Immigration battle continues

“Civil rights leaders,” both “Hispanic and black” (as well as Democrat lawmakers) held a news conference at the capitol, in which they condemned Gov. Perdue of “playing a destructive brand of politics” and of “fearmongering” on the issue of immigratioin in his current bid for reelection.

Specifically, the protest was against Perdue’s recent initiative “targeting criminals who use false documents to obtain driver’s licenses,” and his statement, when announcing that initiative, that “it is simply unacceptable for people to sneak into this country illegally on Thursday, obtain a government-issued ID on Friday, head for the welfare office on Monday and go to vote on Tuesday.”

From the Gwinnett Daily Post:

Such incendiary comments both oversimplify the issue and foster racism, said Teodoro Maus, an advisor to the Coordinating Council of Community Leaders, one of the groups that organized Monday’s news conference.
“It has opened a Pandora’s box for direct discrimination,’’ he said. “We have to stop it. We have to come back to reality.”

After the news conference, the protesters delivered a letter, which “expressed concern that the governor’s new initiative will increase racial profiling” and urged him to “stop using Latino immigrants as “scapegoats’’ in his campaign,” to Perdue’s office.

However, Perdue responded: “I won’t apologize for criminal activity,’’ he said. “We welcome people who come to our state. We just cannot condone those coming illegally and getting false documents, then using those documents to get services to which they’re not entitled.”

The GDP story continues:

The governor signed an executive order late last year requiring people seeking non-emergency public services to provide proof of citizenship. The General Assembly passed legislation this year containing a similar provision.
But speakers at Monday’s news conference argued that solving illegal immigration should be the federal government’s job, not Georgia’s.

“Americans … want their Congress to pass a just immigration reform as the only body empowered to enact immigration laws … under our federal system of government,’’ the letter stated.

What a wonderful attempt at washing their hands of the responsibility to enforce the law, and to keep the state’s infrastructure from being weighed down by the increasing national burden of illegal immigrants who receive taxpayer-funded services, but who do not pay into the system — and at playing to a block that may very well be “voting on [a]Tuesday” not too long from now should trends continue the way they have been going.

Again, as we all say time and time again: Immigration=fine. Illegal immigration=crime. Therefore, illegal immigrants=criminals. That’s not “discrimination” or “racism” any more than is saying that all murderers are criminals — it’s a statement of fact, and an acknowledgement that something must be done. Most unfortunately, it must be done in spite of, rather than along with, one of the parties of elected officials both in this state and in this nation — and in spite of some from the other, as well.


  1. LymanHall says:

    “Democratic” lawmakers, not Democrat lawmakers. As a budding writer, you need to get this distinction down.

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