From a prominent NAACP leader in Georgia in reference to the gubernatorial election, “We are just going to sit this one out this year.


  1. Mojo says:

    I wonder if anyone has asked this guy if they’d rather have Perdue or Taylor, b/c by sitting out they are handing the election to Perdue.

  2. Mojo,

    You know these special interest groups…they’d rather be right than to govern, so they sink candidates just to “send a message” that they “have the power” to make or break a campaign.

  3. Melb says:

    It seems that with how pissed off many AA leaders including the NAACP have been about the voter ID bill that I hardly doubt they “will sit this one out.” From what I heard around my local chapter is that they are going to come out strong because they want to send a message to Perdue and this Republican administration that you can’t hold them back or discount their voting strength.

  4. Jen says:

    I’m curious as to whether this comment made specific mention of the Georgia gubernatorial race?

    The reason I ask is because the South Carolina NAACP is having their annual meeting in Augusta next week (part of the NAACP’s ongoing boycott of South Carolina). And Tommy Moore, the Democratic nominee for governor, has refused to attend the meeting because it’s not being held in South Carolina. His decision has ticked off more than a few black leaders.

  5. columbus06 says:

    Melb, for the sake of curiosity and understanding- what does the NAACP feel that Perdue should have changed or done differently so as to cause the group to send a message not to discount them?

    Or, if you will, what’s on the group’s “Sonny Do” list??

  6. GOPeach says:

    As one who is a memeber of the Black Republican Council of Georgia, I do not doubt that the NAACP is sitting this election out.

    A lot of black folks are tired of the democrat
    party assuming that they must be one of them.

    Things are changing fast.

    To learn more:

  7. mercergirl says:

    This makes me sad, I hate when people decide to sit out an election just because the best choice for them isn’t running. I hate to say this, but what about comprimise? I don’t think its “comprimising ones values” to vote for whoever is closest to your ideology, even if they don’t exactly match up.

  8. atlantaman says:

    When you see the Governor with a 20 point lead it would make sense to state, “Our folks are going to sit this one out.” That way when the Governor wins you and your organization can go around and take credit for the fact Taylor didn’t win and most folks won’t have the sense to look at the black districts, compare their averages to the state averages and see if the blacks actually did “sit this one out.” It makes your organization appear powerful with the implication being that all future candidates better pay us our due or look at what will happen.

    If the Governor were 20 points behind in the poles you would be hearing from the flaggers trying to take credit for his demise.

  9. Demonbeck says:

    If the Georgia chapter of the NAACP does in fact sit this one out, then I would be happy to attend Max Burns’ and Mac Collins’ swearing-in ceremonies.

  10. defnotrep says:

    You are right Atlantaman. But I think most of these guys are legends in their on minds particularly the NAACP.

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