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[UPDATE] Here’s another update, in the form of an opinion blog.
Regarding Erick’s post on the newspaper vandalism at UGA, here’s a bit more info:

Report by the Athens Banner-Herald.

Blog post by a conservative libertarian UGA grad student (cross-posted here)

And, a press release from the Guard Dawg newspaper:

Vandals targeted University of Georgia’s conservative student newspaper The Georgia GuardDawg Thursday night, stealing over 1,200 newspapers and leaving incendiary and hateful remarks on their distribution bins. Seven of their eight bins on campus were affected. The Georgia GuardDawg had just released their September issue when the thefts occurred.”Our September issue focused on the issue of free speech. Perhaps these violent individuals should read our paper first to learn the importance of free speech,” Kirby stated. “Our principles of free speech and family values are ideals that these perpetrators do not want others to read. They oppose this common sense philosophy so strongly that they committed a crime.”

Sean Berger, Distribution Director and a junior at the university, said, “My initial reaction was overall disbelief and shock at the intolerance of some of my peers. But, this is why I joined the GuardDawg in the first place-to combat the intolerance of campus liberals.”

Brad Alexander, Editor-in-Chief of the GuardDawg, stated, “We’re just a group of students trying to express our point of view. These acts of vandalism just prove our point that free speech is sometimes lacking on the college campus.”

“When you support conservative principles in such a liberal community, this type of intolerance can become expected,” Publisher David Kirby remarked.

Last year, issues of the GuardDawg were destroyed on multiple occasions.

Members of the GuardDawg filed a police report and are willing to press charges. The total estimated loss from the vandalism is $700.


  1. eehrhart says:

    Not something that should go without a response. I am willing to donate $500 toward the loss so that GuardDawg can immediately get their papers back on the street. Once again we see the left and their tolerance for free speech on dislplay.

    I will also be contacting the administration to see what steps are being taken to protect this student run enterprise and to support them.

    Earl Ehrhart

  2. Apparently this has happened before…maybe the police or the organization should be on the lookout? Though I’d wager people care slightly more about what the Guard Dawg has to say when they can’t actually read it because it’s been stolen.

  3. I can’t believe that some people are actually attempting to defend these acts of vandalism.

    The actions of these individuals does not qualify as civil disobedience because nobody has surrendered to police. According to traditional philosophical texts, civil disobendience only occurs when an individual commits a crime and allows himself (or herself) to be arrested in order to protest the unjust nature of a law.

    As the GuardDawg is neither a government institution or a law, the destruction of the newspaper’s property is, by definition, vandalism not civil disobendience. The only law these vandals seem to dislike is the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

    Even if the point of this criminal act was to protest the GuardDawg’s First Amendment right to publish conservative opinion pieces, these vandals are still, by definition, not committing civil disobendience; nobody has been arrested for the crime.

    Unless these cowards turn themselves in to the police and confess that they destroyed the GuardDawg’s property in order to protest Free Speech, there is absolutely no warrent for the claim that yesterday’s events represented acts of civil obedience.

    The responsible way to counter the GuardDawg’s opinions is disprove their arguments in the marketplace of ideas. Unfortunately, it appears that handful of Leftist nuts believe that it is acceptable to use terrorism in order to silence those who advocate the enactment of conservative principles and policies.

    I have many friends who consider themselves liberal; they all condemn this criminal act. While they may detest the GuardDawg, they are reasonable and decent individuals who recognize that, in a free society, criminal behavior is not an acceptable means of showing displeasure with the press.

    I hope that every single member of the PeachPundit community will adopt this position and will join me in condemning this outrageous criminal act.

  4. David makes a good point – no one has come forward to the police. With reports that the thiefs wrote “gay”, “communist” and “too liberal” on the newpaper stands, I don’t know why he rushes to blame as yet unnamed leftists. That certainly doesn’t sound like the type of things radical leftists would write, unless they have a good sense of irony which isn’t usually present in a 19 year old vandal.

    Maybe it’s the Guard Dawg that is missing the irony. The girl who won the Tech lawsuit (which the stolen issue profiled) basically went to court to protest gays and other non-conservative students. Seems like her lawsuit has come full cirlce here. Come on I don’t expect Earl Erhart to have a sense of humor on this stuff!

  5. Chrishardcore,

    You are absolutely right. I don’t have any evidence that these criminals were motivated by a hatred of conservative ideals. Sorry for jumping the gun.

    I will point out, however, that all the apologists for the vandals have been liberal. Consequently, most of my points remain valid.

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