How would you spend $39,000?

Alright, I usually don’t do two blog entries on PeachPundit in one day, but I’ve got a pretty good feeling that most of the commenters here have worked on political campaigns before.

Let’s say that a local Republican county party has nearly $39,000 in the bank and decides to spend most of it on a mailing that targets voters that voted Republican in 2000 and 2004, but didn’t vote Republican in 2002; and also targets voters that are over the age of 57 to vote absentee for the 2006 November General Election.

Would this be a good investment of the $39,000 or would that money be better spent on something like say canvassing, phone-banking, donations to candidates, or even a coordinated campaign with the local Republican nominees within the county?

What do you guys think?


  1. RandyMiller says:


    I think it would depend on your county from a population wise, area in sq miles, and demographic point of view. Personally I prefer the canvassing and co- ordinated campaign concept, also Bar-B-Ques and wine tasting socials with candidates followed by Q&A. People can connect with one another and meet personally their candiidate.

  2. RandyMiller says:


    I tempted to go with the first idea of a mailing because of Fultons density and area. And area I mean from East Point all the way up to Alpharetta. But how many people of both parties only glance at mailings (or opt not too look at all) and chunk ’em in the waste basket. Sometimes I really do question the influence of this. Just my perception.

  3. buzzbrockway says:

    I think you can overdo mailings. At some point, people ignore them. I wouldn’t put all my money in mailings, I would put some in other things. I would however lean heavily toward door to door and direct, non-automated phone calls.

    I would also target “soft” voters. Hard R’s and D’s are going to show up with little contact from a campaign. The soft voters are the key.

  4. Targetting primary voters to vote in the general election is a waste of money. Voting in a primary is a much higher election related activity than voting in a general. If there are some people that voted in a primary but not a general, they either had a good reason or just couldn’t make it to the polls that day, either way your mail is not going to be convincing.

    Were I the Fulton County GOP, I would do expenditures on behalf of the county commision chair candidate. Hell, that is a good plan for either party there.

  5. ColinATL says:

    Personally, I think that this is a poor use of a mailing, although the targeted group seems like a decent target. My reasoning is that mailings are really about building brand. You don’t just send one mailing, you send 6. Sure, 9 out of 10 end up in the trash, but 1 gets read. The other 9 still have someone seeing the name of the person who sent it. If you see a name enough times before the election, you may get comfortable with the name and remember it. This is what mailings accomplish in my opinion.

    Trying to get somebody to proactively DO something, like request an absentee ballot, means you want them to take the next step, and mailings are poor at this, again in my opinion. Much better would be to use a call center and actually trying to convince these people over the phone to go and request a ballot. I think you would have a much higher success rate, plus you could have the call center folks answer any questions about voting absentee (most people don’t understand that you can vote absentee without a reason now). Call centers could track interest, and then possibly schedule targetted follow up calls for the fence-sitters.

    This is probably especially effective for older voters (the over 57) group, who are much more likely to answer the phone and carry on a conversation with the call center folks.

  6. Mad Dog says:


    Good question.

    What should county parties be doing with the little bits of money that they have?

    People on the ground, not paper on the ground.

  7. Warrior says:

    We would let the state party drive GOTV and put local money into WINNABLE local races (as a secondary effort to GOTV). Of course, if Bobby Kahn has no GOTV effort, then I sure as heck would try to drive it out on my own.

  8. emily says:

    The demographic sounds right. If the over 57 crowd may or may not get out to the polls on election day for any number of reasons–ailments, weather, laziness, whatever–then coordinating an absentee push is not a bad idea. Chris is right, though, that if they are regular primary voters they are likely to vote in the general anyway. Phone banking might be a better use of resources with an expanded demographic. No need for postage, design consultant fees, etc. If the example really is Fulton, too, would $39K touch that entire demographic with a mailpiece?

