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Jill Miller at the AJC has done a bang up job on this article about bloggers. And you can see what Bill Simon looks like if you click the link.

From the article:

Word is that Gov. Sonny Perdue’s campaign staffers are barred from reading Peach Pundit at work, they were spending so much time on the site. Campaign spokesman Derrick Dickey wouldn’t confirm or deny that.



  1. ugavi says:

    Even though we were subjected to the photo of the yellow jacket, it was a good article. Hat’s off to PP, PV, JasonPye, Buzz, and the Dem sites that were mentioned.

  2. mercergirl says:

    Erick I didn’t realize people would call you at home, that’s awful. That would make me mad for someone to call my house about something on PP.

  3. mercergirl says:

    Oh also- for anyone here, what would yall say is the best way to start a blog? I’m interested in doing so

  4. Mike Hassinger says:

    Typical liberal media gets it all wrong. A 25-year-old Libertarian has a girlfriend? Yeah, right.

  5. I’ve got nothing but nice things to say about Jill Miller and the AJC today.

    MercerGirl, to answer your question, I use to host my site. They allow you to use their own pre-made templates, but also give you the freedom to modify the template as well to make it your own.

    Thanks to Blogger, I’ve learned enough basic HTML to make my site look pretty doggone professional and reputable.

    Of course, there are plenty of other blogging software and hosting services out there that are probably way better than is.

  6. Bill,

    That’s a picture of me pulling out some bags that C-SPAN donated to the Georgia Democratic Party for the State Convention last month.

    And trust me, organizing that convention was like wrestling a dog.

  7. Jeff Emanuel says:

    And Bill…what are you saying again? It’s a picture of André wrestling the dog you were walking? Very strange doings inside and out of the blogosphere….

  8. Jason Pye says:

    believe libertarian, vote Republican. I’m sorry to have to say it to you, man…
    I’m a not a libertarian, I’m a Libertarian. Philosophically, I’m a capitalist. You know, what you Republicans keep turning your backs on.

  9. mercergirl says:

    Thanks Andre! I’m going to check that out. Not a lot going on at work at the moment, i hate to say 🙂

  10. gatormathis says:

    I can’t believe they let Bill use a “glamour shot” in the paper. Some people will stop at no ends to attract attention.

    To blog or not to blog, THAT is the question.

    Blogs AWAY!!

  11. Jeff Emanuel says:


    I’m a not a libertarian, I’m a Libertarian. Philosophically, I’m a capitalist. You know, what you Republicans keep turning your backs on.

    That’s why I take very great care to refer to myself as conservative FIRST, Republican SECOND. I don’t want any more to do with a Liberal Republican than I do a Liberal Democrat.

    I can see where you’re coming from…I just consider myself a “realist,” I suppose, regarding the electability of capital-L Libertarians.

    I think that more good can be done by assimilating into the GOP (which I view as the natural home of conservatives and libertarians alike) and moving it back toward its small-government, free-market, Constitutional ideals, than by running an alternative that doesn’t usually garner enough electoral support to influence — let alone win — an election.

    Regarding the “influencing” above, polls right now, as you know, show that Libertarians could be influencing the GA races this fall; it’s well-deserved — even moreso at the national than the state level — and will hopefully serve as a wake-up call to the RINOs who are currently sitting in the People’s House and the Senate nationally, and in the General Assembly of GA. However, such influence is still not electoral victory for Libertarians; what — and when — do you see in the future regarding the electoral numbers for the Libertarian party?

  12. Jason Pye says:

    The only way I’d ever come back to the GOP is if the religious right left, but considering how big of a voting block that is for the Republican Party…it’ll never happen.

  13. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Jason, I just realized that it was your I spoke with at the fair last week.

    BTW, I sold 20 of your founding documents… is there a commission? 😉

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