Problems for the Beltline?

Keith and Wayne Mason, owners of Northeast Atlanta Beltline Group are not happy with how the City of Atlanta is treating them:

Some neighborhood groups near the 10th and Monroe site mistakenly continue to believe that the Beltline is public property. The two high-rises at that seven-acre site represent only 20 percent of developed area, leaving the rest for open space.

The Atlanta Development Authority and the Beltline Partnership (a “public-private partnership”), to build support for the Beltline, crafted a plan calling for open space on our private property with no plan to pay for it. Their plan was developed without any meaningful input from us. At the same time, other nearby Beltline-interested developers were invited to sit at the table. Strangely, we were not invited to that table. This was no way to run a Beltline.

The community was misled to believe that our Beltline corridor had no development value. This was a huge disservice to Atlanta, and confused the residents.

This was no way to run a Beltline.

Our proposal consists of nearly 3,000 residential units of low, medium and high-rise buildings, including affordable work force housing, and 140,000 square feet of retail space throughout our five-mile corridor (the equivalent of driving from Turner Field to Piedmont Hospital along Peachtree Street). The ADA Redevelopment Plan calls for 11,500 units of residential density in the same area within a mile of our property. The ADA density levels would be more intrusive into the neighborhoods than our plan.

This was no way to run a Beltline.

I could be wrong, but it seems the Beltline is popular with many Atlanta residents. Why is Atlanta giving these guys a hard time?


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Let me venture a guess: Though the Masons are nice liberal white folk, they are still white folk, and Shirley and her fellow city council ‘hoes don’t much like dealing with white folks. Whaddaya think? 🙂

  2. BulldawgGirl says:

    I used to work in a building across the hall from Wayne Mason and he is probably one of the nicest men that I have met.

  3. BulldawgGirl says:

    Sully!! I mainly worked at the Sugarloaf office with residential real estate, but this past summer I worked with Sully and his rezoning notices.

  4. Bill Simon says:


    If you are so ignorant as to recognize that this administration is JUST as much anti-white as the previous ones from Bill Campbell and Maynard Jackson, then you are the one who is the idiot, Idiot.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Correction: That should have read If you are so ignorant as to NOT recognize that this administration is JUST as much anti-white as the previous ones under Bill Campbell and Maynard Jackson, then you are the one who is the idiot, Idiot.

  6. heroV says:

    Bill Simon,
    very good work. I am particularly impressed with the examples you have listed to support your “anti-white” claim. Because an idiot would have just posted ridiculous conclusory statements with no supporting facts, and you are clearly not an idiot. Oh my bad, yes you are an idiot (with respect to this discussion).

  7. heroV says:

    How do “these previous administrations” support your position that the Shirley Franklin administration is “anti-white?”

  8. Bill Simon says:

    She worked under both administrations as I recall and not just as an office flunky.

    It’s a supposition, HeroV, and a suspicion. You will probably point out to me that you, in fact, are a white liberal who works for her as proof of her not being anti-white. “Proof” like that is not proof of anything, as Bill Campbell had some whites working for him as well.

    Tell you what, you give me some good reasons as to why Atlanta is offering strong resistance to the Beltline and maybe I’ll change my viewpoint of Shirley.

    If all you offer up is calling me an idiot, then this engagement will end right here.

  9. heroV says:

    I do not work for Shirley Franklin, but I did vote for her. Your statements are akin to Kanye West proclaiming that George Bush hates black people because something bad happened to black people in New Orleans during Katrina. I bet you thought, as I did, that Kanye West’s remarks in that regard were idiotic. Yours are similarly (actually, identically) idiotic. While there are legitimate discussions to be had about the failings or inadequacies of Bush on Katrina and/or the city on the Beltline, Kanye and yourself seem to prefer resorting to making idiotic racial statements.

  10. gatormathis says:

    Oh cool. A new thread angle is being developed here. We now have the “Who can use idiot the most times in a thread. Bonus points will be awarded for use of idiot touching consecutively in a post.

    The i-word. Another reason to think:
    Sorry, I saw the title of this thread and thought it might be about Mark Taylor……

  11. rmckibben says:

    Atlanta is giving Mason a hard time about his proposal because, and this is complicated so stay with me, THE NEIGHBORHOOD DOESN”T WANT IT!!! Anyone need time to catch up? A suburban developer who is used to getting his way runs into some resistance and throws a temper tantrum.

    And while the government of Atlanta may be a little too racialy sensitive, to call Mayor Franklin racist is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever heard and, living in Georgia, I have heard some pretty dumb things.

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