  9. conservativecore says:

    It seems to me that if you have a committee trying to make a decison about a piece of mail it will probably end up with a muddled message. Local and state parties as well as the caucuses(sp?) should find the candidates who have the best shot and put their money into that campaign and the let the candidate make the decision. In fact the parties et. al should give the money with no strings and let the campaign happen, they certainly shouldn’t force particular vendors, consultants or others on a campaign as part of the contribution.

    That being said I believe there are other ways that are more grassroots and take seed money but use imagination and are clever. Let the part be cute about how they motivate voters, burma shave type signs in areas that favor a particular party or rallyies in certain districts can certainly help,.

    Just leave the message to the campaigns, it is hard enough to talk to the voters as it is.

  10. one big D says:

    How high will the decibel reach when Andre is “hypothetically” beat up in a well lit alley way, with his blogger cape on, for always opening up his big fat, self absorbed, not 1 damn friend, mouth? I’m predicting that he’s going to scream like the girl he is. Who else stays this mad, petty, and vindictive because the cool kids won’t let them in the club house? da,da, dum…no one but Andre the blogging idiot.

    Good job at kicking your ownself to the curb.

  11. One Big D, I think Andre makes a good point. Communication only works if it is highly targetted and with enough raw power behind it to saturate the audience. Sending one piece of mail is, for the most part, a waste of money. The stronger the message of the piece (whether it is mail, tv, phones, etc) the more impact it will have and the less it will need to be repeated. So, will one piece of mail to primary voters make a difference? I doubt it. It will be, to excuse the phrase, pissing into the ocean. By the time the election rolls around, these voters will have seen television ads for Taylor, Martin, Baker, Buckner, Irvin and maybe others. The point of these messages will be there is an election and you need to vote for us. If these voters for some reason decide they don’t want to vote, how will a piece of mail change their mind?

    Plus, coordinated effort is the name of the game, what if Taylor or Perdue or whatever your other candidates are planning the same message to go out? I continue to believe that persuasive communication is the best possible allocation of resources. People that voted in a Democratic primary are already Democrats (or maybe they just wanted to vote in a judicial race and don’t care about general elections). Why not pick soft Republicans or voters with a mixed primary history and say we’re the Democrats in this county and this is what we stand for. At the very least, go after suburban females with a pro choice message.

  12. caroline says:

    My husband got the mailer. He threw it in the trash. That probably tells you nothing but it’s what happened at my house.

  13. one big D says:

    Chris, I disagree – Andre’s complaint never amounted to your assessment that “Communication only works if it is highly targetted and with enough raw power behind it to saturate the audience.” That assessment came from other posters, not the caped idiot himself. What Andre did is what he always does – throws rocks from across a little fence. When was the last time Andre ever developed a coordinated and strategic grassroots effort? NEVER. He writes theories that are never related to actual action nor will they ever attract any volunteers to participate.

    Andre, please make my day and tell me an exact plan of what YOU would do with $39,000, in a county as large as Fulton County, to provide voter information and mobilize voters to the polls.

  14. gatormathis says:

    All of this reminds me of a situation way back in high school mechanics class. We had one guy who was real heavy into the hypothetical. Every few days during question and answer period, he would have the craziest hypothetical problem summarized in his mind to deliver. It would take awhile, and this was in mechanics class mind you.

    One day after it had went on for a few months, with the teacher growing weary of all this, hear comes another “problem.” Something crazy like “If the alternator was putting out, and the battery was good but the car still didn’t crank right away, but ran good after starting, only to cut off later, and wouldn’t start again, what would that be?

    The ole guy looked at him, and very seriously said, “Hoss, if that ever happens, you go ahead and write my phone number down right now, I want you to call me and we’ll figure it out.

    Here we have an avowed dem, posting a hypothetical, using Republicans for his backdrop. First, use what you are familiar with. When Bobby “The Wrath” Khan is mentioned, he wants to know how he got in the mix. Simple, he’s a sleazy little slip-inner, always trying to slide in a Republican conversation.

