Christians and the Republican Party in Georgia

Linda’s comment about the influence of Christians in the Republican party here in Georgia got me thinking that few people understand how evangelical Christians came to power in the party and what the nature of that power is today. I am fortunate enough to have been involved in many of the events that led to this shift in the Republican party and would like to give my perspective. I wrote a similar article last year but thought I would write about this again with an eye towards Georgia politics.

I grew up in Atlanta in the ’70s and ’80s and became an evangelical Christian when I was quite young. As a result, I grew up steeped in an evangelical Christian subculture that is probably familiar to many who have been in the South long. For decades prior to the ’70s, evangelical Christians in America had been content to separate from culture. However, Roe v. Wade was a seminal moment for many Christians and caused many to get involved in politics.

Prior to 1988, conservative Christians had very little influence in the Republican party in Georgia (or anywhere in the US for that matter). The party was primarily run by fiscal/small government conservatives and big business types. Even though James Davison Hunter had yet to coin the phrase, the “Culture War” was being fought by Christians throughout the ’80s. And I was involved in three of the major skirmishes, all of which involved Georgia politics.

Operation Rescue

Throughout the ’80s, many evangelical Christians became involved in the pro-life movement to stop abortion. This movement mostly focused on lobbying Congress and picketing abortion clinics. During the summer of 1988, a group called Operation Rescue decided to take more extreme measures. Operation Rescue chose the 1988 Democratic convention in Atlanta as a backdrop for large scale demonstrations and blockades at abortion clinics. And I was there for every bit of it.

While Operation Rescue and its leaders would not technically be considered domestic terrorists, they certainly inspired acts of domestic terrorism. I made this point in an article last year and was chastised by a “Religious Right” leader via email and phone that my accusation had no basis in fact. Of course this person had no idea that Operation Rescue leaders Randall Terry, Joseph Foreman, and Jim Kopp had lived at my house in Atlanta for months.

Jim Kopp is the notorious killer of abortion doctor, Bernard Slepian of Buffalo, New York. And Jim lived in my bedroom for quite a few months in 1988. If Jim Kopp isn’t a terrorist, then no one is.

I do want to make clear that the vast majority of people that were involved in Operation Rescue were not violent and did not fit the stereotypical “yelling at women on the sidewalk”. But the events of 1988 got many evangelical Christians thinking about how to act politically.

Robertson ’88

The other major event of 1988 was the presidential election. And evangelical Christians had their candidate in the televangelist, Pat Robertson. The impact of the Robertson campaign is still felt today. While Robertson didn’t come very close to winning the Republican nomination, he did succeed in building an unbelievable grassroots campaign. I should know. I worked on paid staff for Robertson.

One of the strategies of the Robertson campaign was to use its grassroots support to take over the Republican party at county conventions and state conventions. I’ll never forget the Cobb County Republican convention that took place at Lassiter High School in Marietta. It was a knock-down, drag-out fight with Robert’s Rules of Order to see whether Robertson’s slate of delegates would get sent to the state convention or not. During that election season, the Robertson campaign managed to take over quite a few Republican state delegations. And the fruit of that labor in 1988 is now seen in the Republican party in Georgia.

Christian Coalition

My brother and I attended Henderson High near Northlake Mall. We were both involved in a student organization called Fellowship of Christian Athletes. During my senior year the school administration decided that our group should not able to use school facilities or even make announcements at school regarding off-campus meetings. An assistant principal found a note about one of our meetings off-campus and suspended my brother and one of my best friends and threatened to expel me from school. The discipline note was shocking. The note had places to check off items such as “fighting” but the assistant principal had checked “Other” and written “Possession of Christian material”.

You can imagine our reaction. Coincidentally, we happened to be attending the same church as famed Christian attorney Jay Sekulow. Jay quickly took our case and went public with it. Overnight, my brother and I were thrust into a media spotlight, especially in the Christian media. Jay flew us out to California for a taping of his television show and had us interviewed for the 700 Club. There was also a new political organization forming around this time and they asked my brother and I to speak at one of their first leadership meetings in Washington D.C. That group was the Christian Coalition.

I’ll never forget standing before a packed room filled with a who’s who list of “Religious Right” leaders. You name them, they were there. Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, Chuck Colson, Gary Bauer, and of course, Ralph Reed. I got to spend time talking to these men and have even kept in touch with some of them over the years.

