Democrats Giving Benedict Black Eye

My friend Lauren Benedict is running a very good and hard race against my friend Rep. Allen Freeman. Both the Benedict and Freeman internals show each of them up. I imagine it is going to be a very close race. But, today, the Benedict campaign tried to get really nasty against Rep. Freeman and in the process got a black eye with the reporters covering this race.

According to several reporters I’ve talked to and the Freeman campaign, some individuals very close to the Benedict campaign started circulating a story this morning, requesting that it be embargoed until noon for some odd reason, that Freeman had up a MySpace page that said he was single, had no kids, and did not want kids. The implication is that he’s a seedy guy trying to screw around behind his family’s back. In fact, Rep. Freeman is happily married and has two beautiful little girls.

It turns out that Freeman did have up a MySpace page. Several people in his office suggested he get one as a form of outreach (he’s in real estate). As all the reporters who thought they had a big story learned, if you do what Rep. Freeman did, you get a MySpace page that says you are single, don’t have kids, and don’t want kids.


Well, to set up a MySpace page you have to answer a few mandatory questions. Once you’ve answered the mandatory questions you can set up a page or keep answering more stupid questions. If you just answer the mandatory questions and set up your page, it lists you as single, without kids, and not wanting kids. It’s called a “default.


  1. betsyross says:

    Those individulas “close” to Benedict happen to be in the business of “family therapy”, sad that they seemed to be on a course of trying to hurt a truly nice family.

  2. MelGX says:

    So let me get this straight, the guy can’t figure out an interface designed for the average 12 year old and somehow this is Lauren’s fault?

    This says more about Freeman’s technical ineptitude and complete lack of attention to detail than anything else.

    This is a petty, ridiculous, non-story and you’re no friend of Lauren’s to post it, so you can cut the crap. I am a friend of Lauren’s, and had she known about this, or had ANYTHING to do with it, I would have been one of the first to hear it from her.

    But were do I learn about it? From her supposed “friend” at Peach Pundit.

  3. Clint Austin says:

    Go to Dick Pettys’ story about this on Insider Advantage. MySpace did the same thing to him (said he was single and did not want kids).

    Dick Pettys is probably the most respected journalist in this state, and he was set up on this story by someone who either had none done their homework or was intentionally playing loose and fast.

    If Benedict backers want to bail this out by making it a referendum on the point-and-click ability of Allen, well… you’re just digging your hole deeper.

    Because you still put some good journalists out on a limb, and I doubt they’ll go there again for you and your cheap shots at Allen to make up for it do not solve your underlying credibility problem.

  4. So let me get this straight, Freeman takes the extra step to upload his glamour shot but can’t go one step further and change his marital status. Sounds fishy to me.

    Look, Representative Jill Chambers uses myspace for political outreach, and she has over 100 friends. Meanwhile, Freeman claims to be using it for outreach, but his only friend is the dude that is everyone’s friend when you first sign up.

    Something doesn’t add up – plus if his business associates told him to sign up, don’t you think they’d at least be on his contact list on there?

    I mean, either you are using myspace to build your network, which means you’ll be adding friends and relevant info about yourself like marital status, OR, you just signed up once and never used it again. But if the latter was the case, why upload the glamour shot?

  5. betsyross says:

    The “source” should remember the advice they gave in an article once, here’s a quote from the article in regards to angry feelings….” The degree to which we are invested in another person or idea (like political or religious ideas), is directly proportional to how angry we get when that person or idea is attacked. ” If they know this, then why do they attack???? They really need more to do.

  6. mercergirl says:

    I agree with Dan, but I am also very disapointed in the Benedict campaign that they would stoop to something as low as this.

    I’ve known Lauren a long time, and on one hand I really have a hard time seeing her doing something like this… but at the same time I’ve also been on the wrong side of her temper before (quite by accident I can assure you- I would not want to make her mad)…. just trying to be fair.

    However I have to say, it is amusing that we have gotten to the point where “Myspace” has a place in our political society. lol

  7. MySpace has a place in political society now?

    Well, shoot, I better take my MySpace page down before someone uses it against me in a future political campaign.

    I’m not defending Allen Freeman here, all I’m saying is that the man is running for State Representative. He’s not running for director of technology for the state of Georgia.

    Cut him some slack on this one or else you’re going to have both Democrats and Republicans trying to be “MySpace mercenaries” searching for anything that might reflect badly on a candidate for office.

  8. ugavi says:

    Myspace is just one more place that people can dig up dirt.

    It sucks that negative campaigning has become the hallmark of today’s political world.

  9. Clint Austin says:


    MySpace makes you upload a photo – it actually searches your computer for you.

    This is much ado about nothing, zilch, nada.

    And it results in a cheap shot on a guy and his family life. Not smart politcally for Benedict.

  10. RuralDem says:

    “It sucks that negative campaigning has become the hallmark of today’s political world.”

    I agree 100%. This is possibly the best comment I have ever read on here. The only thing worse than negative campaigning are those that sit there and promote it and urge it even more.

    It’s a sad day when a candidate’s myspace page takes priority over the candidate’s views on the issues.

  11. nrallen says:

    Clint –

    That is false. Myspace does not *make* you upload a photo. I joined myspace about 3 months ago. For the first 2 months I did not have a photo uploaded.
    Uploading a photo is just one of those options that comes up during the registration/set-up phase, like answering questions about if you are married, if you have kids, etc.

  12. memberg says:

    I’m sure there’s nothing nefarious going on. Consultants are supposed to set up websites. He should have just let them do their job, instead of setting up a half-assed myspace page himself.