    Next thing you know this comment comes in: By the time the election rolls around, these voters will have seen television ads for Taylor, Martin, Baker, Buckner, Irvin and maybe others. Now we are getting exposure from the whole dang crowd. It’s subliminal suggestion folks, don’t let them wear you down. Next thing you’ll be thinking about these folks in your subconscious, and slip up and vote for them on your machine in Nov. Don’t fall for these old juvenile alien tricks.
    The wrath of Khan is upon us, we must make sure to not be swayed. These names have been inserted in this blog to muddle up the mind. Especially taylor whose name I really don’t care to see at all. None, Zilch.

    This Gail Buckner, she is running for SOS office. It has a lot to do with elections among other things. It deals with things you should, and should not do during an election. Someone running for this office a should adhere to election laws while they are running also. Maybe she feels above all the rules. I noticed on a trip down I-75 the other day, Gail Buckner signs posted right out there at the beginning of the exit ramps leaving the interstate. Anyone running for office knows that you don’t post signs on a FEDERAL Highway right-of-way. Maybe she thinks she is the CHOSEN one, and is allowed to do so, regardless of the others.
    Hopefully the DOT workers will soon remove this litter and place it in the proper trash receptacle.

  15. Mad Dog says:


    I haven’t tried the DEM WAM. I heard it’s very good with a side order of patronage jobs.

    But, not directing this at Bill, who is the guy so queer for Andre? Which political party does he belong to?

    Sorry Bill.

    Now, I see the party tools think no one sees them trying to move the discussion from campaigns in general to little sound bites to misdirect messages.

    The “I hate Andre,” “I hate Bobby Kahn,” “I hate Gail Buckner,” are the very well connected political insiders with potent insights to anatomical parts of certain candidates that have never seen the light of day.

  16. ColinATL says:

    Seriously, I’m totally confused by whatever dynamic is going on here. Can someone explain if there’s some kind of backstory here that I’m not privy to?

  17. Mad Dog says:


    Andre promised to fill me in on Tuesday. That’s his normal day to blog, I think.

    I think you’re right about a back story.

  18. ugavi says:

    On Andre’s blog he has been going after the Fulton County Dem party for not using it’s resources ($39k) properly to assist the election efforts. It appears that he’s trying to get some free consulting advise that he can then take back to the county party.

  19. one big D says:

    Colin, here’s the backstory. Cowardly Andre is calling out his own county party on a political blog that does not favor their candidates. This is beyond stupid, petty, and childish. He has even threatened his own county party by sending hateful emails to their executive board because he is so wrath with all the political intelligence this side of the Beltway.

    Andre wants to pretend he’s an insider on the Dem side, but as I said before he ain’t. If he was an insider and disagreed with his own county party then he wouldn’t have to air their business on a blog in hypothetical situations. He wouldn’t have to resort to threatening and nasty emails to their executive board. He would be man enough to offer up an alternative plan and be accountable for seeing it through completion. But cowards like Andre use blogs to try to gain some consensus that they are right and everyone else is wrong instead of working as a team member for positive outcomes. Andre wouldn’t know a positive outcome if his clumsy ass tripped over one.

    This isn’t about “I hate Andre” because I hate all losers and cowards no matter what side they pretend to vote for. And yet this is the same loser that stood up at the Dem convention and listed a litany of “Sonny Did” comments and the same coward running amuck yelling for “Democratic Unity”. Hey Andre, I got your unity. Tell me whetre I need to ship it to.

  20. DemforGA says:

    Andre is very brave to speak out on a topic like this. No one can be accused of being a coward if he is willing to sign his name. Give me a break.

    And – he is ablosutely right. Consider this – Fulton has the best Federal candidate they have had in a decade – Steve Sinton. Real change starts in Washington. This campaign needs the money, and the seat can be won if funded. He supports womens issues, and tore down the house at the State Convention.

