Lauren’s Message

I caught the WMAZ debate on Saturday between Lauren Benedict and Allen Freeman in what will probably be the hardest fought race in Georgia.

Lauren handled herself very well. The central message she seems to be making is that, to use her words, “under Allen Freeman’s watch


  1. MountainDawg says:

    Mark my word, Freeman will win this election. Benedict is a liberal that is renting housing that allows her to be in the district. She is an aggressive campaigner and comes across well, but she is has few true ties to the communities of the district. She knew she could not win the district she lived in, and she won’t win this one either.

  2. betsyross says:

    You can fool some of the people some of the time but…..(you know the rest). I’ve heard comments from people in the district that no one wants a “carpetbagger” for a representative. The district is very close-knit and people know when something smells fishy.

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Allen is a good man and has worked effectively throughout the district. In his first term he has served honorably and represented Middle Georgia quite well. He deserves to be sent back to the Capitol.

  4. John Douglas says:

    Alan Freeman is one of the hardest working members of the GA House. I can tell you from the prespective of my Veterans and Military Affairs Committee that every time we have a joint House-Senate meeting, he is there. When we went to the Gulf coast to visit GA troops after Hurricane Katrina, Alan was with us meeting, greeting and complimenting our hard working soldiers.

    Clearly Alan Freeman is the logical candidate in the race and deserves re election. The people of that district know full well the difference between a local conservative and a “move in for convenience” candidate that not only does not really live in the district, but doesnt represent the values of it or its citizens.

    I hope the people of those counties will return Alan Freeman to Atlanta where he has represented them in a conservative, logical and professional manner.

  5. Smillican says:

    I’ve been working, in various capacities, with the legislators from this Middle Georgia area for almost two years, and I can tell you there’s no one who serves his district better than Allen. He’s got energy, poise, creativity, and a great sense of hometown humor that many people in Atlanta and down here enjoy. I’ve worked with him more closely over the last couple of months in the campaign season, and one thing has stuck out to me: as we’ve gone door to door talking to the folks in the district, his work ethic has amazed me. I’ve been doing this almost 7 years, and if every candidate wearing the GOP label had his energy and enthusiasm and work ethic, we’d own every seat in the general assembly.

    Lauren Benedict is funded by trail lawyers; she is not from the district; she did not grow up in the district, and she is a flaming liberal whom, given enough opportunities in public forum, will eventually show her true colors.

    Freeman for House 140.

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