Taylor’s Latest Ad

This one, unlike the first one, is paid for by Taylor’s campaign. The funny thing is, if you go to it in YouTube, the first two related videos are attacks on Cathy Cox prepared by Taylor fans.

Over all, I actually like the ad. Sonny gave Mark an easy one on this. I wonder, though, how effective it’ll be. I don’t think the Democrats are going to be able to sell this enough enough to have a measurable impact in the last 28 days of the race.

UPDATE: I’m informed via the tip line that the Democratic Party and Mark Taylor’s campaign are sharing the costs of these ads. The party is picking them up in some markets and the campaign is picking them up in other markets. Not a bad way to share costs and keep everyone on the same page.


  1. GetReal says:

    That’s an effective ad. It totally undercuts the image Sonny’s trying to build for himself as Mr. Honesty and Ethics.

    If GaWire is not too busy legally using his public office to enrich himself, I’m sure he will chime in with an insightful analysis about why none of this matters. As a Democrat, I hope the people around Perdue keep telling themselves that, especially as the image of the GOP continues to nosedive in every poll. I don’t know of an incumbent Governor running for re-election with bigger ethical questions around him than Perdue, and I wouldn’t want that baggage as a Republican in this year.

  2. negattack ad nauseam says:

    Well done! It won’t matter much, though, considering the fact that Diebold decides who will win in Georgia now. They stole the election from Max Cleland, and they’ll rob Mark Taylor of his win, too.

  3. ugavi says:

    So how is Diebold going to steal the election? How did they steal it from Max Cleland. Hows’ Cynthia these day’s she’s a huge Diebold fan…..

  4. negattack ad nauseam says:

    It’s simple how the steal, or should I say *flip* elections. Howard Dean demonstrated exactly how on television. You simply hack into the Windows app. on the central tabulator machines (which count all the votes from a voting site), and you manually reverse the vote counts for the candidates, if your side has lost.

    For example, all of the exit polling showed Max Cleland would win by a margin of 16%. Instead, the tabulation was announced, and suddenly, it was Saxby Chambliss who was “chosen” by the exact same 16% margin that the exit polls gave to Cleland. You just switch the names at the end if you lose.

  5. negattack ad nauseam says:

    btw, it only took Bev Harris and Howard Dean 90 seconds to hack the machine and flip their mock election.

  6. GOPeach says:

    Good job Big FAT Guy-
    You get an A+ in CUT & PASTE!

    The sad thing is the democrats
    will actually believe this is true.
    Or should I say the “DUH mocrats”.

    As one who is working for the Perdue
    campaign in COBB –

    We all knew that sooner or later Taylor would attack Governor Perdue. He couldn’t attack the Governor’s record, so his desperation forced him to make a political attack on Governor Perdue’s family land.

    The truth is that Sonny and his sister grew up in Middle Georgia, the children of a farmer and teacher, who worked hard for everything they got. Their family owned a farm since the 1930’s, and not too long ago their parents passed away and Sonny and his sister had to sell the land they inherited.

    Sonny knew there were only two places he could reinvest in property that would not cause the perception of a conflict of interest – adding on to his current home or buying out of state where none of his actions as Governor, like building a road or making other community improvements, would affect his land value. He did both. And he reported all of his actions appropriately on the financial disclosure forms he files as a public official.

    Taylor may not understand the importance of property ownership to regular Georgians. He lives in a house his DADDY bought him and has likely NEVER had to write a mortgage check. Sonny worked hard all his life to create a veterinary practice and three other small businesses to provide for his family.

    Mark Taylor has been on his father’s payroll since graduating from college and earns $100,000 per year for what he admits is only a couple of hours a month of actual work. That explains the difference between the two men.

    Mark Taylor doesn’t seem to care about the 243,900 new jobs in Georgia, or the $2 billion in tax cuts, or that we lowered class sizes and invested an extra billion dollars in education. He just wants to throw mud.

    I will protect Governor Perdue from false attacks.

  7. GOPeach says:


    SONNY is a great example of
    TRIMMING dowm both
    the waist and the budget.

    The Big FAT Guy vs. Slim Sonny!

    Less is MORE!

  8. defnotrep says:


    I’m betting Sonny never signed another bill as fast as the tax break one. Usually takes around 2 weeks for a bill to make it to the Governor’s desk for signing. Then his staff looks at the bill etc. He actually has to call for the bill to get to his desk quicker than 2 weeks.

    The dems should check out other bills to see how many were signed that fast.

    What Sonny did is just plain wrong.

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