    What they are doing is a total WASTE of dollars given freely by loyal Democrats. Nothing is more important than electing candidates. I would strongly suggest they take all the candidates in their area, break down the percentage of voters in that perons district, and give the money in consideration to the area covered. For example, a Federal Candidate gets more, because they have a larger area than say a school board seat – because they have a smaller. This money should go straight to the candidates. Why exist if not to get candidates elected. If we do not get candidates elected, we will never return to power. Power = money. Wasted money = money down the toilet.



  21. DemforGA says:




  22. DemforGA says:


  23. atlantaman says:

    I went and looked him up and found out he is running against Price. I don’t mean to be discouraging, but Sinton doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell. The only thing Steve Sinton is going to do is ensure the Republicans have a strong turnout in Cobb and North Fulton. The GOP statewide slate may end up owing Mr. Stinton a thank-you note.

    If I were running the Fulton Dem party I wouldn’t waste $1 on a Congressional district that was drawn for a Republican. It would be just as foolish for the Republican Party of Fulton to spend money on an opponent of John Lewis. I’d spend the money on a State Rep, State Senate race and/or on the County Commission races.

  24. atlantaman says:

    This direct quote from Sinton’s website just about explains everything:

    Sinton and his brother, Jon, would go on to help to create the left’s answer to the right’s domination of the radio airwaves, Air America Radio, which was launched on May 31, 2004. The network has since flourished after some initial financial difficulties. Said Sinton “We were ecstatic that it was still running three days later, let alone two and a half years. It is the fastest growing network in the history of the business.

  25. one big D says:

    And Andre has yet to answer what he would do with the $39,000. Hmmm…

    DemforGA, you must be the vice chair in the Andre Political Wizards club. What officer in the Fulton Dem has a direct mail company? Geesh, you are so way off base until you don’t even realize that using all caps make you appear as dumb as your comments. DemforGA, the only bodies on the ground are the same 10-12 bodies that always volunteer for every FC activity. You want bodies – then you step up to the plate. Go online and sign up to volunteer with FC Dems or with one of the many FC Dem candidates facing Republican opposition.

    and pul-leaze — Steve Sinton!! That guy can suck the air out a room in 15 seconds flat. C’mon you can pick a better Fulton Dem candidate than him. Pick a Dem candidate that has a chance to get more than 40% of the vote.

    Andre publishes his real name but has no cahones to ever confront objects of his blog hatred. Who the hell writes a “personal appeal” blog post to someone that they just spent time with at an event the previous evening instead of talking to the person. Andre with cahones? must be pea sized cahones cause I have yet to hear him bitch about his complaints or theories in person in real time.

  26. One Big D,

    I answered your question twice. Once on this site and once on mine.

    And let me just say this, threatening folks with violence & name-calling…?

    It’s unfortunate that you feel that violence and name-calling is the best way for you to voice your opposition to my words and comments.

    And since you mentioned “cahones”, how about you repeat to Steve Sinton in person what you’ve written here today.

    How about you reveal who you really are?

    People know who I am and they where I stand.

    They know nothing about you except that violence and name-calling are your weapons of choice.

    What are you afraid of?

  27. one big D says:

    Andre, you know who I am. I’m at every Dem event you are. Please stop acting like I’m going to kick your puny ass tomorrow. Geesh, you are a drama queen of the worst kind.

    Only those in your political wizards club would fall for such a dumb ass stunt. You’re the queen of calling out folks…so how about it.

    For the record, Andre, we don’t know where you stand. You stand for anything that will garner you attention. That must be rule #1 in the political wizards club. What you say on the blogs is always so different than when we are standing right next to you.

  28. one big D says:

    ooh Mr. Political Wizard, I just read your great idea of targeting 1s for voter outreach. dumb, dumb, dumb. Your 1s are going to vote for your candidate rain, sleet, or shine so why waste money on that subgroup. 2s also don’t need convincing; they might need a reminder about early voting, but they don’t need persuading to vote for your candidate.

