Taylor’s mounting problems.

Erick mentioned yesterday that Taylor’s campaign is cash poor. Couple that with the bad polls numbers from Insider Advantage, and this story about yesterday’s Ethics panel hearings where, while the GOP didn’t get what they wanted, it’s clear that Taylor’s campaign is on the defensive. Also, there is some discontent among Taylor’s base, as evidenced in this post, and also in the 32% number IA gives him which tells me his base in not firmly behind him. Oh yea, Cathy Cox is still not on board.

It seems to me that the Taylor campaign is in a dangerous situation. If he doesn’t right the ship, and soon, Perdue will have this election locked up. I am not saying I want Taylor to get his act together, in fact I don’t, and I’m sure Perdue will keep on the offensive, which I think will lead to a Perdue victory, but at this stage of the campaign, why should anyone think that Perdue will not win this race comfortably?

How serious is Taylor’s predicament, or, am I way off base?


  1. conservativecore says:

    The part that is bothersome is how much everyone touts the numbers by IA. The fact is they are usually quite wrong. I think if we some real polling by a real firm with a decent track record then there is a consversation to be had.

    As for Taylor I think it will only get worse for him. His style and his fast and loose play was always covered by his Daddy and Daddy’s friends. Now that they are no longer in power Mark has no one to make sure the closet door stays shut. The only thing working in Mark’s favor is the fact that time is running out.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    I think you are off base.

    MT won the primary, he has most of the Dems aboard, maybe 10% are not enthusiastic, they just happen to be the bloggers.

    THe money issue is BS, he is on TV all the time, there is no way he could be broke.

    He’ll go on the offensive before too long, don’t worry, the debates will be a veritable blood bath.

    conservativecore said enough about the polls.

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