Money In Politics

Question — should we read anything into the financial state of Taylor’s campaign because it is the State Democratic Party running the attack ads against Sonny?

I’m inclined to think no, but several people have pinged the tip line suggesting as much. I think it is probably wise for Mark to let the party throw the punches.


  1. gatormathis says:

    WTF-abbreviation for the following:

    WHAT? Taylor FARTED!!!

    meaning: you better run like hell boys before you get caught up in that ominous odorous fog.

    identifying feature: when sweet shooga shasha sacha rolls her eyes and saunters swiftly sachaying away in an upwind direction, right after a noise (in mt’s case), like a small sonic boom, or a cruise ship horn.

    WARNING: do not wait until you see small plants dying or people fainting to run, it may be to late by then.

    Latest casualty: chrisishardcore’s braincells from too much brown nosing. talk about wrong place at the wrong time….whew…

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