The Perdue Tax Matter

There are a couple of stories out this morning on the matter. Here’s the first one.

State Rep. Larry O’Neal, R-Warner Robins, says there’s a reason why Gov. Sonny Perdue did not disclose his role as an organizer of Perdue Plantation LLC, as required by state ethics rules: The governor never knew the company existed.

A Mercer University student has filed an ethics complaint addressing his concerns with Perdue’s disclosure decisions, and two metro Atlanta Democrats last week raised questions about the company’s purpose.

The student is Michael Memberg, friend of Peach Pundit, and current law student at Mercer.

Michael Memberg, the Mercer University law student, has mailed a complaint to the State Ethics Commission regarding public disclosure of Perdue Plantation and the governor’s other property holdings.

The second-year law student considers himself a Democrat, but he said he acted on his own when he decided to file the complaint. He said he’s not sure what to make of O’Neal’s explanation. He just wants it investigated, he said.

“That’s what the board is for,


  1. Harry says:

    Here’s what I just e-mailed to James Salzer, the AJC reporter:

    There really was a pressing need to update the Georgia rules on Sec. 1031 deferment, and it needed retroactivity to avoid litigation based on, among other things, contention of nonadherence to the US Constitution Commerce Clause (ie, prohibits discrimination by a state against multistate transactions). As you know, Georgia really was under pressure to fix this issue. Taxpayers from other states buying property in Georgia could defer tax due their home state under provisions of Sec. 1031. As far as I know, you are correct that every other state had adopted conformity with Sec. 1031 because of Commerce Clause concerns.

    I hope you will further clarify with your readers the relevant facts and circumstances concerning this issue.

    Harry Holmquist, CPA

  2. Mad Dog says:

    “State Rep. Larry O’Neal, R-Warner Robins, says there’s a reason why Gov. Sonny Perdue did not disclose his role as an organizer of Perdue Plantation LLC, as required by state ethics rules: The governor never knew the company existed.”

    State Rep. O’Neal is a liar.

    Look up the public records and see that Sonny and Mary are not only listed as the sole organizers, they are the sole managers!

    Culture of corruption is getting to be more than the Democratic slogan, isn’t it?

  3. rightofcenter says:

    Mad Dog,
    Neither you nor I know whether or not, O’ Neal is a liar. However, based on your post, I am confident that you are an idiot. Only an idiot would jump to such a conclusion without having any basis for it. It is also apparent that you have little or no knowledge of LLCs and business in general.

  4. Mad Dog says:


    Either O’Neal knows what Perdue THINKS or he doesn’t.

    He doesn’t know what Perdue THINKS…

    Makes him a liar.

    Unless you want to defend O’Neal on the basis of he can read minds…..

  5. RandyMiller says:

    You mean James Salzer really had nothing new than to re-run an old story again 1 month down the road? Let me give him my spin. James Salzer is working in cahoots with Taylor staffers
    who’ve panicked at the most recent polls and are now grasping at straws. “Hey Jim, run that opinion story again and make it look like new news.” As for the Memberg guy in law school that he’s acting on his own…..ya think???

  6. Mad Dog says:


    Then, we have Sonny Perdue telling us all for four flappin’ years that he doesn’t want a blind trust for his personal businesses.

    So now if you defend O’Neal, Perdue is a liar.

  7. Mad Dog says:


    All this presure to change laws … Can you cite the current case working through the judicial system?

    Meaning, where’s the litigation? As in where’s the beef?

    Thanks. Looking forward to reading up on the current litigation.

    Mad Dog

  8. Clint Austin says:

    Randy Miller points out the real issue with today’s AJC story:

    What is new in today’s story to justify running it for the third time – above the fold front page on Sunday?

    I couldn’t see a single thing new in today’s story, except they LEFT OUT the fact almost every other state passed these laws and made them retroactive.

    Salzer is normally a good guy, but this story smells like skunk dung.

    Where is something new in this story to justify running it again? Who can answer this question?

  9. GetReal says:

    The reason this is still a story is that no one involved can come up with a plausible explanation other than that someone got this done for Perdue to save him $100,000.

