Knowles Over Sims

The GAE has given an endorsement to Danita Knowles in House District 169 over Republican incumbent Chuck Sims.


  1. blazer says:

    Obviously, this would be the case. The GAE is made up of nothing but DPG kool-aid drinkers and a good conservative has no chance in the world of gaining their endorsement no matter how much good he has done for the educational system in this state.

    Rep. Sims is a good man. I have faith that the voters of the 169th district will send back the right person to the state assembly.

  2. Mojo says:

    Yeah, Sims is a good, loyal, honest man. He would never misrepresent himself. He would never change political parties right after an election once he had seen the tide across the state turn for the other party and that he could gain key committee assignments if he switched sides. He would never do that, would he?

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