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Tactically, I think this is my favorite ad from the Perdue campaign. It does so much.

1. It puts Mary in front of the voters again.
2. It reminds voters of the nastiness that befell the beloved Cathy.
3. It reminds voters that Sonny and Mary are a team and contrasts very well against Mark and Shasha, who haven’t been seen together in an ad yet.
4. It pre-empts negative attacks from the Democrats.
5. It portrays Sonny as proactive instead of reactive.

I think this ad is very well done.


  1. gatormathis says:

    It is nice to see another good ad from our Governor and his lovely wife. Tastefully done with his longtime sweetheart, Sonny and Mary exude the kind of feeling that mt and sweet shasha Sacha could only hope too.

    mt actually looks like he went by the goodwill store for a photogenic debutante’ that would fit in photo-ops and ride in parades well.

    She has the “parade wave” down pat as she battles the gnats and heat in a few south GA excursions. Basically mt would send her alone to the moon if he thought it would comp a few votes. Poor sweet shasha Sacha, if she only knew what she would have to endure when she married the big ole hunk of burning luv.

    It is a nice touch for an ad, as it allows a reference to a website that gives you time to decipher real information instead of just hitting you with a sound bite. If CC had such a site, she could have posted the pertinent information she wanted known about the trash trucks in an ad, and people would have had time to reveiw it. She tackled a complex issue with a soundbite, to which mt replied with the basic “liar,liar, pants on fire” rebuttal ad, and gullible dems were smitten. CC and her entourage were sent packing, and then the “liar” was requested to give an endorsement. Go figure on that one.

    I suppose now we will see an even sweeter ad, one from marky mark and sweet sashaying shasha Sacha. Who knows what the great one and the bubbly burst of beauty will come up with next.

    They’ll probably be sitting around barefooted in the living room shelling peas or something cool like playing the x-box version of “A Governor’s Life”.

    Look for some Scarlett O’Hara eye fluttering and such, with some words of admiration from the sweet one as marky mark soaks up the admiration, beams back at her with the big ole toothy asinine grin, and sez,”Awe, shooga bay-bee, out of all my wives, I still like you the bestest”.

  2. Demonbeck says:


    And everyone watching the commercial will say, “Gee, the Lieutenant Governor sure is uncomfortably smitten with his daughter.”

  3. RandyMiller says:

    Wait, I’m confused, all this time I thought Sasha was Mark Taylor’s daughter, you mean she’s his wife????

  4. Demonbeck says:

    Well, he is from Southwest Georgia, she could be both.

    (With apologies to my friends in Southwest Georgia.)

  5. RandyMiller says:

    Well, I was wondering too why Mark hasn’t been
    trotting her out lately. OK, here’s an idea. Mark and Sasha should do a commercial together. It’s a Taylor do list. What’s on Sasha’s??? “Mark, please go down to Phipps and get me that diamond/emerald necklace I saw at Tiffany’s so I’ll look and feel better when I campaign with you.”

  6. ikarma says:

    The post and comments are made even more humorous by the Perdue campaign running the first negative ad and first negative direct mailing. How about a Pundit review of the first Perdue mailing received around the state yesterday? Sorry to throw a wet rag of truthiness on the Bonaire
    Baron worship.

  7. HSC Republican says:

    I think this will make Mark look like a bad guy when he goes negative first. What will backfire is if Sonny goes negative first. It is going to be an intresting July.

  8. GAWire says:

    Oh, give me a freakin break! This spot is horrible!!!! The whole campaign is horrible, which I have not been shy to talk about before.

    It’s funny … I had a long post making fun of how rediculous this spot is. This is the worst of all. Sonny’s media people are setting themselves up for more Levitra spoofs (which won’t hurt Sonny, but just makes him look more like a freakin goober). That’s what these ads do … they make Sonny look like a goober – I use that word to describe it b/c that’s what I think of when seeing these Sonny Do spots.

    Get it through your heads: Sonny is not an actor. Mary is not an actress. These rehearsed, assenine (sp?) conversations with Sonny, Mary, the dog and some stupid long-a** URL website that just redirects to Sonny’s cheap website conveys one thought: “They’re trying way too da*% hard!”

    I don’t know what the focus groups are feeding about the Sonny Do campaign (hopefully they’re running focus groups), but I just think this strategy is rediculous.