    Go back to the Magic 8 ball and come up with a better plan. I see Field Plans are not discussed regularly at the club meetings, eh?

  29. gatormathis says:

    Is it that important that one use his/her real name on here? Maybe at least close enough for inate association anyway, huh.

    I just happened to be in a place eating today and saw Chavez berating the us, The U.S., and Bush. I done cast a pox on his little gap-toothed ass immediately. I figure anybody that wishes me that much bad luck, I just wish em back that much twice over. With oil at $75 bucks a barrel, he better see a tooth doctor while he can.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see the blog on that, especially after Linda gets thru with him about Bush, Satan, and Lord only knows what else.

    One thing for sure, when these kind of folks attack us, those with guns will be the last attacked.

    See Ya’ll.

  30. Well, I was sorta hoping that you would to use your words kick my “puny ass”, because I’d enjoy every minute of it just so I could press charges and have you taken to jail for assault and battery.

    You can be rest assured that I don’t know who you are, but how about this…since you’re at every Democratic event that I’m at, how about you be a man and introduce yourself.

    You call my field plan dumb, well, my field plan is crafted for South Fulton which has Democratic performance record of 71 to 76 percent, but a low voter turnout year after year.

    As I said before, there are over 40,000 registered voters in South Fulton, including 2,200 in my home precinct of SC29, but only 822 of them voted in the 2002 General Election.

    All you’re going to find in South Fulton are 1s and 2s. There’ll be very few 3, 4, and 5s in an area that votes over 70% Democrat. However, voter turnout is 37.36%.

    Why in the world would you focus on a precinct that is full of 3s who may or may not vote for your candidate because they’re undecided when you’ve got thousands of votes for the asking, and all you have to do is remind those folks to vote.

    The purpose of my field plan would be to A.) Remind the 1s and 2s that there’s an election coming up, B.) Remind them to vote either by absentee ballot, early voting, or in person, and C.) Focus on getting that 37% voter turnout up to at least 50% in that precinct.

    There are more than 40,000 voters in south Fulton county and at least 70% of those voters are going to vote Democrat (that comes out to 28,000 votes). However, if you break down that 28,000 to the actual number of voters that show up and vote on election day (37%), that number dwindles down to 10,360 votes.

    In North Fulton County, 23,346 people voted in this year’s 6th Congressional district Republican primary. In South Fulton County, only 6,720 folks voted in the Democratic primary for the 13th Congressional district, and if you look at the new Congressional maps, the new 13th covers most of South Fulton much like the new 6th covers most of North Fulton.

    Now I want to be clear that I’m using these Congressional numbers because they’re the only ones available to me at the moment, but the point is that if we assume that the 23,346 people that voted in the Republican primary in North Fulton come back out to vote in November along with other voters that vote Republican in the General but not in the primary, the Democrats have once again lost the county commission chair race and quite possibly loses Robb Pitts’ seat as well.

    If we keep going back to just General Election performance over the last two election cycles, North Fulton has had a higher voter turnout that South Fulton repeatedly.

    2004 – Tom Price received 97,319 votes from North Fulton; David Scott received 18,835 from South Fulton

    2002 – Johnny Isakson received 57,335 votes from North Fulton; David Scott received 8,843 votes from South Fulton.

    While I was writing this comment, I just added the numbers up again for South Fulton. As of Sept. 1st, South Fulton has 73,085 registered voters. So let’s do the math again. 70% of 73,085 is 51,160 votes. However, if voter turnout in South Fulton remains in the 30s, then that number comes down to 15,348 votes.

    Now tell me something, when nearly 100,000 and 60,000 people are voting in a down ballot race versus nearly 20,000 and 10,000 doesn’t that say that something needs to be done to get these 1s and 2s out to the polls.

