Note to John Barrow

You’ve been going around trumpeting the appropriation of $7 million for Air Force Construction and Land Acquisition Projects. But, you might want to check with Congress, which attributed that earmark to Reps. Jack Kingston and Jim Marshall in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2007.

Perhaps this is just another example of Barrow being ranked as the least influential member of Congress from Georgia — behind even Cynthia McKinney.


  1. me says:

    John has done no such thing. It’s a $7 million software suport facility for Warner Robins. The full story is in the Macon Telegraph.

  2. Demonbeck says:

    Where does John Barrow get off claiming appropriations for something in Kingston’s district? Robins AFB isn’t in the 12th.

    That would be like Kingston claiming appropriations in West Virginia.

  3. me says:

    Sigh. That’s just the point. John didn’t claim it at all. Erick’s just completely mistaken. When he realizes that, I’m sure he will apologize to John.

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