    We don’t want to elect the “dimply little boy from Bonaire.” We want a strong Governor who will stand with Georgians as a conservative, against tax increases, against terrorism, hard on immigration, and not let that fat-a** and his wife/daughter push us around.

    We don’t want to go to

    Give us a break … we’ve been negative in the GOP Primary, just like Taylor/Cox were negative in the Dem Primary. Who are you trying to kid? Sonny’s script makes us out to sound like negative campaigning is only a Dem thing. Give me a break! People see through that.

    Finally, the whole “Send me an email …” thing from the Gov pisses me off more than anything. There isn’t one person in this state that hears that and actually thinks, “Oh, wow, if I send an email to Sonny, he’ll check it, read it, and respond to it personally.” That’s a stupid tactic and an ameteur one at that.

    People want strong leaders. The majority of people – especially Republicans who seem to focus more on security issues – want strong leaders. They don’t care about seeing the cute little pudgey boy from Bonaire and his sweetheart and their new littl e lab puppy talking about those mean Democrats being negative … cry me a da&$ river!

    Listen, Sonny will win. I’ve never worried about this race for a second. But, that doesn’t mean Sonny is some golden boy of the GOP. Anyone that spends any time in GA politics knows that there are a lot of people not necessarily happy with Sonny’s work, but we do support him and certainly think he is better than the alternative. But, we want to see Sonny get off his a** and quit talking about Sonny Do/Sonny Did. Show us something real!

  9. atlantaman says:

    Sonny is not going to go negative first, why would he?

    Here are some facts:

    1. Sonny has basically run a positive campaign so far.
    2. Mark has basically run a positive general campaign so far.
    3. Sonny is 20 pts. ahead in the polls

    At this point one must assume Sonny’s strategy is working and Mark’s is not. If Mark has any chance at all of winning, or at least forcing a run-off, he is going to have do something radically different.

    With a 20 point lead in the polls I expect Sonny will keep on keeping on. Assuming Taylor still has the money to do it, prepare for an all out assault from the Taylor campaign.

  10. RandyMiller says:


    Yes, I too like a more high profile-high tech add. However, since everyone in Georgia isn’t a systems engineer don’t you think Sonny’s adds connect more with a majority of voters? I’m not against a more high profile look at this date and time, but just the same, Sonny doesn’t talk over peoples heads and that can be a good thing.

  11. GAWire says:

    It’s not that the spots aren’t high-tech or any of that. They just don’t communicate anything real and certainly don’t adequately address the issues. And, I think there is a difference b/t talking over peoples’ heads and flat out insulting their intelligence. They’re patronizing, not to mention the cheese factor is through the roof. A little choose is okay, but this is rediculous.

    One other thing I want to clarify, when I talk about people who are not satisfied with Sonny, please understand that I am NOT talking about flaggers. I could care less about that issue as is the case with the majority of Georgians. I’m talking about many conservative Republican supporters that are flat out not thrilled about Sonny Did and are concerned about Sonny Do, if you know what I mean.

    And, as for my spelling, I can either get my point across with a few misspellings and assume you know what I mean, or I can waste my time checking it so the readers at a 4th grade reading level can follow. I choose to go with the former rather than the latter. Oh yeah, and I don’t give a sh*&, so move on.

  12. atlantaman says:


    It seems as if you are upset that none of the ads are speaking about issues you are concerned about, but couldn’t you make the argument the strategy is succesful since he is 20 points ahead in the polls?

    As a Republican and fan of Sonny’s I’m subjective, but I don’t really care about the ads. So even if some of the ads seem corny, hopefully they aren’t marketed to me since they’ve got my vote.

    I know the ultimate poll will be on November 7th, but currently the only indicators we have (the polls) show Sonny with a very strong lead.

  13. RandyMiller says:

    Ok….how about an ad like this…and yes, I stole the idea.

    Sonny Perdue & Zell Miller sitting in front of a fireplace…in rockers….a yellow & black lab are snoring away in front of the fire after a long days duck hunt…..ZM is telling SP about all the dems crossing over to vote for him in november…..hey, just an idea.

    And now for something completely different. A friend from Albany emailed me that he saw Big Daddy Taylor himself out sunday putting up Taylor signs as their neighborhood is now riddled with Sonny signs! Big Daddy was swatting away at the gnats and mosquitoes (some as big as B-52’s)
    in all that heat down there! Not a pretty site.
    I guess it’s getting harder to find all those volunteers that used to muster for the Taylor’s come election time.