    First it was “it was the Department of Revenue’s bill, and we were doing what they wanted.” Then Bart Graham denied involvement to the AJC.

    There was talk of threatened lawsuits, but no one can produce one shred of proof of anyone threatening a lawsuit. Just vague claims that people remember this being an issue. Not one shred of documentary evidence. Not one recounting of a specific conversation with anyone.

    On top of all this, O’Neal is claiming that he’s filing documents to organize corporations with the name of the Governor and First Lady on them without telling them. He wanted “to surprise them” when they left office. Give me a break. The claim that he wanted to reserve the name is laughable. There are plenty of ways he could have reserved the name without filing a false document with the Secretary of State.

    Again, no one has stepped forward with an explanation that passes the laugh test. That’s generally what happens when people get caught doing something wrong, and try to manufacture an excuse after the fact.

  10. Mad Dog says:

    The laugh test…

    This ain’t funny.

    It should be called the Clinton Standard.

    “I did not have sex with that woman.”

    “I did not sign legislation knowing it would save me a hundred thousand dollars!”

    Sonny DID!

    And, Sonny signed his taxes for 2003, 2004, and 2005. Why? Because he refuses to use a blind trust for his personal business.

    Why not? Because he can do better than anyone else at running his personal business.

    He and O’Neal are damned liars.

  11. rightofcenter says:

    “Damned liars”? I’ve tried to follow your logic, but I can’t. I guess I’m the idiot.

    Whatever. I think at this point you better go to the “Hail Mary” plan and accuse Sonny of sending suggestive emails to pages. Nothing else seems to be working.

    Randy Miller is exactly right. There is NOTHING new in this story. It’s a joke that the AJC printed it at all, let alone in Sunday’s paper on the front page.

  12. Bill Simon says:


    Your inside-info aside on the matter, the fact is that O’Neal, according to Salzer, told the House that the reason for the change was because the State Revenue Department had requested the change in the law.

    That is patently false. Bart Graham has stated that he did not originate this idea, nor did anyone in his department ask for it.

    SO, you can try to throw in some reasoning based on some background material that may or may not have been the impetus for the amendment to the bill, BUT, the fact is, Larry O’Neal told the hOuse that the change came from Graham’s DOR, and Graham disagrees.

    I think O’Neal and Perdue forgot about the minor detail of telling Graham that he needs to back-up O’Neal’s version of the events. Of course, from what I know of Graham and his background, he would have told the Governor and O’Neal to stuff ithad they asked because he doesn’t lie for anyone.

  13. Harry says:

    I don’t know the personalities involved much less anyhing besides what I read on my computer screen, but from what I understand there was a defensive need to get our tax law in conformity with other states on this matter. If other favors were considered, and reflexive coverup occurred, then I’m shocked.

  14. rightofcenter says:

    Your conspiracy theories aside, you are right about one thing. Bart Graham is a stand-up guy. It’s a credit to Sonny that he put a competent non-politico in that position and has given him the authority to straighten out one of the most inept and corrupt parts of state government (or do any dems care to defend Marcus Collins?)

  15. Bill Simon says:


    If we had an Inspector General whose collar wasn’t tied to a leash the Governor was holding, we might be able to get them under oath.

    Unfortunately, all we have is an office created by the Governor that COSTS this state more money since 2003, and has very little teeth, and no growl to speak of.

  16. elephantgirl says:

    Maybe Memberg was acting alone, but he did use to work in the Lt. Governor’s office a few years ago.

  17. memberg says:

    I know I’m way late on commenting here, but I just saw EG’s “last word,” and it demands a response:

    I did not work in the Lt. Governor’s Office a few years ago or ever, nor have I ever worked for Mark Taylor. I did work for the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, chaired by Dr. Thomas, in 2003.

    Who are you anyway, EG?

    If you know enough to know that I worked for the General Assembly, you should also know what I did there. Plus, if you actually knew me, you at least could have emailed/called/IMed to double-check with me what I did before posting on here.

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