FYI: Chambliss to appear on “Dayside”

Senator Chambliss will appear at 1:25 pm 1:00 pm on the Fox News show “Dayside” to speak about Bush’s UN speech as well as the situation with Iran.

Text of Chamliss’ comments appear below the fold.

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Senator Chambliss is interviewed on Fox News ‘DaySide’

MIKE JERRICK: Good to see you. I am sure you heard the comments of Hugo Chavez. What is your reaction? This is how he speaks down in Venezuela. Not often he is on this worldwide stage like this.

SEN. SAXBY CHAMBLISS: Well, It is amazing what $75 oil will do for the rhetoric coming out of the country like this, but, you know, this ought to be a wake up call to the American people. This should really shake people up. Here we have a guy who’s bold enough, brazen enough, to come into our backyard and to make accusations like this about the President of the United States. Now, I don’t care if you agree or disagree with the President. This is our President, and you have a guy coming in here calling him all sorts of names, really making some what threats and saying these really awful things about our President. I would have been very disgusted if that had been a democratic president or a republican president in place, that these things were being said about. It is somewhat frightening.

JULIET HUDDY: Senator, a few of us were watching the speech live in the green room and there were lots — there was lots of laughter. Doesn’t he sort of de-legitimize himself with those types of comments?

SEN. CHAMBLISS: Well, it would, maybe if it were not at the United Nations. Some people obviously were listening to him. And to think, as the previous two guests were talking about, that Venezuela might get a seat on the Security Council might — is really frightening. Can you imagine this guy sitting there trying to be rational and reasonable with him on major issues that we’re having to deal with now in the most complex time in the history of the world? It is pretty scary to me, and I recognize that some of it is laughable, but this guy was serious.

JERRICK: The President, the White House says that we’re not going to comment on this. And then John Bolton from the UN said we’re not going to comment on it either. It is a comic book approach.

DAVID ASMAN: it is a comic book approach, but we have to take it seriously. He has all this cash and he’s making all these alliances with some radicals in the Middle East.

HUDDY: Senator, we will give you the final word on this.

SEN. CHAMBLISS: He is absolutely right. He has aligned himself with Iran, we know what’s going on over there. We know it’s a terrorist-sponsoring nation. And again, Venezuela is not that far away from the southern tip of the United States, so it is pretty frightening and we do need to pay very close attention to it because, again, this guy is not an idiot, he is not a fool, and yet he is somebody who comes into the United States and makes the kind of statements about our leader, and it should really be a wake-up call to the American people.

HUDDY: Senator, thank you very much.



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