The Christian Coalition has had a not insignificant impact upon Georgia politics since then. Since the early ’90s, many Republican politicians in Georgia have sought the endorsement of the Georgia Christian Coalition. Fortunately that influence is on the wane.

A Political Transformation

So why do I say fortunately? I am still a Christian and tend to be conservative in my political beliefs. What changed?

A couple of things changed. I changed. When I went away to college, I became president of the campus College Republicans during my freshman year and started to see power politics in action. And I started to see that politics and government couldn’t solve all problems. As it related to an issue like abortion, I realized that even if laws were changed, women would still seek abortions unless their hearts were changed and they were given help and compassion.

After that freshman year of college, I completely dropped out of political involvement for years. I have spent the past fifteen years trying to make sense of what responsibility a Christian has towards politics. I certainly believe now that Christians have a right and responsibility to be involved in politics, but the big question is how.

While the Republican party in Georgia isn’t run by the “Religious Right”, conservative Christians have a tremendous amount of influence and power in the party. Conservative Christians have left their imprint on the party resulting in state legislators pushing bills allowing people to say “Merry Christmas” in workplaces and schools and voluntary Bible classes in public schools.

Unfortunately, these are examples of conservative Christian politicians and activists focused on maintaining power. This is readily evident as these type of issues are only raised to create fear. The victimization meme that is often brought up does great disservice to those Christians in closed countries around the world that face actual persecuction and death because of their faith. My religious liberties are NOT under attack. My children do not need the official sanction of government to pray in their school.

I hope and pray that Christians leaders and politicians in Georgia will start to act with more humility and less hubris. The maxim about “power corrupting” is certainly true and has sadly been evident among the “Religious Right” in Georgia. Christians in the public eye need to be known for their unwavering commitment to truth, their love towards others (especially those they disagree with), and their steadfast desire to help and protect the poor and oppressed.
I welcome any and all comments.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    So, Will, perhaps you’d be willing to confirm a rumor about the 1988 convention: Was the floor of the convention covered in snake-wielding Christian fundamentalists who were speaking in tongues?

  2. Will Hinton says:

    I can absolutely confirm that that rumor is not true. Amusing though.

    Unfortunately,tt is always easier to demonize one’s opponents than deal directly and honestly with them. All sides tend to do this to the detriment of our country.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Will, if you ran for something I’d vote for you.

    This piece should be printed in every major Southern newspaper in the, um, South.

    Well written; well done!

  4. jsm says:

    Good post. You present very interesting insight.

    I’m a conservative Christian who has never been identified with any national “Christian” groups, because I think ecumenism has its own negative effect on organizations. Also, I believe that government should not legislate morality for morality’s sake and that government’s role is to protect its citizens.

    My only disagreement is that I do believe Christian religious liberties are under attack. The ACLU and its allies have demonstrated that they would like to take away the rights of Christians to openly practice their faith.

    I don’t believe Christian symbols and activities are necessarily bad for public property or events, so long as they are not forced on anyone. In my opinion, national Christian organizations have catalyzed the attacks against them with outrageous public statements and corruption in their leadership, which has resulted in distrust, dislike, and indifference toward them nationally.

  5. Bill Simon says:


    You state this: I don’t believe Christian symbols and activities are necessarily bad for public property or events, so long as they are not forced on anyone.

    Well, as a person of Jewish heritage and faith, I do believe religious symbols on public property would be bad. By putting them on public property, you are stating that the government promotes that particular religion.

    Did you know that the Taliban had its edicts posted on all of Afghanistan’s public buildings and places?

    I wish there were more Christians who actually had the ability to see things from another religious person’s standpoint when they consider their “I don’t see how it’s wrong to stick Jesus on the courthouse…after all, this country is 85% Christian…we’re in the majority and we should be able to dictate what goes where…”

    You, JSM, apparently, do not possess the ability to see beyond your own religion. That’s being pretty dogmatic.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    People criticize the ACLU a lot without ever looking at the court decisions they win.

    If it wasn’t for the ACLU, we’d still have Bible-thumping over people’s heads who weren’t Christian in the public schools, and there would still be a whole lot more Anti-Semitism in this country.