  14. GAWire says:

    atlantaman, I’m confident that Sonny’s 20 point lead has nothing to do with his media campaign. I’ve said all along Sonny will win, and he has nothing to worry about in this race. Perhaps that’s why his team decided to go with crappy tv spots. Georgia is a GOP conservative state now. There aren’t enough people that will turnout to vote for Taylor. I don’t think Sonny will win by 20, but he will win.

    With that being said, you have to understand these polls. Just b/c 20% more people would vote for Sonny over Taylor, doesn’t mean that everyone is excited about Sonny. It certainly doesn’t mean that his media is effective.

  15. RuralDem says:

    “I’ve said all along Sonny will win, and he has nothing to worry about in this race.”

    I hope that you guys keep thinking that.

    “Georgia is a GOP conservative state now”

    No. Georgia is a conservative state. There is a difference.

  16. Demonbeck says:

    Seriously, DuBose…er…I mean RuralDem, after the last few elections in Georgia, how is it possible for you to remain so optimistic about your party’s chances statewide?

  17. RuralDem says:

    Witty attempt Demonbeck 🙂

    I’m not that optimistic. In fact I’ll be crossing over to vote for a few Republicans in November. I just don’t believe this is a true GOP state yet considering the Democratic slant on the local level, especially in rural areas.

    I’m not a fan of party labels anyway. I just tend to agree with Democrats more. Both parties are out of touch.

  18. caroline says:

    I know what the point of this ad is but I’m willing to bet that most people don’t. The problem is women. They disapprove of the GOP in general by large numbers and they were the ones who put Sonny in office in 2002. He’s trying to drive a wedge into this group with this ad but it fails. This whole ad campaign has been horrible in my book. What is the point? Where does he stand on the issues? This is just another vague purposeless ad.

  19. Demonbeck says:


    I guess your neck of the woods can elect better Dems than my neck of the woods. I guess that’s also why you don’t hear about daily shootings and gang problems is rural Middle Georgia like you do in Savannah. (They fished a body out of the river this morning and a police chase resulted in one of Savannah’s most wanted and seven in the hospital.) But our Mayor says crime is getting better – apparently better at inflicting more damage and eluding police is what he meant.

    Either way, you’ll find that at the local level partisan politics really shouldn’t matter as much. On a grander/theoretical scale, Republicans favor a decentralized government where more power rests in the hands of local authorities over a more powerful centralized government like the Democrat party. The question many don’t understand is where those decisions should lie locally. Should those decisions be made at the home, city or county level?

  20. Donkey Kong says:

    GAWire, I agree. I’ve been sorely disappointed with Gov. Perdue’s ads–I don’t want a “good ol’ boy” as our governor, I want a leader willing to stand up for the conservative cause and fight for conservative principles. I dare say he has fought the good fight. He may be a very popular governor, but Pres. Clinton had high popularity as well. Popularity and southern charm are hardly the mark of a successful governor. I hope he pulls out the guns, so to speak, in his second term, and shows some teeth.

  21. Eddie T says:

    And now Andre’s got the scoop on Perdue being the first to go negative.

    Hah, guess he’s not as safe as we thought…

  22. GAWire says:

    >>”””I’m not a fan of party labels anyway.”””

    We hear that a lot from Dems in Georgia. I guess that’s just easier when your Party has no hopes of gaining control again.

    And, yes, this is a GOP state, just as much as it is a conservative one. You might not like Party politics, but it’s here and it prevails.

    As far as the local level people, they matter only to the very small portion of people they represent. Republicans are elected by the far majority of Georgia voters; therefore, this is a GOP state. See how simple it is?

  23. debbie0040 says:

    I like this ad much better than the “Sonny Do” ads. There were kind of hokey, but might appeal to some voters.

  24. defnotrep says:

    Well for the record SONNY went NEGATIVE FIRST.

    What a hypocrite Sonny Is. While he was running that ad, his negative pieces on MORALITY were in the mail. Isn’t lying a moral issue?

    Some of you people are so glib on how someone looks and not how they act. This type of narrow-minded thinking is why our country is in such trouble or have you conservatives not noticed this.


    Heavens you republicans have controlled all 3 branches of government.

    You republicans bury your head and say don’t confuse me with the facts.

