Cagle strikes back.

Below is the text of a letter Sen. Casey Cagle sent to Jim Martin. The letter is in response to this article where Martin’s spokesman criticizes some of the people who hosted a fundraiser for Cagle.

September 25, 2006

Dear Jim:

It has come to my attention that your campaign has personally attacked the hosts of a reception on my behalf, calling the event a “Ball for Sprawl and Special Favors” in a statement to the press.

The clear intent of your attack is to argue that I — and the civic leaders who support our campaign — are engaged in a quid pro quo transaction where legislative actions are traded for campaign contributions. As you know, such behavior would be both unethical and illegal, and the fact that you would stoop so low as to make such an allegation is deeply disappointing.

I have never accused you of trading your vote in return for support from liberal groups. My presumption has always been that your voting record as one of the most liberal members of the General Assembly was motivated by a sincere belief in liberalism, not financial support from your contributors. While I believe your policy agenda is wrong, I have never questioned your personal integrity and consider you a friend.

It is even more disappointing that you chose to attack employers like Georgia Power, Waffle House, SunTrust, and Coca-Cola who provide jobs for literally thousands of Georgians. Further, the same individuals and businesses you are attacking also fund numerous charitable endeavors across our state, including such conservation organizations as the Georgia Conservancy. This divisive and hurtful approach to politics only makes it harder to draw new jobs to our state and bring our community together.

Jim, you are decent man and I expected better from you than this. I hope you will take a moment to carefully consider this issue and let me know whether these are the actions of a misguided staffer or a reflection of your own beliefs.

Your friend,

Casey Cagle


  1. HSC Republican says:

    This is just a low blow from Martin. He knows he can’t attack Cagle on the issues, so go after him because he can raise money. The men who Martin bashes are the true backbone of the Ga Economy. This is not the kinda politics Casey wants, and this is not the kind of politics Georgia wants! At least we only have to put up with Martin for a little over a month now!

  2. ugavi says:

    Truly lame attempt to get some free press on Martin’s part. Talk about a non-issue.

    I thought Cagle’s response was good. Didn’t attack and left Martin with a way out from a dumb move.

  3. JAC1975 says:

    Jim Martin was only pointing out the obvious cozy relationship between Cagle and his donors. Cagle’s the one who pointed out their corporate affliation on the invite, and it’s not like these folks have a great record when it comes to conservation, another point Martin’s campaign made. It’s a big deal about nothing.

  4. ugavi says:

    Cozy relationship between Cagle and his donors… Waffle House sent out a memo in the primary telling all it’s stores that the could put up Ralph Reed signs. So how cozy is that?

    I still say it’s a non-issue.

    If this is the best that Martin can come up with – he’s really in trouble.

  5. JAC1975 says:

    Hard call for Waffle House to make when Cagel is nothing more than Ralph Reed minus the sleazy DC connections. But then again, we all know you can’t be a GOPer in this state without swearing allegency to establishing an Old Testament Theocracy.

  6. Mad Dog says:

    Sounds like ol’ Casey wants a good horse race.

    But, when’s the debate?

    I’ve said all along and I’m saying it again.

    Casey ain’t goin’ debate Martin.

    The letter is proof of that.

  7. Mad Dog says:


    If you’re right, it should read considered you a friend…

    But, if ‘meany pants’ Martin is a member of the Liberal Race, why is Mr. (Casey Cagle) Clean hanging out with him?

    Is Casey leaning to the middle? Sucking up a little?

    Very interesting.

    But, the most important thing, the MOST important thing, … I still like Waffle House.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    Jim Martin’s staff is just a little over eager in trying to gain traction… Why attack people who are supporting campaigns? That’s a low blow in my book.

    We should be encouraging more people to engage in the political process, not attack them.

    Casey’s response was top notch.

  9. Mad Dog says:


    So are we only encouraging people with money to “engage?”

    I agree with you very strongly on the point that “a colllective We” have failed, or are failing to draw average people, everyday people, heads of families, … into active and productive aspects of responsible government. (or some other long draw out sentence that means just about what you already said.)

    The more I learn about Cagle, the less I like. However, his response is “top notch” politics, as you said.

  10. landman says:

    Mad Dog,
    If you do not like tax cutting, conservative thinking and economic growth minded candidates, you will become to like Cagle less….however he will still be your next LT. GUV.

  11. Bull Moose says:

    Um, sorry, but as far as I know, Casey isn’t a real estate agent Mad Dog…

    With Jim Martin’s staff on the prowl, we all better be careful about engaging in politics.

    His staff is just trying to scare people from being engaged…

    That’s bad politics.

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