    Sheer ignorance of what “Don’t Tread On Me” really means will be the death of any republic faster than gay marriage in Vermont will.

  7. rightofcenter says:

    Excellent article, particularly your last paragraph. I wish all politicians and pundits who wear their Christianity on their sleeves would read it and take it to heart.

  8. jsm says:

    Seems as if I struck a nerve, Bill. I understand your point of view, but I disagree on the grounds that we are a Christian nation per 2 Supreme Court decisions and statements made by our founding fathers. Also, you’ll find Christian inscriptions on the walls of the Supreme Court and many of our national monuments.

    I’ve never supported Christian’s “dictat[ing] what goes where” because of our “majority.” Instead, I have watched Christianity take a beating from a minority of vocal liberal progressives.

    There is freedom of religion in America, and no one in their right mind is going to oppress the practice of any peaceful religion–Judaism, Christianity, or any other. But the practice of one religion should not be seen as oppression of another.

  9. Bill Simon says:


    You stated this: Also, you’ll find Christian inscriptions on the walls of the Supreme Court and many of our national monuments.

    Do tell me what these purely “Christian inscriptions are.” And, by “purely” I mean taken strictly from the New Testament.

  10. jsm says:

    Bill, Christians believe the entire Bible–Old and New Testaments. The following excerpts are from

    The Library of Congress – Jefferson Building
    The Great Hall:
    The Gutenberg Bible and Giant Bible of Mainz are on display, which is very appropriate because, in the words of President Andrew Jackson, “The Bible is the rock upon which our republic rests.”
    Inscriptions on the ceiling and walls include: “The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.” “Wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and withall thy getting, get understanding.”

    The Main Reading Room
    The statues of Moses and Paul represent Religion, with the inscription: “What doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.
    Science is represented by: “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handywork.”
    History: “One God, one law, one element, and one far-off divine event, to which the whole creation moves.”

    The Supreme Court
    The East Pediment
    Marble relief on the outside East Pediment has Moses holding tablets containing the 10 Commandments.
    Marble Busts in the Foyer
    Busts of Chief Justices, many of whom were Christians such as John Jay, the first Chief Justice, and John Marshall, the most prominent in the early years.

    The Court Chamber
    Engraved on oak doors at entrance are the Roman numerals I through X, representing the Ten Commandments.
    Above the heads of the Justices is a carved marble relief with a large stone tablet containing I through X (representing the 10 commandments) in between two allegorical figures, representing The Power of Government and The Majesty of the Law, reminding us that the foundation of America’s law is the Bible.

    The Capitol Building
    The Rotunda – Christian Paintings
    The Landing of Columbus – Columbus said he was convinced to sail because “it was the Lord who put into my mind” and that “the Gospel must still be preached to so many lands.”
    The Baptism of Pocahontas – This shows the baptism of one of the first converts in the Virginia colony . The Virginia charter said they came to propagate the “Christian Religion to such People, as yet live in Darkness and miserable Ignorance of the true knowledge and worship of God.”
    Departure of the Pilgrims from Holland – shows the Pilgrims observing a day of prayer and fasting. William Brewster is holding an open Bible upon which is written: “The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” “God With Us” is written on the ship’s sail.

    The Rotunda – Carved Relief
    Penn’s Treaty with the Indians – Penn called his colony “a holy experiment” and said of it that “my God that has given it to me . . . will, I believe, bless and make it the seed of a nation.”
    The Landing of the Pilgrims – “having undertaken for the Glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith.”

    The House Chamber
    In God We Trust, our national motto, is inscribed in letters of gold behind the Speaker’s rostrum
    Marble relief of Moses, the greatest of 23 noted law-givers (and the only one full-faced) is above the central Gallery door.
    The largest Church congregation in America in 1867 met here. Churches had been meeting in the Capitol from the beginning.

    Statues and More
    Statues of many early leaders are displayed throughout the Capitol. Most of these were Christians and many were ministers, including George Washington, James Garfield, Samuel Adams, Rev. Peter Muhlenberg, Rev. Roger Williams, Rev. Marcus Whitman, Daniel Webster, Lew Wallace, Rev. Jason Lee, John Winthrop, Rev. Jonathan Trumbull, Roger Sherman, Francis Willard
    Prayer Room – A room set aside for prayer has a stained window with Washington in prayer.
    In God We Trust – placed above Senate main door.
    “What hath God Wrought!” – First message sent over the telegraph in 1844. On Samuel F.B. Morse Plaque outside old Supreme Court Chamber.

