Inc. gives Sonny 3 stars.

In their ratings of the Governors:

Sonny Perdue

Republican, age 59

Elected: 2002
Rating: Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Perdue is generally well liked by Georgia’s business community. On his watch, the state streamlined its cumbersome corporate tax structure. Perdue also created tax credits for businesses that hire new workers and for small businesses that purchase capital equipment. And he spread economic development resources at the grassroots level among 22 small communities.

Assuming he is reelected, Perdue’s second term could, like Janet Napolitano’s (see above), turn on the immigration question. A new law that he championed allows the state to strip companies of government contracts and tax credits in the event they are found to employ undocumented workers. It’s the toughest measure of its kind in the country and is disliked by many members of the state’s Hispanic population–which is growing at the third-fastest rate of any Hispanic state population in the country–not to mention by employers, some of whom think it targets them unfairly.

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