So Much For Free Speech

Apparently, it’s not something conservatives are allowed to have.

Vandals trashed 1,200 copies of a student-run conservative magazine at the University of Georgia and wrote derogatory comments on the publication’s racks.

Copies of the Georgia GuardDawg were taken from racks across campus and dumped into trash cans Thursday night, student publisher David Kirby said. Racks were marked with remarks such as “communist,


  1. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    These are the same facists lunatic leftists who proclaim tolerance, respect for others, diversity and compassion. Obviously they really mean those traits for those who take the hard core left approach to politics.

    So what is the administration doing about this terrorism and threat to free speech on campus?

  2. benevolus says:

    You don’t know they are the same. And that makes no sense. Well, unless being “pro-life” and “pro-death penaly” makes sense.

    They are vandals, that’s all we know.

    In any case, evidently no one got hurt, and cilvil disobedience is a time-honored way to make a statement, particularly when fighting oppression.

    Perhaps they were hoping for the headline “Advocates of intolerance get a taste of their own medicine.”

    But then, we are assuming that the perps are left of the paper.

    P.S. – Yes, I hope they get caught. Civil disobedience isn’t free!

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    In any case, evidently no one got hurt, and cilvil disobedience is a time-honored way to make a statement, particularly when fighting oppression.

    Vandalism is “civil disobedience,” and a free, monthly student-run newspaper — which is forced on nobody, as it has to be taken from the dispenser to be aquired — is “oppression?”


  4. benevolus says:

    Yes, throwing tea in the harbor is civil disobedience.
    Yes, intolerance is oppression, and advocating intolerance is advocating oppression.

    Let me guess… intolerance is a right too!

  5. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Absolutely. You have a right to be intolerant of my opinions (as you are), and I have a right to be intolerant, as well. Funny how the “tolerance” crowd lives on a one-way street — it’s not “intolerant” to try to shut up the side you don’t agree with (which is what was done here)?

  6. I can’t believe that somebody would actually attempt to defend these acts of vandalism.

    The actions of these individuals does not qualify as civil disobedience because nobody has surrendered to police. According to traditional philosophical texts, civil disobendience only occurs when an individual commits a crime and allows himself (or herself) to be arrested in order to protest the unjust nature of a law.

    As the GuardDawg is neither a government institution or a law, the destruction of the newspaper’s property is, by definition, vandalism not civil disobendience. The only law these vandals seem to dislike is the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

    Even if the point of this criminal act was to protest the GuardDawg’s First Amendment right to publish conservative opinion pieces, these vandals are still, by definition, not committing civil disobendience; nobody has been arrested for the crime.

    Unless these cowards turn themselves in to the police and confess that they destroyed the GuardDawg’s property in order to protest Free Speech, there is absolutely no warrent for the claim that yesterday’s events represented acts of civil obedience.

    The responsible way to counter the GuardDawg’s opinions is disprove their arguments in the marketplace of ideas. Unfortunately, it appears that handful of Leftist nuts believe that it is acceptable to use terrorism in order to silence those who advocate the enactment of conservative principles and policies.

    I have many friends who consider themselves liberal; they all condemn this criminal act. While they may detest the GuardDawg, they are reasonable and decent individuals who recognize that, in a free society, criminal behavior is not an acceptable means of showing displeasure with the press.

    I hope that every single member of the PeachPundit community will adopt this position and will join me in condemning this outrageous criminal act.

  7. Dorabill says:

    Just trying to lighten things up. These perps do more harm to themselves without throngs of protest welling up from Atlanta. Conservative outrage leads to liberal backlash which leads to trench warfare. Probably a couple of drunk idiots. (I hope they get caught)

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