    Union Station
    Engraved on Front Facade
    “Thou has put all things under his feet.”
    “The truth shall make you free.”
    “The desert shall rejoice and blossom like the rose.”

    The National Archives
    The Rotunda
    Bronze design on the floor contains the Ten Commandments with Senate and Justice to the right of them, which symbolizes that our legal system has its origin in God’s law.

    The Washington Monument
    Engraved upon the aluminum capstone on the top of this 555 foot monument is Laus Deo (Praise be to God)
    Carved tribute blocks include: “Holiness to the Lord,” “Search the Scriptures,” “The memory of the just is blessed,” “May Heaven to this union continue its beneficence,” In God We Trust,” “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

    The White House
    An inscription by the first President to inhabit the White House, John Adams, is cut into the marble facing of the State Dining Room fireplace. It reads: “I pray Heaven to Bestow the Best of Blessings on THIS HOUSE and on All that shall hereafter Inhabit it. May none but Honest and Wise Men ever rule under this Roof.”
    Each President has attended church, associated with the Christian faith, taken the oath of office with their hand on a Bible, and referred to God in their inaugural addresses.

    St. John’s Church
    Church of the Presidents: every President since James Madison has worshiped here at some time. Pew 54 has been designated for the First Family.
    Presidents who made this their church home include Madison, Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, Fillmore, and Arthur.

    Memorial to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence
    All but 2 or 3 of the Signers were Christians, but those that were not had a Biblical worldview.
    They declared “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” They appealed to the “the Supreme Judge of the World” and acknowledged “a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.”

    The Lincoln Memorial
    The words engraved upon the walls reflect the Christian faith and providential perspective of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.
    On the south wall is the Gettysburg Address which ends exclaiming “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
    On the wall of the north chamber is Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address which shows his knowledge of the Scriptures: “Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God, and each invokes His aid against the other. It may seem strange that any men should dare to ask a just God’s assistance in wringing their bread from the sweat of other men’s faces, but let us judge not, that we be not judged. The prayers of both could not be answered. That of neither has been answered fully. The Almighty has His own purposes. ‘Woe unto the world because of offenses; for it must needs be that offenses come, but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh’ (Matthew 18:7).”

    Arlington National Cemetery
    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
    This monument, carved from a single rectangular block of marble to honor unknown soldiers who gave their life for the cause of liberty, bears the inscription: HERE RESTS IN HONORED GLORY AN AMERICAN SOLDIER KNOWN BUT TO GOD

    Arlington House – Home of Robert E. Lee
    This Christian did much to promote revival among his army, where tens of thousands were converted. One biographer said of Lee, “one almost feels as if he cared more for winning souls than battles, and for supplying his army with Bibles than with bullets and powder.”

    The Jefferson Memorial
    The author of the Declaration of Independence and America’s third President, Thomas Jefferson, though unorthodox is some of his religious views, claimed to be a Christian, attended church throughout his life, and held to a Biblical worldview, which is reflected in the inscriptions in the memorial. The excerpt from the Declaration speaks of Creator endowed rights.
    The inscription from Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom states: “Almighty God hath created the mind free. All attempts to influence it by temporal punishments or burthens . . . are a departure from the plan of the Holy Author of our religion. . . . No man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship or ministry or shall otherwise suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief, but all men shall be free to profess and by argument to maintain, their opinions in matters of religion.”
    A third inscription from his Notes of the State of Virginia says: “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

  11. LINDA says:

    But Will, there is no doubt that the media plays an important role in wittling away at Chrisitanity. If the church does not wake up, the rights that you take for granted will be gone. It will be just like foreign countries, if Christians do not stand up. Politicians may be guilty of standing up for Christ for power, but Christians have got to stand up for Christianity before we are shoved out of the public square.

    Your children, pray in school either because they go to a private school or they are able to pray during personal moments of silence. It is those children that are in the dark that are not being raised in Christian homes that we are no longer able to reach because teachers may not talk about the Lord in public schools. So yes, we are receiving a grade of F as Christians for not fighting more!