  13. Clint Austin says:

    The gist of the photo thing is unchanged, technicalities aside (I went to UGA – not the North Avenue Trade School).

    I’d like to bring it back to the initial question: who is the Benedict person who put this attack out there? Pettys made it clear it was someone very close to Benedict.

    Freeman’s getting more than a handful of sympathetic media calls today. Probably time for Benedict to put somebody’s head on a platter if she wants to move past this.

  14. MelGX says:

    Once again for the slower kids:

    1) Neither Lauren, nor anyone from her campaign, close to her campaign or associated with her campaign “put this out there”. If Pettys is claiming otherwise, let him cite his source.

    2) Freeman put this MySpace page up himself. HE listed his marital status as Single. HE wrote that he didn’t want kids, etc. He has admitted to doing this and is now trying to explain it away by claiming ignorance of how the site worked.

  15. Mad Dog says:

    When I was a full time student at NGCSU, about a year ago, I put up a facebook page.

    I got a little heat about being “an old guy” … maybe a lot behind my back.

    Now that I’m gone from NGCSU, do I need to dump facebook?

    Does the Allen Freeman, anther real estate agent who would be King, actually have his real estate connections listed on his space?

    I’m undecided on this alleged story being good or bad for either side.

    The really negative side of this, if you’re an older guy who looks at younger women or pretty women, you’re a pervert — that’s the default setting.

    A false acccusation on this should be very harmful to the individual making it.

    I have a very small problem with learning the “dirt” on dirty people.

    I have a huge frickin’flappin’ problem with false allegations that have no basis in any facts.

    There will always be false allegations that were … based on facts that had other explanations.

    Like … someone else planting false information and a third (innocent) party finding that false information.

    Dan Rather and the allegations that Bush wasn’t up to standards in the guard.

    WMD in Iraq. Pick an innocent party of your choice from Bush all the way down to you.

    So far, an interesting story on the Allen Freeman race for re-election. Interesting in that it’s not in control of either camp at the moment.

  16. RuralDem says:

    “The gist of the photo thing is unchanged, technicalities aside (I went to UGA – not the North Avenue Trade School).”

    Again, Myspace does not MAKE you upload a picture nor does it search your computer for a picture. So what are you trying to get at exactly?

    Anyway, I think it’s pathetic to attack someone’s Myspace page no matter what party.

    “Check out some of his friends and their orientation. Do you think Camilla, GA is ready for this?”

    I believe Cagle has a Myspace. So if some liberals are on his friends list will you question if GA is truly ready for him? I doubt it.

  17. HowDdoodle says:

    MelGX takes offense with Rep. Freeman’s MySpace blunder FOR Missie Lauren (a true-blue Sub-“Southern” Belle. She apparently grew up in Florida, not Georgia. I’ve been handed one of her political flyers that has her sitting on a tractor in an orange grove (where do we grow them in Bibb, Twiggs, Jones or Wilkerson Counties???). I understand she’s recently divorced, a real family person… (are the records available to post on this website).
    Perhaps Mel could get Missie Lauren to come online and clearly state her position on things that matter to her supposed citizenry. Funny, all I can find her owning is a house on Ingleside. That is another district, isn’t it (wink, wink)
    We all know she’ll do well beating the liberal/progressive/tax-n-spend wardrum, repeating the talking points they’ve provided her, but can she actually answer questions that are put to her with something other than something profound like, ” I don’t see where that matters . . . . I’m Lauren, damnit!!” “Vote Progressive, or die.”
    My husband and I live in sub-south. I for one would love to hear a divorcee explain family values. Jim chuckles every time her “Let’s Love Me” talkshow comes on. She sure swings those hips in the opening to the “let’s sue doctors” show.

    Oh, and Mel, we both noticed she didn’t post any denial regarding the whole Cox Communications story the Pundit reported. You have to have good manners to be a southern lady, Missie.

  18. RuralDem says:

    “I for one would love to hear a divorcee explain family values”

    No offense (and maybe I’m being out of line) but that’s truly one of the most pathetic statements I have ever heard. It’s just as pathetic as the mess I hear from many of the members of my own party. Yes, you are just as bad as the liberals you criticize in your post.

    You do realize people make mistakes right? The divorce rate is hovering around 50%. I know many church going Methodists and Southern Baptists who are divorced in my community and these are stand up people who are the epitome of a family.

    What about the child’s (if there is one involved) upbringing? If the parents do nothing but fight is it really helpful to bring a child up in that environment?

  19. katurner says:

    It infuriates me that someone with the Benedict campaign, even loosely, could seek to portray Allen Freeman as someone other than whom I see in the restaurant or at church. I know his inlaws; if he were doing anything untoward he’d never hear the end of it.

    He may have had a late night in front of the computer or else he didn’t want to let people on MySpace know he had kids in order to protect them. I don’t tell everyone everything online and neither should you.

    I will give Lauren credit for the tractor picture assuming it was her family’s orchard. But it still smacks of hypocrisy. She has been endorsed by the teacher’s union in Georgia and multitudes of other unions.

    I would like to know if Lauren were a sorority member, esp. Alpha Gamma Delta, at Mercer. If so this would hardly make her a “working” people’s candidate.

    I went to Mercer and knew many in the sorority. I never was on the right side of the tracks so I didn’t date any of them. They were good people but they sure loved Louis Vuitton/Dooney and Bourke bags and Polo.

    As for Lauren being tempremental I don’t think we need that attitude to represent our district. Goodness knows some computer mice (3) have fallen prey to me but I don’t feel good about it when that happens.

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