Immigration becomes hot issue in the 12th.

Max Burns and John Barrow are trading accusation on the issue of illegal immigration.

Burns accused Barrow of supporting amnesty in this ad:

Barrow responded with this ad saying Max is wrong:

Max hit back, saying John wasn’t telling the truth:

“John Barrow claims he voted against amnesty, but H.R. 4437 did nothing to address amnesty for the illegal immigrants in our country,


  1. RuralDem says:

    Erick or someone else, how do we post a link using wordpress in the comments field? Is it just the html tag for a link? The article with the quote Burns’ uses can be found here just go to page 3.

    Here’s the entire excerpt on Barrow. Obviously Burns’ failed to quote most of it.

    “If civil rights organizations and unions are ambivalent about immigration, there are a few Democratic lawmakers who are openly hostile to it. In December, Representative John Barrow of Georgia, along with 34 other conservative Democratic congressmen, helped pass an immigration reform bill sponsored by Representative Sensenbrenner that would create a security fence along 700 miles of the US-Mexico border and make both being and aiding an illegal immigrant a felony.

    In Barrow’s view, the United States is bearing the brunt of a ”tsunami” of immigration, and he doesn’t see why the country needs any more immigrants right now. ”We have 11 million illegal aliens we need to do a good job of assimilating into the country first,” he says. He refers to measures like Sensenbrenner’s as ”tough love with our neighbor to the south.”

    Personally, I don’t think the citizens of the 12th will lose with either man in office. However, I do think Burns’ is being misleading in this situation.

  2. Dorabill says:

    Watching Hoffage is like being on the scream machine to HELL. Why do I keep watching the whole thing? In the words of Steve Martin (Czecholslovakian swinger) “I blema myself”. New idea: the Hoffage enemy gram.

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