    Society is far worse off today, than it was when I first went to public school in the early 60s. The church is silent, and we will lose our rights if we become the reiligion of appeasement.

  12. LINDA says:

    The problem is that when ever a Christian like Sadie Fields stands up for truth and God in government, the naysayers are there to throw stones at her for any sin that she commits. It is assumed that a Christians should be perfect and without sin. It happens in every case of when a Christian becomes involved in the public arena.

    As Jesus said, he would rather you be hot or cold than to be lukewarm about your love for God. We have not done enough in our United States for a religious revival, and that is because evangelican Christians only make up about 7% of Christians. If I am wrong on this statistic, it is one that I am pulling from my memory bank that I read on a Christian website. We are too divided as Christians, and it is time the Methodists, the Baptists, the Catholics, the Mormons, the Presbyterians, the Lutherans and others banded together as one people of Chrisitanity. We are not together, and we have not been together since the early foundation of our Country. Because those that wish to destroy Christianity have helped drive wedges between us. So when Lynn Westmoreland slips in his recital of the Ten Commandments, we need to give him our support and prayers and not allow others to slam him.

    The word of God is the law not the laws and rules of mankind!

  13. Bill Simon says:


    Very good research. But, why do you believe “In God We Trust” is ONLY a “Christian” belief?

    And, most of all of the other examples you use quote the word “God”…and yet, you claim that it is only a sign of “Christianity”.

    See, you cannot bring yourself to state “Judaeo-Christian” because, again, you adhere to the dogma that Christianity is the only religion worth a hoot in this present-day and all other religions are 2nd and 3rd-class religions.

    Will Hinton wrote an excellent article. You, however, appear to represent those “extremes” to which he referred.

  14. LINDA says:

    It is just like when President Bush nominated an evangelical Christian, Harriett Miers (sp?), to the Supreme Court, one of her most outspoken critics was a Catholic, Ann Coulter, and other neocons that belittled her ability. It was outrageous the way this lady that represented President Bush legally was treated. I posted at length on Eric’s blog and proved who was behind the attacks against this fine Chrisitan lady and a fine lawyer. I think that President Bush was treated with such disrespect, and I also believe it was deliberately done to take the people’s eyes and ears away from the Abramoff/Libbby and Wilson/Plamegate that was coming down at the same time.

    Playing politics with religion is what is taking place in our United States, and those that took Harriett down that claim to practice Christianity should be ashamed of themselves, but I will leave that to the Lord to sort out. I am quite certain that the Lord was not happy, though.

  15. LINDA says:

    No, Bill, I am talking about laws that take away from one group of people to give to another favored group of people. Stop signs are for the safety of all, but if you send me a photo and tell me where you frequently drive, I’ll consider driving there to seek you out. LOL. Just kidding.

    Politicians are crafty in there laws to draft legislation to help keep them in power, you most certainly can think of a few. For example, the ridiculous lawsuits against big tobacco corporations.

  16. Bill Simon says:


    It is absolutely RIDICULOUS to presume that every person who is a Christian, whether evangelical or otherwise, is eminently qualified for whatever position they are nominated, appointed, or elected to.

    Here’s an interesting take on the nomination of Miers…betcha didn’t know she was chairman of an ABA board that wanted to push for gay adoptions, eh?

    Linda, it’s as if YOU think anyone who is Christian should be allowed to sit in any position in the world just because they are Christian.

    The list of dogmatic people gets longer every single day.

  17. LINDA says:

    In other words, Harriett deserved to have a hearing with the Judicial Committee and up or down vote. The political pundits were wrong to destroy someone and force her to withdraw.

    Now, this is different than when Ralph Reed was beaten by Cagle, and it was because he had been involved in things that caused him to lose the respect of voters.

    What I am trying to say, is just because a Christian fails in politics does not mean that now you must never again have a politician that stands up for Christianity and lives that out in his or her actions. You will know a Christian by their actions and their deeds. And perfection should never be used as the bar.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    No, but if you haven’t yet achieved perfection, you certainly shouldn’t be spending your time wagging your finger at others, should you?

    I do believe there is a Bible verse or two in the New Testament where Jesus comments precisly on that, Linda.

