What’s happened to Peach Pundit?

Have you noticed that Peach Pundit seems to be missing in action these days in terms of covering the goings on of what’s the “buzz” in terms of politics? 

During the primaries, you could trust to turn to Peach Pundit for the underground current of political news… Now, it just kind of seems that we post stories from other websites and comment on them amongst ourselves. 

Where did all the energy go?  Is it because some might be frightened by the unbriddled power of the blog generation and thus work harder to stiffle the democratic flow of information that can flourish on such a blog?  Or are the races and political happenings just that uninteresting and not worthy of the effort?  Perhaps it’s the fact that some of us here used to be able to do what we do anonymously and now we aren’t quite so under the radar, which makes it hard to “spill the beans”. 

I’m not sure what it is… I just would like to see Peach Pundit start to fire up a little more. 


  1. RandyMiller says:

    It was about cuts to health care programs; the questions are actually given to her by Taylor staffers. That’s why Taylor cameras are there.
    She’s asked this for months now, same question over and over….like this is all she can do. Now I know why even Dan Rather got rid of here.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Oh, I agree. We are seriously low on good scandals and hot gossip. I’m sitting here by the PC just filing my nails, waitin’ for any good dirt. Yawn… I can’t believe the good ‘ole Peach State is THIS politically boring. Duller than my last marriage ’round this blog.

  3. ugavi says:

    Think about it. You had Ralph vs Casey, Handel vs Stephens, and Black vs Kemp.

    What do you have now

    Cagle vs Martin
    Handel vs Buckner
    Black vs Irwin

    Blame the dem’s they put up boring candidates….

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Yeah, the Dem’s are not putting forward their strongest team that is for sure. It’s like we put up our varsity team and they have the middle school B-Team here to play…

    Well, I guess we’ll just have to start eating our own over 2010…

  5. ugavi says:

    The best Martin can come up with is a lame attack about who’s hosting a Cagle fundraiser.

    The only thing Buckner can do is try and take credit for SB500 which was Stephens useless bill.

    Who knows where Denise has been, or for that matter where have Jim & Carol been.

    Still waiting on Taylor, I think he’ll come out of hiding soon.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    Has anybody here seen my old friend Mark? Can you tell me where he’s gone?
    His daddy bought him a lot of votes,
    but it seems the left they peak early
    I just look around and he’s gone

  7. ugavi says:

    I just have a feeling that he’ll be out with a roar shortly. His entire life has been about 1 thing – GA. Gov. I can’t imagine he’s going to stay quiet too much longer.

  8. RandyMiller says:

    Excuse the above posting, meant to post on related topic of that Saltzman reporter.

    Mr. Moose, trust me, I’d love to tell you and the others something that I’m dying to let go of.
    I’ve have been told mum’s the word for now so I just can’t . And it’s from a very reliable source who would know! It’s about a certain gubernatorial candidate. All I can say is gatormathis would love it! And I’d love to read gators take on the event!

  9. shep1975 says:

    I was talking to some friends at the AJC, I won’t meantion any names, but they have used PP in their column. As I was feeding them the story on Vinings thinking about incorporating (see the Metro Section last Tues.), the comment came up that this election was one of the most boring in a while. Besides Sonny beating up on a liberal reporter and the “Big Guy” asking everyone if he can eat…I mean…shoot a commercial with their baby, nothing has happened. This is a status quo election and I think everyone knows it.

    Plus, I don’t have front page posting rights, and I’ve gotten tired of feeding Erick stories. 🙂

  10. Bull Moose says:

    Good point Shep…

    Funny, nationwide, this is one of the most interesting midterm elections in a while, but here in Georgia it’s pretty much status quo and we’re likely to see a complete final phase of the Republican realignment.

    The Governor hasn’t done anything that merits replacing him and as hard as Mark Taylor tries, he just can’t seem to find an issue or area where he can catch traction…

    As long as Sonny doesn’t pull a George Allen, everything should be just fine for him. But I mention Allen because he took what was a given and turned it into a toss-up. You won’t be hearing George Allen for President anywhere for a while. (There is always 2012 or 2016)

    We have strong candidates up for positions like Lt. Governor, Labor Commissioner, Attorney General, and Secretary of State, as well as our incumbents are doing well too, Insurance Commissioner and Superintendent of Schools.

  11. I think it’s because politics in this state is just boring this year. . . . . Not too exciting in a one party state. Once the primary races were over we pretty much knew how things are going to look on election day. That plus no senate races thice time around

  12. waterboy says:

    Moose – You seemed to have left Gary Black off your list. Are you still whining over your boy Kemp getting taken to the woodshed???? Guess the crow is a little hard for you to swallow!

    Gary Black is the real deal. Change at the Department of Agriculture is just 6 weeks away!

  13. Bull Moose says:

    waterboy — it was an honest mistake on my part, sorry Gary. Add Gary Black to the list of strong candidates we are fielding this fall.

    It appears with this strong of a team in our state, we’ll be seeing some real changes…

  14. RuralDem says:

    Primary time was great around here. This site was good before the primary and is still good now.

    “we’re likely to see a complete final phase of the Republican realignment”

    I take it you guys are giving up on Labor Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner, and Attorney General? Cause you won’t be getting them this November 😛

  15. shep1975 says:

    I guess you’re giving up on SoS and PCS too, huh?

    On those others, we’ll definitely pick up Ag. Tommy has spent one race too many. He should have bowed out. His stunt of throwing away Georgia Spinach the day it was traced to CA was a wasteful political stunt. It drew attention to himself…most people who saw it said, “That old kook has no clue where he is or what he’s doing.

    I have never seen so many signs for an Ag race on the GOP side. Tommy Irvin retires this year.

    The others…just a crap shoot to guess. Baker’s the safest whcih is why I’m trying to push Perry the hardest.

  16. RuralDem says:

    I know Handel will win the SoS race. Buckner was my 5th choice (Hicks, Holcomb, Ray, Reddy, and then the other two in that order)

    PSC I don’t know. I don’t really follow the Public Service Commission.

    I like Gary Black, if he runs again in 2010 (since Irvin will be retiring then) I’ll support him.

    So you don’t like Baker or do you simply just support whoever has a R beside their name?

  17. Bill Simon says:


    If you’re “too bored” about the state of politics in Georgia right now, turn back the clock and just imagine how unhappy you’d be if Ralphie HAD won the primary? You’d be unhappy, but not bored.

  18. Dorabill says:

    Before this election I didn’t know Jack about state issues. But the RR led me to the PP. This is a great site. If it’s boring now maybe it’s because there’s not enough crooks left in GA politics. 🙁

    I’m amazed at what Sonny is publishing on his “do list”. If he was “conflicted” some of that stuff wouldn’t be on there. I’m convinced that bloggers and “the states” are going to save this country.

  19. Tommy_a2b says:

    I heard a rumor that Bobby Kahn is out as chair as soon as the election is over. Anyone else hearing that and who is replacing him? If he is out will he still post on PP from time to time?

  20. shep1975 says:

    RuralDem: I am the State Chairman of the Young Republicans. I’m supposed to push a straight “R” ticket. However, as a law student, I do pay special attention to both the AG and other judicial races. Most of what I take issue with is “inside baseball” stuff that the average voter, heck, the average Republican doesn’t care about. I hear Baker speak recently, and he sounded more like a “Zell Miller Democrat” than a “Howard Dean Democrat”, and that’s what may pull him through to another 4 years.

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