Insider Advantage: Perdue up by 24

From the Insider Advantage website (thanks to a reader for the tip):

Updated: New Insider Poll: Perdue Up By 24 Points Over Taylor; 10/6/06
Taylor ads aren’t moving him at all, says Matt Towery

More details as they emerge.


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    This should not come as a surprise. But while these numbers look good we still have to get Republicans to the polls. Everytime a Republican releases these numbers there needs to be a message attached that says we cannot win by this percentage unless you get out and vote and you get your fellow Republicans out to vote as well.

  2. RandyMiller says:

    Mike makes a good point that I know we all know. I plan on helping seniors that day getting to the polls. If we don’t become complacent folks we’re there! Now, if I may borrow a concept from Mr. Ross Perot. -And that giant sucking sound you’re gonna hear from a southwesterly direction of Atlanta….is the sound of house of Taylor imploding!!!!

  3. JRM2016 says:

    This should be repeated as often as possible:

    GOTV is key. Don’t get complacent. This race will tighten up significantly.

  4. GAWire says:

    Remember when Towery had Ralph Reed winning by 10 points on Primary Day?!? That still makes me smile.

    We’ll call it even at a 15 point lead for Sonny.

  5. GAWire says:

    Geez, Buzz, remove your lips from Sonny’s a**! I know you’re kidding, but that’s seriously a hilarious joke … Perdue ’08, and maybe the Dems will round up Dukakis to run against him.

    I saw Taylor’s spot about the real estate and it did two things for me: 1) want to go to Disney World; and, 2) want to invest in good real estate for large profit (both of which there is nothing wrong with doing).

    As far as Towery’s remarks, now I know its not that great of a spot. His comment shows just how little he knows about politics (as if the whole Reed up by 10 points didn’t …)!

  6. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I still see it being a close race. If the election were held now (obviously, it’s not), I think that there’d be a noticeable GOP turnout shortage.

    Taylor’s not moving anybody yet…but what is Perdue doing to (a) bring over undecideds, and (b) get out the GOP vote?

    The bottom line on incumbency is that people have to have enough of a grievance against the officeholder to vote him out, and I don’t see that being the case for Perdue; however, there doesn’t appear to be the loyalty and passion for him that other incumbents engender — and that could hurt him more than a bit come November 7.

  7. rugby_fan says:

    but what is Perdue doing to (a) bring over undecideds, and (b) get out the GOP vote?

    THe same thing he has done with his governorship–NOTHING!!!!!!!!

  8. defnotrep says:

    Well GAWIRE it’s good to see you have a sense of humor.

    Sonny ’08 too funny! You better worry about ’06.

  9. Nicki says:

    I’m actually leaning toward Taylor now due to Sonny’s ads. There’s some vile stuff being sent to my mailbox and all from Perdue’s campaign.

  10. atlantaman says:

    “I’m actually leaning toward Taylor now due to Sonny’s ads.”

    Heaven forbid you would actually take 20 minutes of time to research the Governor’s 4-year record, for better or for worse, and make that the basis for your vote.

  11. RandyMiller says:

    This last saturday I drove down to south georgia to Vienna where the big pig jug was taking place. It’s a cook off of what may be deemed by some as the worlds best bar-b-que cookers. 100’s of people attend this event. I was able to help the Sonny folks get out stickers for the lapel and bumpers. Needles to say, the “dawgs for Sonny”, and the new camo-Sonny are the hot items there. The Gov also stopped in to help judge the cooking.

    Anyway people from all walks of Georgian life attend the event. We figured 1 out of 10 were positive, wanted material, and stated they were voting Sonny. Many offered words of encouragement. There I met a few Cox folks from Bainbridge; they hadn’t pledged Perdue but made it known in no way would they vote for Taylor. We had some refusals, asking instead if we had any Taylor material. I replied no, but pleasantries were exchanged just the same. The only hissing I heard was from 1 flagger….an imbittered, frowning, sinister looking man wearing a permanent scowl! I suggested he releive himself with a rather large laxative.

    Overall in this part of Georgia Sonny appears to be doing very well with these rural voters. And as I said they came from a wide variety of backgrounds.

  12. Mojo says:


    “Heaven forbid you would actually take 20 minutes of time to research the Governor’s 4-year record, for better or for worse, and make that the basis for your vote.”

    I did and that is why I’m voting for Taylor.

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