    As I said before, if you go back to 2002 and look at the numbers, you’ll see 70s and 80s for the Democratic candidate all up and down South Fulton, but you’ll see low turnout.

    If you get that 30% turnout up another 20 points, that puts you at 25,580 votes. For a mid-term election year, that’s phenomenal. Especially when the folks in North Fulton are posting nearly 60,000 votes in a mid-term year.

    Once again, the base of Democratic votes is in the city of Atlanta and South Fulton County. There is no way that Fulton County elects another Republican county commission chair if money and resources are diverted towards the precincts in the city of Atlanta and South Fulton.

    The votes are there for the asking. You just need more than four or five people down there organizing the efforts with canvassing and phone-banking.

    I’ve put together a brochure for the South Fulton Democrats to go out canvassing with. I’m compiling literature from each Democratic campaign. I’ve got Mark Taylor flyers; Robb Pitts’ lit; and so forth.

    I need the voter file and I need some volunteers. My home precinct of SC29 is going to have a high voter turnout come November; I’m going to make sure of that because I’ve been living there my entire life and if I don’t know who my neighbors are, my mom does. But we need the money to make sure that other precincts in South Fulton have a high turnout too.

    That’s my problem with this $39,000 expenditure. They’re sending a mailer out when they could give South Fulton $2,000 to go to Office Depot and make copies of a brochure to go door to door with. They’re sending out a mailer when they could be setting up some robo-calls targeting precincts that vote 70% or more Democrat but have a low voter turnout.

    In 2004, over 50% of the registered voters in SC29 voted in the presidential election, but it was because everyone was saying “vote, vote, vote, vote”. If we had that same kind of effort going this year, we could very well get 50% turnout in a majority of South Fulton’s precincts, elect John Eaves, re-elect Robb Pitts, and give Mark Taylor a good base of support to build on throughout the rest of the state.

    I’m done. I’m going to bed.

  31. gatormathis says:

    I always heard that free advice was worth what you paid for it.

    The Fulton Dems need to put that money in a Cd, a T-bill or some other form of money making account. Even a low interest bank account would be better than spending the money erroneously and causing a rift that can never be repaired.
    Right now they have some money in the bank and get along pretty well. If that money is spent, they will have to start over fundraising, and everyone knows how that runs people off. Save the money and then after the election, cooler heads will prevail, and everything will be much slower paced. Then you will have time to vote and decide the best avenue to follow, at a much slower pace. And the peoples will get along much better, which is what you’re really after, right?

  32. one big D says:

    hahaha – ROFL – oh snap now I get it and everyone else does too. You’re pissed at the Fulton Dems because they won’t give your puny ass any money to jump start your crazy GOTV program. Oh and you can’t get money because you’re not a post seat holder because you were too coward to run again for your seat. And the South Fulton Dems committee, who have bylaws rights to receive money from the Fulton County party, won’t entertain your crazy GOTV idea and bring it forth to the full FC committee for a request for funds.

    So the caped blogger idiot throws a tantrum and calls out his own County Party because he thinks they are foolishly wasting money because they won’t give him any money. Wow that has to be the most pathetic form of activism there is. Do you call this terriorist activism, or shoot yourself in the foot activism, or you’ll never ever get a dime from anyone activism, or just plain ol’ dumbass?

    You have zero support in your County party and in your district and yet you still wonder why…your ability to make and keep friends is just amazing. Keep up the good work Mr. Political Wizard. Ever thought of running for Fulton County Democratic Party Chair — hahaha that is so funny because we all know you have nightly wet dreams about the swearing in ceremony.

  33. Unfortunately, one big D, you have yet to offer a single shred of constructive dialogue to this discussion.

    Unless of course you consider insults constructive.

    You mentioned that the South Fulton Democrats didn’t make a request for funds, well, I find it interesting that when a post-seat holder made a request for funds for candidates, a motion to adjourn was quickly adopted by the Fulton County Democratic Party at the most recent meeting.

