College gameday open thread

It’s Saturday, so how about an open thread?

I love this time of year for the football, so I’ll start off the conversation with this: Georgia played an absolutely awful game between the hedges today against woeful (0-3, including a dominating loss to I-AA Montana State) Colorado, but managed to pull it out 14-13 (scoring twice in the fourth quarter).

Freshman QB Matt Stafford looked like a freshman, and was benched in the second half in favor of backup Joe Cox — who outperformed the phenom by a longshot. Stafford finished 8/17 for 72 yards with a lost fumble; Cox was 10/13 for 153 yards and 2 TDs. This has got to be the worst-case scenario for the UGA coaching staff — QB controversy rearing its ugly head again, with the backup leading the team from behind to an emotional 4th quarter victory.

At least Ole Miss, on the schedule for next week, is really bad, as well.