Mark Taylor is Broke

There is a story circulating out there I’m trying to get my hands on that Mark Taylor’s lawyer admits the primary wiped Taylor out financially. That would, of course, be one explanation for why his campaign has been relatively silent.

Taylor’s disclosure before the primary showed him with over $1 million on hand. It appears between that filing for June 30th and the primary, Taylor blew the whole thing against Cathy. Meanwhile, Sonny has been able to horde money.

Once I track down the actual story, I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: I’ve confirmed it’s an Insider Advantage article that came out earlier today. I don’t like quoting from their stuff on the same day it comes out, since it is a paid service and that’s their livelihood, but a friend sent along this quote:

“This campaign not only had no money, it owed money from the primary and started from scratch,


  1. How can Mark Taylor be broke…

    He’s been up on t.v. with new ads.

    Now I’m not going to reveal my sources, but from what I hear, fundraising on the Democratic side hasn’t been as good as it was during the primary and the run-off but that money is slowly but surely trickling in.

    So I’m not putting too much weight behind this rumor.

    And I’m hoping that it isn’t true.

  2. GetReal says:

    I think your spin on this is really misleading. I just read the Insider Advantage story, and I am certain what Taylor’s lawyer was saying is that they spent all of the money they raised for the primary. Therefore this ridiculous request that the state GOP complaint on that money should expedited “before Mark Taylor spends it” is bogus. It was primary money that was spent on the primay.

    If Taylor’s broke, he must have great credit with the TV stations since I can’t turn on my TV (including cable) without seeing one of his ads.

  3. RandyMiller says:

    OK, now it’s time to call out the big guns! And I’m not just talking 50’s, but ICBM’s.
    What Mark Taylor needs is help from some really big nationally known dems. First; schedule a state tour with Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton. Second; he needs to trumpet endorsements from NOW and the ACLU. Third; needs to do his commercials. And lastly; George Soros and Ted Turner can fly around Georgia in their private jets making stops in the most economically challenged areas to remind folks why they should vote Taylor.

  4. Big Mack says:

    Great advice, Randy. Don’t worry dems. He can always go back to the bank in Alma for at least a million loan.

  5. ugavi says:

    Can’t wait to see the next disclosures. Based on the comments from Parks, you could come to the conclusion that the big guy made himself another big loan.

  6. gatormathis says:

    And the man said, “Lawd hav mercee….”

    mt’s campaign may be broke, but he’s not surely. He is just trying to play the underdog that Sonny was 4 years ago. Notice I said “play” because mt has megabucks in his personal pocket compared to what Sonny had years ago.

    I remember reading his disclosure from a few years ago, where anyone who was anybody donated to his campaign. It was amazing who all donated. It was not long after Cox’s office had put disclosures on the Internet, and you could download them easily, and print them out. I also stopped by the SOS office on some trips to Atlanta, and bought about a hundred dollars worth of disclosures.
    Dems had a great fundraising machine in the Governor’s office. Thankfully that advantage has slowed a little bit.

    It always amazed me how so many people would donate, and then on expenditures you would see a bill for plane rental from papa. I know planes are expensive but I figured papa would have given a special rate. mt’s crowd did pretty good reimbursing themselves, sometimes you would even think they might be profiting a little bit. I figured it was kinda like the old guy in the Rolls on the Grey Poupon ad, “How do you think a man like me got to be a man like me.”

    You just don’t get to be worth around 3/4 billion bucks by giving a whole lot away. Papa mighta figured if he wanted to stay in Atlanta, he could just pay.

    There are other possibilities, just cry broke, slow down and coast in. Let Sonny run things 4 more years, in which things will probably get a lot better because the economy has moved past 9-11 far enough it’s finally moving strongly. Sonny can’t run again, mt figures he is the dem front runner, and probably won’t even have a primary opponent. So he moves to a better position for the next race and will go home for 4 years.

    He will be a private citizen again, and can then make as much money as he wants in whatever company. He won’t have to do disclosure statements, tell who all he is doing business with, nor at what rate. It will be time to rack up some mega-cash. And they know how to do that.

    He has a little embarrassing family business that he would probably rather handle out of the limelight. It will be some kind of deal for sure, and out of office, that won’t be such a big story either. And in 4 years, people will have forgotten

    So watch out, there is more going on than meets the eye. The folks are smooth, smooth as silk. If the notion comes around that the race is not winnable, they will draw up like a roly-poly and wait till the next time, but never, never start the ten count early on those folks from Albany

  7. GOPeach says:

    I would guess the rumor is true.

    I saw a Mark Taylor Event Planner hanging
    over into the bend at the Big Lots sidewalk sale.

