1. GabrielSterling says:

    The only reason she’s in this race is to take Bob out of other races. She qualified under the extended period from the frivolous Democrat lawsuit. Her enterance into the race is part of a pattern of Dems seeking to tie down GOP members.

    Bob is far too influential for the Athens area to lose and far too popular in the district for it to happen. Becky would fit in well in Decatur or Grant Park. Her wildly liberal ideas won’t fly in Oconee, Morgan and Oglethorpe Counties. Heck in the parts of Clarke in the district she’s out of the mainstream.

    So to answer the front end question, there is no competition and opefully Becky will realize that her values play better in Massachusetts than Georgia.

    Her ability to raise money is gone after this race, heck it might be gone in this race. Smith has done a great job of representing the conservative values of the district and he and Kemp have done a great tag team of working for the University of Georgia.

  2. LymanHall says:

    I’d say the same thing about District 115. Some people think because an “I” is running along with a D and an R that it is somehow competitive. Doug McKillip will be joining Bob Smith under the Gold Dome this January.

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    LymanHall: you’ll get absolutely no argument from me on that. It’s a shame, because McKillip is at best a subpar candidate, and a perennial wannabe. However, with the district the way it is, the Republicans throw in a sacrificial lamb every couple years, and the Democrats don’t even have to work to field a decent candidate — the (D) alone is good for a victory.

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