Sonny’s New Ad

It’s about internet crime. It’s headed up to the air today. Interestingly, Mark Taylor has now rolled out an ad going up on the same issue tomorrow. Sonny’s features him and his wife. Now, here’s the thing — this will score him some votes. I’ve talked to enough women, including Democrats, who have this thing about Mark Taylor and his wife. It’s not fair, but it’s also wife number three and she’s hot.

Here’s Sonny’s ad:

Here’s Mark’s ad:

One word on Mark Taylor’s ad — it is unconstitutional, unfortunately, to execute child molesters. If he’s making these types of promises that he, given his background, should know can’t be kept, one must wonder what other promises he is making that he knows can’t be kept.

I do, however, wish that promise could be kept. My wife favors tying people like that up in the town square and inviting the public to take part.


  1. RuralDem says:

    I like the “homely atmosphere” of Sonny’s ad. Surprisingly he’s not going negative and he’s not saying that hypocritical “why would we ever go back” mess. I am surprised Sonny hasn’t brought up the H.O.P.E. Scholarship yet in his ads considering he is now such a “strong supporter” of it.

    I think Taylor’s ad has the better message though. Sonny’s will probably resonate better to rural georgians but Taylor’s ad isn’t too bad.

  2. ugavi says:

    I like both ad’s. Having Miss Mary in Sonny’s ad in a great move.

    Interesting point about child molesters. Wonder if Sonny and team will counter Taylor’s ad.

    Also – waiting to see who goes negative first, maybe you can start a PP pool 🙂

  3. RuralDem says:

    I would say Sonny has already gone negative with the “why would we ever go back” mess as well as the video depicting Taylor walking backwards. Sure that’s not the normal idea of “negative campaigning” but I think it gives a glimpse into what Perdue has in store for Taylor.

    Also, whats to say that the rule on Child Molesters will not be overturned?

  4. ugavi says:

    You’re not serious about the negative comment are you? I think you would be hard pressed to find many, if any people calling that negative.

    It’s tough to overturn the Georgia Constitution.

  5. RuralDem says:

    I’m just saying it’s a glimpse into what’s to come. He’s not outright doing anything negative but it’s a semi-hint I guess.

    At least that’s how it appears to me. If not, why else would he have Taylor in the video?

  6. ugavi says:

    The other interesting thing about Sonny’s ad is the Sonny Did has now turned into Sonny Do…

    Smart move, remind everyone of what you have accomplished, then lay out your plan.

  7. RuralDem says:

    I will say that the Sonny Do part is much better. The Sonny Did part is garbage simply because he was part of the “past”. It wasn’t until that Republican tide rolled in that Sonny switched. If he had fought on behalf of the GOP for decades then it’d be great to use in an ad but he didn’t so using that Sonny Did stuff is a joke.

  8. atlantaman says:

    The more Sonny can get Mary into the ads the better off he is. It presents quite a contrast to Mark Taylor and his 3 marriages.

  9. LINDA says:

    I heard tonight on the O’Reilly show, that it is a law that child molesters that are repeat offenders for children eleven and under may be executed in South Carolina! Perhaps, Georgia will pass the same law.

  10. Eddie T says:

    So clearly you have an ad referring to Taylor. Was Sonny speaking positively about Taylor and “the past”? Neutrally? Or negatively?

  11. RiverRat says:

    Erick – unconstitutional? According to state or federal law? If it is state law, then MT could propose a constitutional amendment. Federal of course is another matter. I’m no lawyer – is it the state or federal constitution? The whole “promises he can’t keep” line was lame, though, especially when compared to “Sonny Lied”. Talk about someone who doesn’t keep promises…

  12. Sonny’s ad is poorly produced and I believe he’s treating an issue that is very serious with scornful contempt. All cutesy, the “CSI” to hire 3 more GBI officers to go after child molesters. Give me a break. What’s next – the “Apprentice” program for government majors in state colleges, or maybe Sonny’s “Law and Order” illegal immigration crackdown program. The “Jeopardy Plan” to track down deadbeat dads and collect past due child support payments. Perhaps the “Wheel of Fortune” renewable energy program featuring windmills. As you can see I could go on and on, but do you really want someone like that running the state?