  19. LINDA says:

    Bill, thank you because you just helped me to prove Harriett’s strongest opponents. Just because she was chairman of the ABA does not mean that this action was her personal belief, and besides a Supreme Court Justice is on the bench to interpret the law! Harriett’s personal beliefs should not matter, and trust me she was taken down because she was a Christians. I do not see the Jewish
    World Review demanding that the very liberal, Ruth Ginsberg, being wrong for the Court. Please point out such an article if you have one. Ann Coulter followed the call of the Jewish Neocons and everyone else stepped on board to bring Harriett down! Look on Eric’s blog in his archives because I have layed out the proof!

  20. LINDA says:

    Jesus says we are sinners, Bill. No mortal man will ever be without sin! What part of that do you not understand? Faith is tested daily for me because Christians are not of this world. The desire is to live the best that one can, and to pray for forgiveness of sin.

    Jesus is perfection because he is “I am” he is the Lord. Jesus is the only person to have walked the earth without sin.

  21. LINDA says:

    I am not wagging my finger at you, but you seem to see things that way. As a Christian, I am going to spread Christianity and pray that the people that I am talking and writing to will seek out the Lord. I cannot force you to seek the Lord, but I am not going to be silent when I see that things are corrupt in the government. People are tempted with worldly treasures everyday, and substitute that for the treasures that are there for free. The treasure that is free is the Lord’s love for all.

  22. LINDA says:

    I am going to be on petitions to keep NBC from airing Madonna’s mockery of the crucification, just like I was active against the “Daniel” sitcom. That is where Chrisitians can fight with the loudest voices by refusing to buy products from sponsors of movies and sitcoms that mock Christianity and Christ. I do not expect government to ever be honest. And I do believe that we are witnessing firsthand the destruction and fall of our Country just like Rome fell because we are a nation that has turned away from God.

  23. LINDA says:

    I have read National Vanguard. I have read writings by people on there that are not Christians, and are out and out atheists, too. I do not agree with the atheist opinions, at all. I have read people’s writings that are Christians on there, too. You see the problem is that there are 300 million people that live in this United States and we all have rights to live in this Country and the First Amendment right to free speech. All voices should be heard and read freely.

    I do know that Abrams was very vocal against Harriett Miers, and had a lengthy interview on television. I do not have a link, but again look in Eric’s blog for whatever month that all transpired. The biggest voice against Christianity in the United States comes from the secular Jewish community, and that is a fact, Bill. I mean look at you, as you are the biggest voice against Christianity on this blog. You have no greater friend in this world than from the Christians in the United States, but yet you make us your enemy for some reason.

  24. Bill Simon says:

    Re: Jewish World Review on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Linda:

    1) The is a CONSERVATIVE Website. Had you bothered to remove your head from your rear-end and read the story, rather than resort to your oft-repeated anti-semetic comments, you might have figured that out.

    2) JWR was not a Website in operation when Ginsburg was nominated to the bench. But, I would bet they would have posted every article written by any conservative writer on it because they have conservative articles on it now.

  25. Bill Simon says:


    Stop lying about me. The only thing I am “against” is the total domination of Christianity in these United States. By “total domination,” I mean Christianity becoming the ONLY religion where all other religions are 2nd class.

    I’m against morons like YOU who are as anti-semetic as you can get without painting a swastika on the sidewalk in front of my house.

    But don’t interpret the fact that I despise your stupid ass as I hate all Christians because I don’t. I just despise stupid people in general, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, Atheist, or whatever.

    Got it straight now?

  26. Bill Simon says:


    And another thing: Just because no Jewish person participated in the Constitutional Convention, that doesn’t mean that religion was meant to be excluded OR that Christianity was meant to be THE religion of this country.

    That’s like saying because no women were there participating in the process, it means women were to be treated as 2nd class citizens…

    Or, that because no blacks were there, they were expected to be treated as 2nd or 3rd-class citizens…

    Actually, the more I muse this, the more I think our Founding Fathers were not the brightest bunch around when it truly came to the concept of “all men being created equal” does it? I mean, it took acts of writing constitutional amendments to the document 100+ years after to give blacks their freedom and to give women the right to vote.

  27. LINDA says:

    Well I have a problem with Judaeo-Christianity because it is a made up term that I have noticed Fox News uses quite a bit. That was not what our Country was founded on, and prove otherwise JSM. It is purely revisionist history.