    All the 4th of July Markdowns were there for 10 cents
    and 30 cents etc… I was curious to why a gay man was
    filling his bend with patriotic decorations in September.
    He was very sweet and friendly.

    He said he was shopping for Mark Taylor’s fund raiser.

    He asked me if I was a democrat … I said –
    well I am a lotal voter who loves my Georgia.
    He said Mark Taylor was wearing the volunteers
    out. They are not excited about Mark’s campaign
    because they worked all summer to shut out
    Cathy Cox and many of them like Cathy better.

    That is the word in “the Side walk”….

  8. Big Mack says:

    He is running regular ads on channel 9 in Columbus so I doubt that he is out of money. In fact, it is utterly ridiculous to say that he is out of money. There is no such thing as him being out of money.

  9. Dan says:

    @chris how is it wrong for Sonny’s personally owned businesses to contribute more than $5,000 total for each election but it’s not wrong for someone else’s businesses to do the same. I’m really asking here, what’s the justification.

  10. rugby_fan says:

    What I am curious about is how does GOPeach now so much about the inner workings of a Democrats campaign?

    And I don’t understand this statement:
    They are not excited about Mark’s campaign
    because they worked all summer to shut out
    Cathy Cox and many of them like Cathy better

    If they volunteered for Mark, why did they like Cathy better?

    Could you please edify all of us as to
    A) How you know so much about the Taylor campaign and claim to be GOP and
    B) How such logic would work (re:volunteers).

  11. SpaceyG says:

    This might explain why MT was hanging out ’til the wee hours at the R.E.M. after-party Saturday night, as in AFTER the Georgia Music Hall of Fame awards for all you geeks and wonks here.

    I saw him leave just before I did, and hon, I KNOW I didn’t get outta there until… who remembers!? Who cares!? It was all fabulous. It was all good. Guess MT was hittin’-up our Georgia-grown (D) rock stars up for a few bucks. If they were all as crocked as I was, they might’ve written checks left and right ‘fore all we know. Not right I guess. I always wonder how the rest of the band feels when their frontman sets the poltical agenda for the band and acts as their mouthpiece, as does MS with R.E.M. I mean, what if Mike Mills really liked the Sonny Got Laid ad and wanted to write his campaign a big ‘ole check? Would Stipe have veto power over his personal preference?

    So many things to think about besides what to wear to lunch!!! What a busy bee I am. Speaking of lunch… wow, I’d best stop blogging and find something cute to put on.

  12. “They are not excited about Mark’s campaign
    because they worked all summer to shut out
    Cathy Cox and many of them like Cathy better.”

    I agree with Melb. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. I know many of the Taylor team volunteers. They are all pretty excited about the chance at taking down Perdue.

  13. Bull Moose says:

    For as good as a primary campaign he ran, Mark Taylor is running an AWFUL general election campaign.

    His media campaign, right now, is one of the worst I’ve ever seen in a campaign. I can’t understand what his ads are about.

    As for on the ground, he went WAY too negative against Cathy Cox. Didn’t anyone tell him, you can’t beat up that hard on a woman and be expected to be forgiven. This is Georgia.

    As smart as a politician as I thought Mark Taylor to be, he’s proving me wrong with this campaign.

  14. rugby_fan says:

    “As smart as a politician as I thought Mark Taylor to be, he’s proving me wrong with this campaign.”


  15. GOPeach says:

    Bill, Rugby, and Left-

    It was really random.

    I’m walking along and there is this
    OBVIOUSLY gay guy OKAY hanging over
    grabbing 4th of July Markdowns…

    He actually smiled at me and began the
    conversation as I walked by. He was
    excited about the bargins…and was
    VERY THEATRICAL about what he was
    doing. He must have thought I was
    a democrat… LOL ROTF
    Yeah right!

    Anyway – That’s the long and the short
    of it. I thought it was pretty funny that
    you guys brought up MT being broke
    and I JUST HAD THIS encounter with one
    of his volunteers.

    Stranger things have happened perhaps.

    Go $ONNY!!!!!

  16. gatormathis says:

    Taylor is a typical Democrat. He would lot rather use YOUR money for HIM to be Governor, than use HIS money for HIM to be Governor. When Guy Milner ran he used a lot of his personal money that he had, and lost. Taylor HAS a LOT of money, but will put in his own money at a minimum. When he ran races before, he has won, hence it was easy to lean on folks for more money to clear up campaign debt. If he loses this election, the “leaning” on power will be gone, so the bills will be his to pay.This hasn’t happened before, so that is why the “crying a broke river” is going on. He definitely dosen’t want to dip into his millions of “playboy” bucks to spend, it will cramp his partying in the future. And daddy warbucks is shrewd, so he won’t be wanting to throw money away either, especially if it dosen’t bring the same benefeits as in the past.

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