What I would do with $39,000…

…I’ve been called a coward by someone who hides behind the moniker “one big D” who also likes to threaten folks with being “beat up in a well lit alley way”, but that’s not the point of this post.  I’ve been asked by “one violent D” to give “an exact plan of what YOU would do with $39,000, in a county as large as Fulton County, to provide voter information and mobilize voters to the polls.”

Well, I was going to post my plan here, but it’s a pretty long post, and I couldn’t figure out how to separate the first three paragraphs with WordPress, so I’ve posted it over at my site, GeorgiaUnfiltered if anyone is interested, and it addresses the expenditure of $39,000 in terms of it being spent by a Democratic county party.

However, just so you know, my plan begins with giving $1,000 to each Democratic candidate in Fulton County that has Republican opposition in the General.  That would include John Eaves, Jan Hackney, Robb Pitts, RuthE Levy, Mark Taylor, Melanie Eyre, and the 9 other Democrats that’ll appear on Fulton County ballot in November.  That would amount to a total of $15,000 right there going directly to candidates who have a better feel on where the money needs to be spent. 


  1. DemforGA says:

    How about Steve Sinton? You forgot to mention him, and I hear he is running an incredible campaign – 7 days a week, sun up past sun down.

    He really was one of the two best at the State Convention last weekend. If we lose this candidate, it will be our biggest federal loss in a decade since Mike Coles.

    Andre – you are no coward – and you are right. You are brave enough to list your name. I am a Fulton County Democrat, and I want to see the money go straight to the candidates. It should be distibuted based on the size of the district. The larger the area, the more money it should get.

    Mailers take multiple impressions to make a difference.

  2. Steve Sinton’s great.

    He should get some money too.

    I thought it was excellent that the North Fulton Democrats gave him $2,000.

    It’s a shame he can’t get that same sort of commitment from other Democratic organizations.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    Andre dude!

    It’s very valid to ask what would a metro county political party do with $40 or $50 k.

    One of the beefs I hear is the There are two Georgias theme. Atlanta and the rest of the state.

    Metro Republicans don’t like their respresentation and rural Dems feel the same.

    So how do isolated county parties get into the main stream?

    How far can you make $50k go? How did you raise it? Do you spend some to raise more? It costs money to raise money.

    I think the Fulton Dems could do better than a mailer.

    But, it’s their money!

  4. Mad Dog,

    Very true.

    It is their money, but would it surprise you to know that (and this is public record, so I’m not revealing anything that the public wouldn’t be able to find out on their own) that when one of the voting members of the Fulton County Democratic Party made a motion to send some money to candidates ($500 a piece if my memory serves me right), a member of the leadership of the Party made a motion to adjourn, and those individuals such as “DemforGA” who wanted to get a fair up or down vote on whether Fulton County Democratic candidates got money from the Fulton County Democratic Party, were denied a fair vote.

    Yes, it’s their money, but let’s take a look at all the hard work that went into raising that money.

    I’m not going to drop any names here, but I will tell you that there are folks, on the northside of the county, that are plenty mad at the fact that the money they helped raise is being spent on a mailer that we all know will more than likely be thrown into the tin filing cabinet.

    $50,000 can go a long way, if it’s spent correctly.

    Spend it on canvassers, rides to the polls, poll watchers, and phone bankers, a little bit of mail, some yard signs, and you’ve won yourself an election.

    Spend it all in one place and you’ve got people mad at you asking who was the bonehead that came up with that bright idea.

    And I’m not one to give credence to conspiracy theories, but do your research, and you’ll see what was being alluded to in DemforGa’s comment, “I guarantee the decision to do a mailer is tied directly to some of the officers who run a direct mail company who will profit personally as a result of this mail campaign.”

    I’m not saying that this is true or false, but there are connections there that makes you question the motives of the individuals supporting this direct mail campaign.

  5. ugavi says:

    It’s clear that you have a beef with how the money is going to be spent. What purpose does it serve to post the question of how to spend the $39k on PP?

  6. White Rabbit says:

    Meanwhile, Sonny’s absentee ballot request forms hit hundreds of thousands of mailboxes all over the state this week, but the Fulton Democrats are doing something questionable? Interesting logic.

  7. gatormathis says:

    Now , I’ve gotten curious. The money in question, explain the amount. Is it the money designated for GOTV activities? Is this the amount contained in the Fulton Dem treasury? Is it an amount pledged to arrive at a certain date?

    Just wondering, as 39 grand isn’t chickenfeed. If it is the total treasury, people putting it in probably don’t figure on spending it all at one time.Usually people will “assume” the spending “position” readily when large sums are to be spent. It is the fundraising times that take begging and pleading to fill. And then more begging and pleading to fill the coffers. That is why, once funds are accumalated, it becomes hard to part with them. It would probably be astute for the Fulton Dems to keep their money just in case they might lose, that way, they would still have their money. Just simply don’t spend it. These lil young whipper-snappers, they are maxed out on their credit cards, got payments and bills galore, so they are having a fit to write a check that is good. To throw something up on the counter and pull a $39,000 credit card out and whack it one time.

    Don’t let them do it folks, it’s a scam. Now they’ve come over to the Pundit, trying to get the guy’s blessings over here to run back with. I can hear it now, “Hey fellas, ole Mad Dog over at Peach Pundit said, I think the Fulton Dems could do better than a mailer.”. Then the fuss is on.

  8. Dorabill says:

    What is this, a cross party strategy session? This reminds me of these Sean Hannity/Dick Morris love-ins. U want strategy? Send $40k to Alan Schlesinger and he’ll walk into a casino and double your money.

  9. DelicateFlower says:

    I can’t say that I really care what the Fulton County Democratic party does with their money, but it does seem to me that Andre has a penchant for repeating personal conversations in public spaces, airing dirty laundry, publishing personal emails without permission, making accusations against people against whom he has personal grudges, and generally carrying on as a bull in a china shop. I’m sure he takes pride in what he might consider his muckraking ways, but from what I’ve seen of his antics online, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole in real life.

    So, if/when one of you gets stung by Andre’s complete lack of discretion or inability to keep a confidence, don’t go crying that you had no warning.

  10. atlantaman says:

    Funnel few thousand to Clinton and you are no longer a convict on the run, you get pardoned and can come back to the USA.

  11. Mad Dog says:


    Lend a congressman your car a few times, and suddenly you’re a huge defense contractor.

    Then, you buy him (your congressman) a house…

  12. atlantaman says:

    Then see the Congressman go to jail. Big difference from the Mark Rich pardon. Cunningham’s only hope is for Hillary to get elected, he better start sending her campaign contributions now.

  13. Mad Dog says:

    Is the Mark Rich pardon different from the six pardons granted to Reagan’s cabinet members?

    Would you compare the morality of letting the US government sell and smuggle illegal drugs with the morality of stealing tax money?

    Would you compare hiding a government conspiracy to Mark Rich?

    How do you rate the Nixon pardon in comparison?

    I think your comment about Hilliary pardoning Cunningham is the funniest effort and the lamest effort to be funny that I’ve seen (over than my own).

    Hilliary has never signed a pardon, if you’re being serious.

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