    The only reason you call me a moron, Bill, is because you have no means other than that to challenge me. So it is easier to throw out the old worn out anti-semitic label on me. I don’t care what you call me, and I don’t know how much clearer I can be. I will not allow anyone to defiine who I am as an individual. I talk what others shun. Every Christian knows that there is an enemy of Christianity in the United States, but the politically correct politicians and the politically correct preachers sit with invisible masking tape on their mouths in cowardly and unfaithful silence. Not me, and that is why you can’t stand me Bill. Because I do not hide in a corner from the truth. Jesus would not hide, and I will not hide either!

  28. LINDA says:

    And the early founders took their lead from practiced traditions in the early church where women were to be silent and serve their husbands. But this was clear misinterpretation of Jesus and what he said. Jesus honored the women in his life and wanted the woman that spread oil on his body before his burial to be talked about in all of the lands. It is in one of the Gospels.

    Men made mistakes with the early laws, but that was the times. Women of those times were content to follow whatever their husbands wanted. I clearly believe that we have gone much too far with the feminist movement that destroyed more families than were helped. As far as discrimination against blacks voting that was just the way it was. That does not mean that the men that were our founding fathers were not intellectually smart. Far from the contrary, I wish that we had them back today!

  29. LINDA says:

    And btw, Bill, I have had Jewish World Review on my blog as a link for nearly a year! So I do read it. They were with the Chrisitians that were fighting for the right of Terry Shiavo to live, were you?

  30. LINDA says:

    Remember what Christ said, all Christians:

    parapharased: You are either with me or against me.

    Where do you think President Bush coined this term from? From the Holy Bible

    So again, Will, you are on target with your writing somewhat but you cannot be a half-way Christian or a Luke warm Chrisitain and satisfy Christ. It is all or nothing, and that is what I firmly believe in. Not appeasement, not mealy moused beating around the bush, but from what Christ says.

  31. LINDA says:

    If Christians stand up for Christ in this Country together, you would see the most historic transformation that has taken place in the world in the last 200 years. But it will not happen because Christians have allowed others to define what shall be in this Country. Now we wait for the Second Coming, and for the lukewarm Christians to turn on fellow Chrisitians and criticize them for speaking out. Read the New Tesatament and Revelations particulary Matthew 24. It is all transpiring today in broad daylight! The anti-Christs have longed for this day in our destruction.

  32. LINDA says:

    Not the destruction of Christianity, mind you but the destruction of the United States. We are in the end times of the age of the Gentiles.

  33. LINDA says:

    Dorabill, you are assuming that this writer has all of the answers. Christ did not want people to be individulaists without him. There is only one word and that is the word in the New Testament of Christ and the Old Testament,

    I cannot lighten up when I am called a moron and an ass, and I simply refuse to back down. And yes, I have prayed about it and the Lord is leading me to fight.

  34. Dorabill says:

    I’m kinda with ya and kinda against ya. (I’m a loner-at least with politics and religion)
    -gonna see if they got a vid. from that old movie “Lone wolf McQuade”

  35. LINDA says:

    That is ok, Dorabill. I have been a drifter at times, too. I am not a judge of anyone, that is not my role in life. But that does not mean that I have no opinions to express. I use scripture to back up what I say, and try to point people in that direction to the word of the Lord. I have never heard of that particular movie. Have a good evening!

  36. Dorabill says:

    Funny. You just judged me. I’m not a drifter. I’m a homeowner since ’98, got a girlfriend, and politically and spiritually I’m rock solid.

  37. LINDA says:

    No one in this Country is tying the rope because there are too many diversions taken by those that seek individualism rather than the church of Christ. It is a spiritually beautiful dream, but it will never happen in the United States until the Second Coming if we survive that long. But someday the Christians will be called home, and the rest of the world will be as the Bible says “gnashing their teeth…” and recalling the days of yesteryear when there were Christians warning of the times to come.

  38. LINDA says:

    Well when you said that you are kinda with me kinda not, then we are not on the same page with Christ. I am not judging you, you told me that you were a loner. You can have a girlfriend or a wife, and still be lukewarm with Christ. My husband is like you, and he does not have the same spirituality that I have. I read the Bible regularly and I take the word as the blueprint for life. Go back and reread your comment if you can as if you are me or someone else reading it, and see if you were trying to tell someone that you are drifting as a loner in life.

