Holy Cow!

After saying for months we’d get it done, we finally put up the blogroll. If your blog isn’t listed and you want it to be, put it in the comments here and I promise I’ll get it up ASAP.


  1. conservativecore says:

    Hey here is a note about the holyer than thou political vine and its author. He claims to have no patience for sell outs but look at this
    Cox, Cathy
    (Governor of Georgia)
    Id Builders, ,
    1260 Ronnie Dr
    Marietta, GA 30062 03/04/2005
    Speciality Advertising Company
    $743.75 As Originally Filed Co

    Noel, John
    (State Representative 44) ID Builders, ,
    00000-0000 02/01/2004
    $792.07 As Originally Filed

    Noel, John
    (State Representative 44) ID Builders, ,
    00000-0000 05/28/2004
    $101.34 As Originally Filed

    So as you browse through the vine just remember that his holyness well aint so holy

  2. conservativecore says:

    he has a blog on the roll and if you have ever been thrashed about by his holyness because you aren’t “loyal” to your convictions then you would appreciate the irony.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    I am a firm believer that if one wants to belittle someone, he or she should learn to spell the insult before using it.

    For example: “holyness” [sic]

  4. Bill Simon says:

    ConservativeCore/Robert Trim

    1) I’ve never claimed to be a “holy-roller”.

    2) John Noel was facing Billy McKinney for those payments…so, stick that up your ass.

    3) Cathy Cox was facing Mark Taylor in a Dem primary. Please point out where I have been a “hypocrite,” Mr. Shit-For-Brains?

  5. GOPeach says:

    Oh- I see now- Bill Simons

    I know you!

    We have met at the Cobb County GOP Women’s luncheons.

    This is very inetersting!

  6. gatormathis says:

    she meant Simons, she probably had a few glasses of wine before she saw you, and was seeing double.

    Wow man, you making some pretty big bucks up there in that politics stuff. That one guy done pointed out that you picked up some where bout $1637.16 on them thar politics. Said you done sold out and shi**. But Bill, come now, less than two grand? You must be a pretty honest guy for em to be calling you out on that small amount. If I was gonna give you hell about something, it would have to have a higher price tag.

    I mean, if you was a lawyer, you could represent 40 different people in a day, all having varying problems. You could even represent both sides on some things, and yet no one would be allowed to even suggest that there might be some confict of interest, or leanings toward a particular side. You could make millions from a single client, if they had a suit to warrant it. And no one would be mad, they would celebrate it, put it in the paper even.

    $1637.16, from 2/2004 to 3/2005, man, I love that machine gun type rapid-fire action. You taking money like a damn maniac. You better get you an octupus to help you, collect it all up. Don’t get bit like ole stingray-stung Steve, though. There has to be a way out of this quagmire.

    Heck man, even Linda digs at you better than this. Core oughta be ashamed to come at you with such trifle shi**. Like if you do business with a demorcrat, that’s your sell-out price. Well I guess his price is a buck. That’s about the price of a hot dog at that stand where he works, they too cheap to even put out onions. If he sells a hot dog to a democrat, he sells out for a dollar, minus the onions.

    Besides, now that cabbage is in Republican hands, and all the better for it. I’m sure ole Bill can find some dandy uses for it. (Bill, you know when ole Andre finds out you got all that money, he’s gonna start a blog on how you oughta spend it.)

    I went by the Ethics Office in Douglasville one time and veiwed a complaint on Mark Taylor. Seem like the question was how he could get a simple 1 million dollar, ONE page promissary note, signed by a campaign worker. I got me some copies of some stuff, heck it was pretty interesting. Full of information as it was, I bet some lawyer made a tidy sum on answering all those questions. There were a lot of questions, and them was some long answers. All it dealt with was the fact that the trash company CC mentioned in her ads, was enough mark taylor’s that he wouldn’t have no problem paying off a 1 million dollar note. This complaint makes for some interesting reading, I always wished they put them on the internet so you could read them without a trip to Atlanta.

    I posted this link a while back, but I bet nobody read it. Next time a company is locating a landfill near you, it might have the horsepower to get the papers signed a lot better than you can stop them. This link was in 1998, they probably got a lot more counties now.


    This document is about millions of dollars, ya’ll giving Bill hell about ashtray money.

    I gotta know, what do you do to these folks Bill to get em so jacked up?

  7. GOPeach says:


    Thank you!

    Such gallant chivalry is rare these days.
    It is refreshing to see such a gentleman step in and
    take his place on a blog.

    Bill Simon
    It has been a while back- but we have met.
    Are you a RINO?

    I would NEVER NEVER NEVER give a democrat
    a dime… That’s why I would rather drink mud than
    Starbucks or Carabou Coffee.

    Democrats sell coffe for $4. a cup and they are dumb
    enough to spend their money on such frivolous non-sense.

    NOTE TO REPUBLICANS: Coffee Shop = Democrat.
    Save your money – Brew Your Own!


