The Barrow ad.

Following up on Erick’s post earlier, “negattack ad nauseam” said:

And Erick, we do need a link on this. I called Barrow’s office; they don’t know anything about any such ad.

Apparently Barrow’s people forgot about this ad:


  1. Rick Day says:

    Oh my! If that is all you can complain about your opponent (“I only look inward for jobs; how DARE my opponent look OUTWARD for jobs!”) then Barrow is in big doo-doo.

  2. Mojo says:

    I wonder if negattack ad nauseam really called the Barrow campaign. Sounds pretty retarded to deny an ad you just put out. Seems shady. Who is negattack ad nauseam anyway? This is the first post I’ve ever seen.

  3. benevolus says:

    The ad says “is losing jobs faster than any other state”. To me, clearly referring to the recent news of losing the Ford plant, Doraville GM, Ft. McPherson, Ft. Gillem, Delta’s contraction, and the Bellsouth/AT&T merger. And those are just metro area.
    Just for the record.

  4. Mad Dog says:

    Looking at basic data:

    Average annual private employment hit a state peak in 2000 at 3,352.1

    The 2005 annual average was 3,350.2.

    But, that doesn’t show a comparison between states.

    Just within states.

    And, to be fair, THAT data was from the federal site, Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s an annual average and not keyed to Sonny in office.

    To use Georgia’s Dept. of Labors stats:

    2002 private employment, nonfarm, was 3,268.8.

    2005 was 3,350.2.

    (Numbers in 1000’s)

    Typical statistical he said/she said arguments.

  5. negattack ad nauseam says:

    Oh, I called. The guy who answered Barrow’s phone didn’t deny that they had any such ad; he just said he nor anyone else there at the time knew anything about it. It’s probably just a standard answer the staffers give to a wide swath of issues.

  6. negattack ad nauseam says:

    er… he just said *neither* he nor anyone else there at the time knew anything about it.

  7. burnsbacker says:

    Same Song, Different Verse. It seems like John Barrow and his camp suffer from amnesia. They will say one thing, then when confronted with proof they said something they flat out deny it.

  8. negattack ad nauseam says:

    ^ and ^^ hahaHAHA!

    You Brush Lintball/Kneel Bore-tz bobblehead Repugnantcons are always accusing liberals and “extreme left wingers” of being conspiracy crazy! Then you guys bite on a vague description of a staffer’s response from a routine phone call, with barely any detail of the event at hand, and you start screaming foul about the candidate himself, etc. You people are pathetic. You have ruled in Georgia long enough. Dirty politics ad nauseam: stop it.

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