RE: What Happened to Peach Pundit

Bull asks a good question — what happened? Here’s what I think.

Right now there is a lull. About October things will pick up again. The conventional wisdom right now is that the GOP is going to hold the Governor’s mansion, the House, the Senate, the Insurance Commissioner, and the School Super’s post. The GOP will finish its transition to majority party by taking the Lt. Gov’s spot and the Secretary of State’s spot. The Democrats will hold Ag, Attorney General, and Labor.

This election seems more to be about status quo than anything else. And right now it’s boring. i’d love more coverage of state house and state senate races, as well as local races. I do suspect, however, that things will heat up mightily in just a week or so. The GOP will make a last ditch effort to pick off some more of the state wide offices and the Dems will do the same.

The question right now for me is still who the heck is Gail Buckner?


  1. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    Hicks was a horrible nominee and had no vision or experience. I disliked the man and especially his campaign. I’m glad it’s anyone but him.

    If Gail wants to have any chance in this campaign she needs to start campaigning about why we should elect her as Secretary of State and give some issues relating to that matter. She has the experience, but, once again, the Democrats have not run good campaigns, supported their candidates or defined themselves this cycle.

    So frustrating on a statewide level…

  2. RuralDem says:


    Hicks might not have been a big fan of liberal Democrats but at least he would have done better than Buckner will statewide.

    Buckner has no chance. We shouldn’t elect her SoS. I’ll be casting my vote for Handel.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    I think that this is foreshadowing something even more at work…

    This play it safe approach to politics that candidates are adopting are boring people and thus, I believe you will see one of the lowest turnout’s ever in a midterm election here in Georgia (and that’s with a Governor’s race heading the ticket).

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    I’m not quite ready to say turnout will be as low as you think it will be Bull.

    I think what’s going on is that not much news is being made. Candidates are out there, talking to voters, traveling the State, but other than the Governor’s race, there’s not much TV or newspaper coverage of it. However, things will pick up over the next few weeks.

    I do agree candidates seem to be playing it safe, which may be a good strategy, but it is boring for us bloggers.

  5. Maurice Atkinson says:

    No offense to Gail Buckner, but I would certainly like to keep things in that perspective.

    We know who Karen Handel is and I must say she is immensely qualified for the position and will do a stellar job for all Georgians, not just Republicans.

    Karen is a pro-active public servant who is focused and knows how govern effectively. The populace begs for leaders, who can provide “good government”, well Georgia Republicans provided that candidate!

    Thanks for serving.

  6. Tommy_a2b says:

    I heard a rumor that Bobby Kahn is out as chair as soon as the election is over. Anyone else hearing that and who is replacing him? If he is out will he still post on PP from time to time?

  7. Jason Pye says:

    I’ve heard Buckner be called at lot of other things. Some have called her the meanest person in the legislature.
    I bumped into her during the 2005 session. I recognized her name, she represented where I lived in Clayton County when I was growing up. I tried to create some conversation in the elevator. Yeah…I found that to be impossible. She has no personality.

    Recently I saw her at an event in Rockdale…she just rubbed voters in the room the wrong way. No one responded to her.

  8. ugavi says:

    Wouldn’t that be hard for her to do it Taylor wins?

    I don’t think Taylor will win, so it would give her a good opportunity to stay engaged.

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