What can you tell me about…

…these write-in candidates on the November ballot:

Henry Patterson, state school superintendent candidate

Brian Russell Brown, district 9 Congressional candidate
William Satterwhite, district 11 Congressional candidate


  1. If it’s okay, I’ll introduce myself here. I am a 28 year old libertarian-leaning populist (I actually have a hard time labeling myself but I think this is pretty good). I would say that I am a conservative on economic issues and liberal on social issues except I don’t think it is really a liberal position to say that government should not interfere in the private lives of law-abiding citizens and should respect the rights of all law-abiding citizens to their lives as they choose so long as they don’t intrude on the rights of others. And while I believe government needs to be limited in its interference and regulation, I also believe that when government intervention is needed that intervention needs to be strong and firm.

    I admittedly got a late start with this campaign, I only entered the race in the summer after realizing I (and people who think like me) had no real choice this November. Some people might still think they don’t have a choice who represents their interests, but they at least have another option.

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