Sign issues, continued

[UPDATE] District 113 Rep. Bob Smith gets it.

While on the subject of poorly conceived
signage, here’s a quick question: does anybody see the problem with the logo at right — particularly the color scheme? How about, for those of you who don’t know Senate 46, if I tell you that it’s the district that includes Oconee county and part of Clarke county, among others?I think you see the problem. If not, look below the fold to discover Jane Kidd’s error in tailoring her campaign colors to her district:

The colors here, Ms. Kidd, are Red and Black. Georgia Tech colors? Well, they just don’t fly so well in this part of the state. Come on, now. I wouldn’t knock on Buzz or Bill Simon’s doors wearing red and black and say “vote for me”; you’ve just got to know your audience better than that!


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Geez…I thought Jeff was going to have sharper eyes than that and point out that it is a waste of time to put the District# on a state senate or state house race.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Bill, that was the obvious to the polipundits here…I was just going for the shock value of the color scheme.

    Also, this isn’t a sign — it’s a logo. I’ll take a look at her signs (if I ever see one up here in Athens ;-)) and see if she has the district on there or not.

  3. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    A few comments for my PeachPundit debut…

    First, colors? We’re really going to get down to color scheme for a major political seat? Representative Kidd is not running for homecoming queen at the next UGA football game, she is running for the top targeted State Senate seat. Her colors are unique and different and stand out.

    Second, while on this note, it’s a logo. It appears on a website, a bumper sticker, and a yard sign. All anyone could possibly want to get out of these is for her supporters to feel good about themselves and show their support. Her opponents logo is awful, hard to read, and doesn’t have the red and black in regards to “Bulldog Country” comment. Also, have you seen his signs? They are that little ellipse inside a white square! They look childish, cheap and cheesy.

    Third, I know the Republicans passed legislation (which was thankfully rejected repeatedly by the courts) that included language which will allow dead people to vote (counting absentee ballot votes of people who died before actual election day) but I am pretty sure that yard signs and logos still can’t and don’t vote. They don’t change people’s minds (and if they do, something is horribly wrong with our voters). They are a “must-do” in campaigns because supporters expect them, and it is a fun thing for people to have bumper stickers and yard signs with neat little designs on them that make everyone feel good.

    Fifth, Mr. Senator, I know you love to have great little soundbites, but you are far off on this one. Jane Kidd defeated Cowsert easily in her house seat, and now the Republicans will try to run a loser over again. The reason it is an uphill battle for this seat is because Republicans gerrymandered the district to make it 58% Republican performing rather than the 52% that Brian Kemp got in 2004 in the old seat. The sham that they perpetrated about wanting to give two Senators to Athens and split that while “unifying” Madison is deceitful, devious and down-right partisan. (and, yes, Democrats do this too, hence why it was an easy decision for Kidd to promise to introduce legislation for the nonpartisan commission next session: Republicans beware)

    Sixth, and I’ll try to finish up shortly, it won’t be logos, signs, or partisan tricks that win this seat for Rep. Kidd, it will be her campaign. She is running one of the most grassroots campaigns in Georgia and contacting thousands and thousands of voters. If you don’t think that will change minds, well then what’s the point of running any campaign. The truth is, rather than saying, and I quote Cowsert’s radio ad, “I support education and healthcare because it’s common sense,” Rep. Kidd is offering real issues, real solutions, and real promises. Every issue her campaign is bringing to the voters’ doorsteps (yes they are canvassing and phone banking every day) will turn into a real piece of legislation.

    Finally, while I’m on my rant, Cowsert’s campaign isn’t even canvassing they are “lit dropping” and how come no one talks about how unethical it is for his volunteers to sign his name on his walkcards when he’s not there. If anyone would like to challenge me on this, I can produce at least two different walk cards in my door and in my friends with completely different (one looks like a high school girl’s handwriting and one looks like an older man with nervous twitches). The fact is, Cowsert thinks his brother-in-law and his Republican allies (who then left him out to dry in the Ag. race, how Republican of you guys) drew him a safe district, and when Rep. Kidd becomes Senator Kidd, I hope she will be a force to be reckoned with in Atlanta. Hopefully, Mr. Johnson will be ready for some competition 🙂

    Anyway, I’m glad to be part of this and look forward to lively conversations with some of Georgia’s political brightest (which I’m not saying gives you much credit). Just kidding, let the debate begin…

  4. John Douglas says:

    “GeorgiaProgressive” I cant understand why Left wing liberal democrats like you hate to call yourselves “liberal.” You continually hide behind “moderate,” “progressive,” “centerist,” anything except the dreaded “L” word. ( Of course, I wouldnt want to be called Liberal either)

    Well regardless of sign colors or logos, the Democrats this year are running the most “L”iberal ticket ever for offices in Atlanta. They can go about the state spouting off about how “progressive” they are, but like the Senator from the 1st said, (paraphrasing) Tech wont beat Georgia and Kidd wont beat Cowsert. I would also add: and Liberals are still Liberals.