    The motion was for $500 to go to every Democratic candidate appearing on the Fulton County ballot with Republican opposition. That motion was made by Joey Davis, the vice-chair of the North Fulton Democrats.

    The motion was seconded.

    And then Clarence Williams, the Second Vice-Chair of the Fulton County Democratic Party, made a motion to adjourn. Page Gleason, the Executive Director of the Party, said and I quote, “All those in favor of adjourning will say ‘aye'”, and the meeting was adjourned without Joey Davis’ motion even being discussed or voted on.

    That doesn’t seem very democratic to me…abusing the motion to adjourn just because the leadership doesn’t want to give money to candidates. Well, just for public record and public information, Joey Davis’ motion is still a live motion because the motion to adjourn was adopted while there was still business pending before the Fulton County Democratic Party. His motion would come up under the heading of “old business”.

    You can’t deny that because it’s on the record and it’s public information and it’s the truth.

    You call my plan foolish, well, at least I’ve offered one.

    You asked for an alternative and I offered an alternative. But now the question is what is your plan?

    You’ve belittled my plan and you’ve belittled me in the process, but that’s cool because in my nearly 23 years of living I’ve been called everything but a child of God so I’ve got a pretty thick skin.


    The questions that everyone wants an answer to, “one big D” is

    What’s your plan?

    Do you even have one?

    Do you even care to take the time to elaborate on it and explain in full view of the public?

    Or will you continue to hurl insults and epithets behind a secretive moniker “one big D” registered under an even more secretive e-mail address “[email protected]”.

    I’ve made my points and you, my friend, haven’t come up with any counter-points because you don’t have any.

    You can’t deny that anything that I’ve said is true, and you haven’t because you know it’s true. And I want everyone to read each and every comment made by “one big D” in this thread and notice that each rebuttal is laden with personal attacks. Not once does “one big D” say that’s wrong or that’s not true or that’s a lie.

    All “one big D” has done is try to discredit the messenger instead of discrediting the message.

    It’s one of the hallmark rules of politics. If your opponent is saying something that you can’t effectively issue a rebuttal against, then you attack your opponent’s character and try to drive it home to the public that they shouldn’t give any credence to what your opponent says because your opponent has no credibility and isn’t a reputable source.

    Well, to quote Casey Cagle, “That’s just politics”.

  34. one big D says:

    Oh poor sweetie Andre. Bless your little heart. Now I’ve done made you so mad that you have attacked innocent Democratic volunteers. I’m going to let you be before you further hurt yourself in public view.

    I never once offered a plan because its not my dream to get funded by the Fulton Dems. I’m happy with their plan and all the GOTV plans by the rest of the County parties. No regrets or angry criticism on my part. Dems are going to win because we are not going to let angry so called activists shit on our efforts.

    Peace be with you Andre. Please get some consuling for that angry and vindictive streak you have.

    Nothing personal, it’s just politics 🙂

  35. Well, it was you who went personal. I stuck to the facts and you resorted to personal attacks.

    Everything I’ve said is public record.

    You call that an attack. I call it telling the truth and bringing transparency and sunshine into the Fulton County Democratic Party meetings.

    Each and every post seat holder in the Fulton County Democratic Party was elected by the public in the Democratic primary, and if they don’t want public scrutiny of their actions or inactions, then they ought not to offer themselves up as public figures.

    Remember this one line from the Fulton County Democratic Party’s Bylaws…“Section 3.5. All meetings shall be open to the public.”

    Isn’t open and transparent government grand?

  36. Mad Dog says:


    You’re talking to the third tree on the left.

    It leans which every way the wind blows. It changes with the seasons.

    It can’t change position no matter what reasons are presented.

  37. Eddie T says:

    I’ve never seen someone posting under an anonymous screen name call someone else a coward so much.

    You’re a dispicable human being, one big D.

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