AG race heats up.

GOP Attorney General candidate Perry McGuire takes to the airwaves with a hard hitting ad:

A television ad that begins running tonight contends that Attorney General Thurbert Baker so badly botched the appeal of a 1984 Middle Georgia murder case that it resulted in the reversal of a confessed killer’s conviction.

Republican challenger Perry McGuire is using the handling of the appeal in his underdog bid to unseat Baker, who has held the state’s top legal office since 1997. McGuire was able to enlist the aid of the victim’s widower, who appears in the ad.

Baker says the case was mishandled at the trial level, not during the appeal handled by his office.

Here’s the ad in question:

BTW, I hear there’s a poll that puts McGuire within 5 points of Baker.


  1. Perry McGuire is a desperate liar. Timothy Johnson plead guilty to murder in 1985 without being advised of his rights by the then judge or district attorney. He appealed that conviction, and the Georgia Supreme Court didn’t “let him go” they merely said you have the right to a new trial.

    What about that new trial? Well, Houston County District Attorney Kelly Burke has already won a new indictment from a grand jury in the case, and this time plans to seek the death penalty. All of this is according to the Macon Telegraph. In fact, DA Burke said:

    “So far, I haven’t seen any pitfalls or problems,” Burke said. “We’re pretty confident in our ability to prove it 22 years later.”

    So, let’s summarize the facts. A guy who appears to be a murderer plead guilty but in a trial that the Supreme Court didn’t think was fair. So now he is getting a new trial and instead of a life sentence will most likely receive the death penalty.

    According to McGuire, the Attorney General should not defend the principle of a fair trial if the crime is bad. What??? The DA and judge in Houston County screwed this one up in 1985. Not much Baker can do about that. Justice, it appears, will still be served in the case. And that’s what McGuire has a problem with.

  2. RuralDem says:

    Strange thing is Perry comes off as a great guy. I remember his website when he was running for SOS was filled with great ideas and a positive message. Now that he’s jumped into the AG race he goes negative in his first big ad.

    This entire “vote for me because I am not him” mess is pointless. Both sides love negative campaigning simply because they think it’ll help them to win. They forget the fact that they’ll win if they present new ideas that the people like. Negative campaigning is lame.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    I don’t care what he says, I am still voting for Gary Black in the AG race.

    Seriously, though, can we start calling the Attorney General Race something else? Everytime I see AG I think it’s about a race I truly give a damn about.

  4. rugby_fan says:

    I second Demonbeck’s sentiment re: AG vs AG.

    Although in terms of competence, I would say it is hard to argue against Gen. Baker

  5. jsm says:

    Perry IS a great guy. I recommend you meet him and chat with him one-on-one. He has good insight and good ideas for the Atty Gen’s office. One great idea he has is to conduct meaningful business rather than sue our own governor.

  6. What if that Governor were Mark Taylor? My guess is he’d change his tune. Perry has shown himself today as someone who has no class and isn’t above using a victim of a violent crime for his own political gain. The murderer in the case will be on death row by mid next year. Did Baker screw it up? No, he just let the justice system work its course as it is supposed to. Anyone who now sides with McGuire is setting up a dangerous precedent whereby the top lawyer in the state doesn’t believe in due process and fair trials. Man that’s a scary prospect for this state.

  7. Demonbeck says:

    “let the justice system work its course as it is supposed to.”


    That hasn’t happened for decades.

    What is best for Georgia is to elect a man who has no faith in the system doing his job for him. We need a man who will do the job of Attorney General of Georgia and not wait for others/the system to do it instead.

  8. Mad Dog says:

    The question remains…

    What could anyone have done about the screw up 22 years ago?

    Would Perry have lied about the facts?

    A careful review of the case and the mistakes at trial suggest Perry wants to do exactly that.

    Have the Attorney General misrepresent errors in a 22 year case … or uphold the law of the law?

    Pretty easy to see which side wants the ‘rule of law’ tossed out.

    Perry McGuire is on THAT side.

    “Throw the laws out. Especially when the obeying the law is inconvenient.”

    How American…. (sarcasm intended)

  9. Mad Dog says:

    Ops, the five to the last sentence says law of the law …

    As every figured out by now, it should have rule of law or law of the land …

  10. Mad Dog says:


    I’m sure McGuire is a hearty fellow and well met. Pip Pip, cheerio, and all that rot.

    All the Falcons/Braves/Hawks fans have great ideas for their favorite teams, too. Why are they buying jerseys and tickets?

    Well, same reason Perry J. McGuire has never tried a case before a judge.

    Gifted with arm chair quarterback skills.

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