President to Campaign for Collins

In a sign that the White House thinks Georgia’s 8th Congressional District is in play, President Bush will spend political capital by campaigning for Mac Collins in Macon on October 10th.

This district has surprised many people. It was presumed to be safe for Marshall. More and more, however, rumors from people close to Jim Marshall have said the campaign is getting nervous (though only slightly so).


  1. Mojo says:

    Who is saying this, or is this a case of journalists, ahem Fox News, using the term “some people say” when what they mean is “what I say?”

  2. gatormathis says:

    Well I hope ole W does come down to Georgia to help out Mr. Mac. That will make some good pictures.

    Heck, Victor Chavez might even write a song about it:
    The devil came down to Georgia,
    I can smell the sulfur, still.
    He was at the United Nations,
    Hey People, I’m for real.
    I know he was, and I am sure,
    Cause I smell the sulfur still.

    Surely that little gap toothed idiot won’t show up in Macon.

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