Cynthia McKinney speaks! (again)

From the AP, via AccessNorthGA:

Outgoing state Rep. Cynthia McKinney railed against the state’s electronic voting machines Saturday, calling them “severely flawed” for their inability to provide a paper trail for each vote.

“I call on (Secretary of State Cathy) Cox to give Georgia voters a choice not to vote on electronic machines and get absentee ballots,” she said. “We need to get to a different system or else we can’t trust the one we got now.”

While McKinney, who blamed the machines in the loss of her House seat in the July Democratic primary, had previously hinted at plans to challenge the legality of state voting laws, she ignored a reporter’s repeated questions about those plans Saturday.

In a small room packed with reporters and supporters in suburban Atlanta [Editor’s note: apparently none of the reporters were assaulted by her bodyguards this time], McKinney introduced a slate of activists who demanded officials get rid of electronic machines they claimed are open to _ and possibly designed for _ electoral fraud.

“If we fail to do that, then we surely have a threat to our democracy,” McKinney said, adding her office received complaints from all over metro Atlanta from people who said they felt their vote hadn’t been counted.

Yes, she’s still an incumbent, and yes, she has the right to say whatever she likes. However, it’s patently obvious that voting her out won’t keep her from chasing the limelight — and last time she lost an election, she bounced back to win the next.

So, any predictions on the future — short or long term — of lame-duck Representative Cynthia McKinney?


  1. Loren says:

    Two alternative predictions:

    1) McKinney leaves the Democratic Party behind, and throws in with the Green Party. Their politics are more in line with hers, and her name was already floated in 2004 as being part of the Green Presidential ticket. I believe she helped in some Green campaigning during her term out of office.

    2) Less likely but plausible, she joins the 9/11 Truth Movement full-time, along with her buddy Mike Ruppert and guys like David Ray Griffin. However, this would probably end up killing any possibility of a future political career, and I’m not sure she’s ready to give that up.

  2. Rick Day says:

    I predict she will leave the Democratic Party and ‘take over’ (the way B. Barr has ‘taken over’ the LPGa) the fledgling Green Party of GA.

    I have a friend (well, several) on the GPGa Exec committee who, while admitting he had no idea what the true nature of the upcoming press conference, My opening comment was what he speculated may happen.

    Either way, the Democrats are loosening a canon to randomly fire upon the status quo. And the Republicans now have an independent gadfly looking into all sorts of their dirty deals and child porno e-mails.

    Cop slapping or not; hey incumbents, a growing group of very angry voters want more ‘crazy’ people in government like McKinney and less milquetoast like “Sonny Taylor, governor candidate”.

    I always said I’d vote for Satan if he supported ending the war on drugs, and she is a perfect example of my ‘single issue’ determination.

  3. Dorabill says:

    People from all over the spectrum love Cynthia Mckinney for various reasons. That includes plenty of straight white male conservatives such as myself. But she may have neutralized herself politically. Conservtive Republicans would do better to criticize George Bush than Cynthia Mckinney. I hope whatever she does, she continues to stir the pot.

  4. Jeff Emanuel says:

    People from all over the spectrum love Cynthia Mckinney for various reasons. That includes plenty of straight white male conservatives such as myself.

    Dorabill…why, if I may ask?

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