris, Talbot, Towns, Troup, and Union county Democratic parties may not be PACs, they still managed to make financial contributions to the Democratic nominees appearing on the November General Election ballot.

    I yield the floor.

  13. Bill,

    If you will allow me, after further review of the Fulton County disclosures, I noticed that they had only received $975.00 in total contributions for the reporting period of July 1st through September 30th.

    Prior to that (June 30th), they reported contributions of about $10,000, but that was mainly from the qualifying fees that received from candidates in the Democratic primary.

    Prior to that (March 31st), they reported contributions of $1,500.

    Now just do the math for a second here…assuming that they aren’t bankrupt, it still doesn’t strike me as fiscal responsibility to be spending more money than they’re taking in.

    I’m always open to any alternative interpretations of anything and I’m wishing that someone can provide another interpretation of these reports and subsequently prove me wrong.

    I want to be proven wrong.

    I sure as heck don’t want to be right about this.

  14. John Konop says:


    From the link it looks like Melanie Gou is not on your short list for a date anytime soon. But hey so is life in love, war and posting! Keep up the good work!

  15. Bill Simon says:


    Mozilla is still working fine for me. Version 1.0.4 is what I have, and I refuse to upgrade because every time I do, I have to somehow re-load my bookmarks.

  16. Mrs. Adam Kornstein,

    Two things…

    …I’ve always told the truth & anything that I’ve ever written can be researched and verified for accuracy.

    If you call telling the truth and putting verified facts out there “lashing out”, then so be it.

  17. John Konop says:

    Mrs. Adam Kornstein,

    Andre openly supported Steve Sinton and not me. I met Andrew in person at an immigration rally I had when I ran for office. We had a thoughtful conversation about politics. Andre always treated me respectfully even when we disagreed on topics. Andre has always shown integrity in his opinions from what I have seen. He demonstrated to me how you can show class and be from a different party and not agree with someone on issues.

  18. BD Smith says:

    Every week I wait to see what humorous tale you will spin about YOUR county Party. And every week you deliver something hilarious, albeight inaccurate on the facts, details, intentions, and actual plan execution. Nevertheless, it cracks me up.

    Did you realize that there are two Democrats that are being agressively opposed by Republicans in Fulton County, John Eaves and Robb Pitts? Both Eaves and Pitts are running countywide. Now what is so wrong about Fulton County Dems supporting their local races. Everyone knows that statewide Dems will receive at least 60% of the countywide votes, but the same vote percentage doesn’t trickle down to countywide races. Or maybe you didn’t know that.

    I want to thank you for energizing the base – the Republican base. I wish a disgruntled Republican would post bitter and nasty comments on BfD about the Fulton GOP party. That sure would energize the Fulton Dem candidates and their supporters.

    For all you do, the weekly humor, thanks! You’re the funniest Dem activist out there in 2006.

    I hope this comedy show continues during the off season and in to 2008.

  19. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Mr. Konop, the difference as I see the two issues, you and Mr. Walker had a one on one personal conversation, and while I think it’s lovely you were both respectful, it hardly compares to his “truth” telling on blogs.

    Saddly, as Mr. Walker will learn, folks have very long memories, and should he decide to pursue a career in Democratic politics in this state, he will find a great many doors are closed to him. Sad for someone so young, don’t you think?

    Andre, whoever it is that is “pimping” you today will not be around to pick up the pieces in 2007. Think on that.

  20. rugby_fan says:

    The thing is…Andre asks some decent questions, he doesn’t often do it in the best ways, but he asks some decent questions.

    I think rather than attempting to belittle Andre, members of the FDP should explain how they could have a four figure debt on their disclosure, and yet they still have money. They should also explain why they raised less than $1000 in the last cycle.

    I disagree with Andre that they should give money to MT, their job is to get Eaves and Pitts elected and there are better ways to do that than a mailer that will reach only a fragment of the Fulton County population. They should explain how they are going to do effectively reach all of Fulton County.

    But they don’t have to do it on a “republican blog”. They should do it in their meetings, nowhere else.

    And as I said, rather than cheap shots at Andre, why dont FDP members explain themselves.

  21. John Konop says:

    Mrs. Adam Kornstein,

    You demonstrate what is wrong with both Parties. If someone says anything critical of their own Party people like you want to destroy them. Do you not think your party would be stronger to have people like Andre who stand up to the party establishment on issues like his support of illegal immigration reform?

    As I said Andre and I differ on some issues, but I have respect for the fact he does have blind loyalty to his Party. Do you not think Congress would function better with people loyal to our Country first not the Party. You should read a book by JFK Profiles of Courage and you might get the concept!

  22. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Well, Mr. Konop, you are clearly missing my point, I have no problem with a healthy disagrement between anyone or any party.

    In fact I believe it’s extremely worth while, when conducted in the right spirit and venue.

    What I’m trying to convey is that are far more appropriate ways in which to do so. Mr Walker at such a tender age, simply continues to chose they “wrong” avenue.

    Since I do not belong to any party, and consider myself a independent, I doubt my opinions mean much to either D or R.

    I am seriously concerned for Mr. Walker, his comments all over the blogsphere are clearly a cry for help and attention.

  23. John Konop says:

    Mrs. Adam Kornstein

    I have to admit I am confused by your post. Are you saying you only want a healthy conversation between Party members only? And why do you keep putting down Andre’s age? Do you think by talking down to him that is effective way to get your point across, which at 44 I do not understand?

  24. John Konop says:


    I enjoy reading your post even though at times I do not agree with you. I think you write what you think without a blind agenda. Yet when Mrs, Kornstein says this “Andre, whoever it is that is “pimping

  25. DelicateFlower says:

    Seems to me, when your Special Someone has gained a little weight, you might be right (and brave) to mention it to him/her in a kind and loving way. But if you send out an unflattering picture of said Special Someone to the friends and family email list, with a subject line that reads “Look at Fatty!!”, well, then you might expect a little chill when you get home.

  26. DelicateFlower says:

    Also, Option #2 above would probably net you a particularly unhappy reception if Special Someone hadn’t gained weight at all, but you just thought so because you hadn’t been paying very much attention lately.

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