  39. Dorabill says:

    Individualism vs. Jesus? Another false premise.
    “recalling the days of yeateryear”? Hey that’s from the lone ranger. GREAT IDEA FOR MY BLOG!!!!

  40. LINDA says:

    Well I am glad that I have helped you with an idea with your blog. You see there is a difference between self-righteousness and righteousness. We have to try hard everyday to break that mirror of self-righteousness, borrowed from Pastor Franklin at Mabel White Baptist Church in Macon, as he had a whole sermon series on just that which was breaking the mirror of me, myself and I.

  41. jsm says:


    Deists? Same ol’ lame argument.

    “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ! For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.” – Patrick Henry

    “The general principles on which the Fathers achieved independence, were . . . the general principles of Christianity.” – John Adams

    “The reason that Christianity is the best friend of government is because Christianity is the only religion that changes the heart.” & “I am a Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus Christ.” – Thomas Jefferson


    Also, I am not supporting the exclusion of any religion. All I’m trying to do is stand up against attacks I see against Christianity. I haven’t attacked any other religion. I still think you’re reading a little too deep.

  42. LINDA says:

    Good posts, JSM. I am anxiously awaiting my new book that I ordered from that has been reprinted from the 1800s about our Christian heritage in the United States. I am going to have it to hand down to my children and grandchildren.

  43. defnotrep says:

    At first I wasn’t even going to read your piece. I thought it would be more like the diatribe Linda does. I am so glad that I did. I think you said everything perfectly.
    All religions incluing Christians need to set a better example as human beings by showing love and tolerance.

  44. LINDA says:


    The “diatribe” that you say that I speak of is the word of the Lord as written in the scriptures. Jesus says in the Gospels that he came with a sword to divide. If Christians continue to become appeasers, then those against Christianity will continue to take a mile for every inch given. There is no basis for Christians to be a door mat for any other people that do not want to follow that which the Lord commands. It is all or nothing. I, as a Christian, cannot be without sin. But I do know that it is a sin to violate the ten commandments. I have divorced and remarried, but I have prayed for forgiveness. Homosexuality is a sin, and I am not going to bend my ways about that to be talked about as being normal because it is not!

    Tolerance ends when it attempts to bring down Christianity and to shove us out of society. Watering down the scriptures will not get you into heaven! You can’t be a Christian behind the walls of your home and on church on Sunday, and then be a typical heathen the rest of the week. It does not work that way.

  45. LINDA says:

    That is where the scriptures get bent out of shape whne those with political ambitions try to be all things to all people. No offense, Will, but I do see that in your writing. And that is why you are so well received by so many on this blog. You show me in the KJV of the Holy Bible where Jesus altered the scriptures to appease those whom he preached to. I commend you for writing a history of religion in the South, but it is not the place of a politican to change anything which the Lord commands.

  46. LINDA says:

    Yes, we do need to make sure that whatever Christians practice is protected in the Constitution. Otherwise, it will be a crime to say Merry Christmas or a crime to hand out Christian literature in the public. There are active groups right now trying to make it where Christians should only practice Christianity in their own home. Absurd, you say, Will, well it is like that in Canada right now! Wake up people!

  47. buzzbrockway says:


    I think your last paragraph hits the nail on the head. Some Christians seek power above all else (so do plenty of non-Christians). However, when you seek power rather than seeking to do good things, you get yourself into bad situations, and you end up doing things contrary to your professed beliefs.

  48. rugby_fan says:

    “[if it weren’t for the ACLU]there would still be a whole lot more Anti-Semitism in this country.”

    Actually Mr. Simon, the ACLU has defended the rights of Neo Nazis to protest and march.

    LINDA, the issue with Ms. Fields is that she chooses to focus on “the media destroying Christianity” or liberals doing the same, while ignoring the Bible’s instructions on how to live, say, the not judging people part, for example.

    Harriet was rejected because she had little to no qualifications to serve on the SCOTUS. Telll me what legal expertise she had if you disagree with me.

    FWIW: I disagree with the Christian Coalition &c., because I am a Catholic and see very little harmony between Vatican dogma and CC et al.

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