  5. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    (oops link didn’t paste…)

    Mr. Douglas, I don’t hide behind progressive, and thanks for making so many delightful and articulate points. You’re a senator, correct? Calling me names won’t hurt my feelings or change my politics, and the fact is, it really should come down to the issues and what is best for the people. Which you clearly would rather mention the typical Republican talking points of not making any distinct points while only name-calling and dividing. That, sir, is not progress, nor will it ever create progress, something progressives actually wish to do. I’m glad Jane Kidd will get to take you on in the Senate as well.

  6. John, so in the interest of fair labeling, will you call yourself a gerrymanderer for voting for the obviously partisan and totally unneccesary mid-decade redistricting of SD 46, 47 and 49?

    Also I remember you going off on a tirade about Cynthia McKinney potentially representing Rockdale County after you voted for the bill that moved her district to that county.

    You guys. Oh and Eric a lobbyist told me that your poll doesn’t say Kidd can’t beat Cowsert.

  7. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    Oops, the link didn’t post, I’ll try to find it again…

    But, in the meantime, thank you Mr. Douglas for making such delightful and articulate points. I see you have resorted to the typical Republican talking points that will never create progress, something progressives actually want. Calling me names will not hurt my feelings or change my politics. You are a Senator, correct? Sir, I must demand a little more of you being in your position than name calling. Jane Kidd defeated Cowsert once, and she will defeat him again with the win of the year. I am glad that Jane Kidd will get to take you on in the Senate as well…I hope you are better prepared then.

  8. CHelf says:

    Strange enough in GOP Walton, I see Kidd signs in quite a few yards and Cowsert signs left to street corners. I know that is not a great gauge of support but it has a feel for Kidd being more grassroots than Cowsert. Cowsert signs seem to have replaced Reed and Kemp signs in these key street corner locations.

  9. foray says:

    Georgia Progressive . . . off topic but outside the Senate Brian Kemp had no GOP support.

    Sonny supported Gary from Day 1, thats why they used his store in Perry as their statewide Sign Depot.

  10. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    I don’t doubt that, it’s clear from Gary’s win that he was the best candidate and he actually has the best chance of taking that seat back – but, I would hate to think Brian Kemp made the choice to enter that race with no hinting or urging from Republicans. Didn’t he want Lt. Gov or Sec. of State, but because of other prominent Republicans running there he went for Ag? I may be off, I admit I don’t know the full inner workings of the Republicans…but good point to clarify that Brian wasn’t necessarily the hand picked choice, I just think he was influenced to run there. And didn’t Gary enter after Brian did? I’m sorry if it was confusing…:)

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Boy, I sure hope Senator Douglas and Senator Johnson are dead wrong this year…my trees are filled with annoying crows every fall and if Tech wins, I’m going to be fixing-up a big platterful of crows for each of them to eat! 🙂

  12. LymanHall says:

    It’s Rep. Kidd. She beat Bill already, remember? I noticed the GuardDawg forgot too when it had an interview with “State Rep. Bill Cowsert” in its latest issue.

  13. LymanHall says:

    Oh yeah, and if you haven’t seen a Jane Kidd sign in Athens yet, you need to get out more.
    Regardless of color, her large JANE KIDD block letter signs are much easier to read than those tiny Cowsert faux ovals. If this was a graphic design contest, it would be over already.

  14. John Douglas says:


    Now that Tech is ranked 24th, visions of glory spring forth in abundance. This week is crucial with the VA Tech game on the road and frankly, I hope Tech wins. I love to see them do well through the season. Its the last game of the year that I hope they lose. Had you played UGA this past weekend, you might well have won, but alas, you didnt.

    And those crows in your trees……I suggest you look down to the ground and see those Bulldawgs in your yard. The crows will fly away, but the DAWGS will be here forever!

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