Political potpourri

Here’s some stories from the weekend I found interesting:

AJC: ’56 flag defenders out to oust Perdue. A dwindling group of perpetually offended flaggers has set their sights on Perdue. I’m shocked!

MDJ: Sonny Do list a triple whammy. Praise for Sonny’s recent commercials. I can tell you it’s getting some people’s attention. I was at the Gwinnett County Fair this past Saturday and a number of people who stopped by the GOP’s booth had seen the ads and liked them.

Macon Telegraph: Georgia lawmaker offers conditional apology to Latino group. Charlie Norwood offers a “conditional” apology to La Raza.

Macon Telegraph: Perdue: 70 percent graduation rate better but ‘not good enough.’ High School graduation rate rises from 63.3% in 2003 to 70.8% today.


  1. Thig says:

    Do the flag defenders really think MT would change the flag to one they would approve of? What could they possibly hope to achieve by this, other than revenge.

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