    I don’t drink dear. I put the “s” on the end of
    Bill’s last name because I was thinking of Richard Simons. 😉

    Seriously … I drink H20. My skin is PEACHES and CREAM.
    Wine makes you get wrinkles and PEACH needs to stay pretty.

    No Coffee – No Alchohol WATER ONLY!

  8. GOPeach says:


    Sorry to threadjack….

    I though this was about Holy Cows….

    Cream… Peaches….. Good Skin Care…

    Oh well never mind.

  9. gatormathis says:

    With all that skin care and such, I am sure you are fine, fine as I ever seen. Maybe I’ll get to meet you someday. I get to go to some Republican meetings up that way sometimes.

    And I’ll try to remember to look for the guy who looks like Richard Simons.

  10. Bill Simon says:


    Apparently you don’t read none too good. I didn’t “give” anything to a Dem. I worked for John Noel as a consultant to defeat Billy McKinney. Granted, Billy McKinney is likely one of your heroes, seeing as to how you’re married to a Jewish man, but I felt it was a good enough cause for me to join to help defeat him.

    AND, you don’t spell too good either. The man’s name is “Richard Simmons”.

  11. LINDA says:

    Bibb County Conservative, link under my name.

    Not at all PC but not mean at all! I dare to post what others hide from! Some funny jokes, too.

  12. LINDA says:

    I don’t know how to do that kind of stuff. I am lucky to have figured out how to create a blog. Give me a break, as I am 51 and not so young and clever with technology. I know some wish that I never figured out how to get online. Ha! My son is technologically savvy, but he is trying to get Microsoft certification and busy in top security job. I talk about my kids all of the time, but they are my life!

  13. GOPeach says:

    Bill Simon-

    Don’t you ever insult my husband
    again. You have crossed the line.

    You owe me an appology mister.

    If you spent half as much time
    working on your courtesy as you
    do working on your spelling skills,
    you would be better off.

    I am simply thrilled that you
    know how to spell Simmons.

    Maybe you can spell and define

  14. GOPeach says:

    Let me SPELL it out for you Bill-

    A. You do not have my permission to
    use my husband’s faith to insult him.

    B. To use my husband’s faith to link
    him with Billy McKinney is lower
    than a snake’s belly.

    Now … FYI
    My dear Jewish husband is 100%
    red -blooded republican witout
    a liberal bone in his body.

    In case you are as up on your
    etymology as much as you are on
    your spelling skills-

    The word POLITE
    is the root to POLITICS.

  15. Bill Simon says:


    A) I don’t recall a Republican even RUNNING in that district, you knuckleheaded fool.

    B) At the time, it was a SOLID Dem district, and it very well may still be.

    And, by the way, I have ZERO intention of “apologizing” to a pseudonym. If you’re moronic enough to take offense whilst you are posting comments under a pseudonym, then that’s a problem you’re going to have to work out all by yourself.

  16. GOPeach says:

    Bill Bill Bill….

    What are we going to do with you.

    You are such a naughty boy.

    Time out for you.

    You need to stand in the corner
    and think about your bad behavior.

    I suggest some time with Emily Post.

  17. Mad Dog says:


    I pulled out the Indiana Heritage Dictionary.

    Politics is a scientific term once used in the Hoosier State to describe a rudimentary form of long term weather forecasting.

    “Poll a tic” and see what it thinks about the coming winter… naturally got shortened to politic in the strange Hoosier venacular. The only native peoples able to talk with tics and chiggers also gave free advice on many other subjects.

    So even back in the pioneer days of early log cabin Indiana, free advice was worthless and roughly equal to the native thinking on …. politics today.

    Poll – a – tic not to be confused with pull-a-tic.

    Very easy to confuse these two terms if you are not conversationally skilled in Hoosiereze.

    Pulling a tic from your skin can make you very sick.

    But, listening to politics will just make you crazy,.

    Mad Dog (expert in crazy)

  18. RuralDem says:

    “So you must have been paid off quite
    well for your services to elect a Dem.”

    Honestly, who cares? If it gets you that upset that someone *gasp helped elect a Democrat (or flip it and say a Republican) then you need help. Party affiliation shouldn’t factor in as much as a their views.

    If the Democrat was a Conservative who just hasn’t felt the need to switch parties would you throw a fit then? What if there was a Republican in the race and that Republican was simply a RINO? Would you cry wolf then?

    Some people take party affiliation too far. People need to start running under the banner of the opposite party just to see what the reaction would be 😛

  19. GOPeach says:

    Rual Dem-

    Mr. Bill goes to the Cobb Repubican
    Women’s Club luncheons to spy on the
    GOP most likely…

    If he is a DEM- Them he needs to
    come clean like you and just say it!

    I am NOT a Dem and will not EVER
    be one.

    I would be with The Constritutional
    Party first…

    Dem = Communist to me.

    What would we call a Dem in name only?
    A DINO???

    As in “The Flintstones “???

    Yabba dabba doo!!!! 🙂

    Peach is just having fun wicha.

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