    Sonny is a typical republican. No leadership. When all else fails, fall back and do the wedge issues on who’s the best Christian.

  25. ugavi says:

    You’re kidding. Taylor’s education ad falsely attacks Sonny for cutting education spending by $1B.

    Give me a break.

  26. gatormathis says:

    It’s a pretty interesting thread ya’ll boyyzs done started up in here, seems like it could go on forever.

    I been diggin peanuts all day, and dropped by the Great Pig Jig in Vienna late this evenin, a lot was going on. Fun was had by all, ya’ll come down tommorrow. Ask for me from time to time.

    We’ll have a blast!!!!!!

  27. defnotrep says:


    They can never stick with the facts. Maybe UGAVI you should ask some rank and file teachers and let them tell you.

    UGAVI ….No breaks here to mindless rhetoric.

  28. dingleberry says:


    Put down the koolaid. This is an “Us. vs. Them” world. You’re a liberal democrat. You’re party is the party of liberal democrats. Georgia is no longer under the communist influence of the liberal democrats. Sorry.

    This state is now a bastion of conservatism thanks to our Governor, Conservative Juggernaut Sonny Perdue.

    Get with the program Rural Dem. Communism is dead, and so is your liberal party.

    Conservatism ’06!

  29. RuralDem says:


    You’re doing a terrible job at trolling. Maybe you could email Erick and see if he’ll delete your post.

    I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone with even the smallest amount of sense, that I am far from liberal.

  30. dingleberry says:


    You support your party, right? I would assume so, because you identify yourself as a “Dem” in your screen name. Since you support your party, I can only logically assume that you support the Liberal Communist leanings of your party leaders, Pelosi, Clinton, Reid, Durbin, Rangel, et. al.

    Get with the program, RuralCommie, it’s an Us. vs. Them world, and you’re on the wrong team!

  31. RuralDem says:


    You’re screen name fits you well my friend. Let’s see where do I start with this mess:

    A) I am a moderate-conservative. Many Democrats in Georgia are common sense moderates and/or conservatives. It’s only recently that the out of touch liberal wing has taken over. I would say overall I side with Democrats 55-45 over Republicans on the issues. I am socially conservative yet fiscally moderate.

    B) Sonny Perdue, Nathan Deal, Mac Collins, etc… Are all or were Liberal Communists then correct since they were Democrats at one point. Also, is Zell Miller a communist? You let a communist speak at YOUR Party’s convention?

    C) I take it you support Congressmen such as Mark Foley, therefore you enjoy young males?

  32. dingleberry says:

    Nice Try Mr. Marx,

    No…having been a Democrat at one point in your life does not make you a Communist. As you said, it is only RECENTLY that the communist revolution occured in the Democrat party.

    Zell Miller is a double-agent moron. We’ve got that man infiltrating your communist meetings, claiming he’s one of your “Commrades” and then he reports back to us.

    You don’t have a Conservative bone in your body. If you’re fiscally moderate, that means you believe in at least “some” wealth redistribution. If you’re socially conservative that means you believe in the government at least somewhat dictating our personal lives for the heck of it.

    Rural Dem, this is Mr. Stalin. Mr. Stalin, meet Rural Dem.

    Have fun at your next pinko rally.

  33. Jeff Emanuel says:

    C) I take it you support Congressmen such as Mark Foley, therefore you enjoy young males?

    RuralDem, come on now. None of us support Foley — other than supporting his resignation, and his getting the help he obviously needs.

    However, do you remember a Democrat Congressman named Gerry Studds? Rather than just IM/emails, he actually had sex with an underage male page. Did he resign in disgrace, as the GOP had Foley do? Or did he turn his back on the House as a censure was read to him — and go on to serve six more terms, with the full support of his party?

    As I’m sure you know, it’s the latter. I know it’s tempting, but saddling conservatives with Foley isn’t the best proposition when the Democrats have such a starkly contrasting skeleton in their closet.

  34. RuralDem says:

    “RuralDem, come on now. None of us support Foley — other than supporting his resignation, and his getting the help he obviously needs.”

    Um Jeff, I was kidding. I was trying to portray how stupid it is to assume because someone is a member of one party that they support EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that party and/or person stands for.

  35. dingleberry says:


    You support E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G your party does. You have NEVER denounced the communist banter of Pelosi, Kerry, Marshall, et. al. Instead, you’ve embraced it.

    Have fun under your red father.

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