  13. RandyMiller says:

    First, is there any state in our republic that applies the death penalty in this matter? Second, as many democrats (and some republicans) that I know who are in opposition to capital punishment this isn’t going to fly. I’m not saying don’t remove them from the streets, far from it, but people who abuse children have very serious mental issues. Isn’t this issue best dealt with using incarceration along with therapy?

    Also I agree with Erick that Mary Perdue is an excellant Georgia first lady for this add. She is both gracious and a real lady. It should make us proud to have her as our own. She had been a foster parent to 8 children besides raising her own. Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is, not just having babies surround you in a photo op.

  14. LINDA says:

    South Carolina

    The above states have passed such legislation or bills pending. But they may not be help up constitutionally. This is for two time offenders for children under 11, I believe.

  15. Melb says:

    Okay, Mary Perdue is fine I am sure, but her in that ad was lame. She is making crazy faces with her eyes and she seems very uncomfortable. Oh and honey since you haven’t really been concerned with child molesters for the past 4 years could you put on your to do list, just so you won’t forget. And in Carroll County in the paper yesterday, more and more child molesters are moving here to be able to adhere to the new laws. So great, we can have a huge mass of child molesters in our county. I feel so much safer….at least you will know where to direct the new CIS team if you get elected. And the trend from what I hear is that these people are moving into more rural areas altogether. So great again, I am sure all the rural south georgia towns are so excited. I think on their honey do list will be to elect Taylor over someone driving child molesters into their town. I like Taylor’s plan better. If you are a repeat child molester, than you get the death penalty, no moving around, no more victims, you are a sick son of a bitch, and the end.

  16. Erick says:

    On the constitutional isse: It is a federal constitutional issue. Many states have the death penalty for rapists, but it is unenforceable. All sugar, no substance.

  17. RandyMiller says:

    Taylor promising the death penalty for repeat child molesters is just howling at the moon. He’s saying anything now and I expect he’ll say more. He’s going to make promises he knows he can’t keep. All of this is proof of what Cathy Cox said about him; “he lies.”

  18. Bill Simon says:

    If this country was run based on the Old Testament as opposed to the New Testament, criminals like the rapists and child molestors would be dealt with in good ‘ole Old Testament fashion: Tie them to the town square and stone them to death.

  19. Mad Dog says:

    Randy Miller,

    That therapy you mentioned, I hope it was … shock therapy given while sitting. Just kidding.

    Wasn’t that church in Altanta forcing the ‘young sluts’ to marry ‘child molesters?’ By sending them to Alabama while children can get married to men, of course.

    Nice proper christain ceremony, I’m sure.

  20. Jeff Emanuel says:

    memberg, you married? Ever heard of a “Honey-do” list? As in, “honey, do this,” and “honey, do that”? This is a cute spin on that, IMHO. However, I didn’t like the ad as a whole at all.

  21. Jace Walden says:

    Also, did anyone else notice that it looks like those kids are having a blast talking to an internet predator?


    I didn’t particularly like either ad. But Sonny’s is CHEESY.

    I’m going to go to the website and put “Come Up With Better Ads” on his Sonny-Do List.

  22. caroline says:

    Sonny’s ad has a good premise but a poor delivery. They are laughing and smiling at the end of an ad about child molesters? His ads are some of the worst I have seen in a while. They are confusing and fuzzy. I guess his ads are going after the “soccer mom” demographic because that’s apparently what he needs to win.

  23. Demonbeck says:

    I wonder if the difference in their ages is greater than, less than or equal to the difference in their waist sizes.

  24. RandyMiller says:

    Really, I don’t think I’ve ever seen his wife. I will say this though…
    Mark Taylor has a lovely daughter…………………..

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