Why even bother?

As we all know, four years ago, there hadn’t been a Republican Governor of Georgia since Reconstruction. The similarity between that office, and Georgia 115? As the Athens Banner-Herald puts it:

As had happened every two years since the end of Reconstruction, a Democrat would swat away any Republican opposition and take his seat in Atlanta representing the liberal district most recently held by Jane Kidd and Louise McBee.

So, why even try? Until now, the latest sacrificial lamb was Bill Cowsert, Athens attorney, brother-in-law of State Senator Brian Kemp, and current candidate for Senate 46 (against his House rival from 2004, Jane Kidd).

This year, the Republican in a three-candidate “race” [Note: for the record, I have to disagree with Andre on his prediction — I don’t see it even being close to a runoff] is Ms. Regina Quick, a local attorney who is best known (if known at all) for waging a sign war against incumbent Athens Mayor Heidi Davidson. What, besides that, is Ms. Quick’s platform? Frankly, beyond claiming a “political philosophy that’s unique among the candidates” for the position, and the belief “that most decisions are best left to individuals, and there should be little or no government interference,” it’s anybody’s guess.

Beyond her lack of visibility or a coherent platform, — and the fact that a Republican has never won here — Ms. Quick has one more *glaring* problem with her campaign: cash.

According to the Banner-Herald, “Quick…isn’t soliciting contributions, and has accepted just $3,000 in donations since qualifying in May. “I’m not pandering for people’s money,” she said.”

Clearly, she isn’t soliciting money — and even that $3,000 is suspect, given these facts:

The upcoming 9/30 disclosure will hopefully shed a bit more light on Ms. Quick’s financial situation — that is, if she doesn’t wait until four weeks after the deadline to file this one, as well.

It was a given that Quick — who qualified during the post-original-deadline grace period — was going to lose this race, given the simple demographics of this district. However, if you’re going to give it a shot, then at least make an effort. If you’re just going to pay to have your name on the ballot — and do absolutely no work besides that — then, seriously, why even bother?


  1. Jeff,
    Who knows. People on both sides run for office for bizarre reasons that many times only they understand the significance of.

    Since you are in Athens, maybe you could shed some light on Culpepper. What kind of traction is he gaining. My feeling is that in a year that will at the very least be “not bad” for Democrats (compared to ’02 and ’04) it will be hard for two non-Democrats to make up a lot of ground in a race like this.

    Your thoughts?

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Culpepper’s well-known and well-liked here, but I think McKillip wins in a landslide. On the electoral map, Athens-Clarke is a Blue island in the Red sea of this part of Georgia.

    This demographic works both for and against Democrats, IMO. A win is virtually guaranteed (the seat will be kept year in and year out). This assurance, though, means that no effort has to be put into fielding a decent candidate. The party can do better than Doug McKillip (or Jane Kidd, for that matter); however, with no need to do so, mediocre representatives will continue to be served up from the 115th.

  3. Chris says:

    If you’re just going to pay to have your name on the ballot — and do absolutely no work besides that — then, seriously, why even bother?

    Thats been the Libertaran M.O. for the past 30 years.

  4. LymanHall says:

    The party can do better than Jane Kidd? Are you kidding? Go ask Sen. Johnson, Ralph Hudgens, and their pals what they think of Jane Kidd. They are scared to death. They know Rep. Kidd was the only person that could win in the gerrymandered district. They’ve seen the polling. From what I heard, to get Bill in the race they promised he wouldn’t have to run against her again because they “would take care of it” with the gerrymander. Rep. Kidd is a strong candidate and a strong legislator. She works will all segments of the community, follows up on casework, actually goes to the legislature to get something done, and has a centrist legislative record.

  5. GrandOleDawg says:

    So is that the new M.O. around Peach Pundit these days? If we don’t like a comment, or get called out on the mat, we can just delete it? Geez, I wish I could go back and delete some of the comments made about me during the primary. Very mature, Jeff Emanuel. Very professional.

  6. LymanHall says:

    This is just like the people who threw the GuardDawg in the trash. Just because you don’t want to hear something doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to say it. There was no name-calling or personal attack in what I said or what Grand Ole Dawg said. Why was it removed?

  7. GrandOleDawg says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, I think it is important for people to know that Jeff Emanuel was at one time, just a few days away from qualifying for 115, and was at the time very confident in his chances of taking the seat. It seems a little two-faced for him to be-little Regina Quick’s chances in the district, when at one time he wanted to enter the race himself as a Republican.

    And Jeff, stop deleting comments. Grow up. This a all true, and applicable to the topic.

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