Kingston & Price

ImageCongressmen Jack Kingston and Tom Price were kind enough to talk to me this morning over at RedState. We have a Monday, Wednesday, Friday feature called RedState Radio, which is our three times a week political podcast.

You can listen here or download the RedState Radio via iTunes.

We talked about Georgia politics, conservative discontent with Republicans in Congress, the War in Iraq, and whether we should get Lynn Westmoreland on next time and let him crank call Nancy Pelosi with us.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Oh, let me guess: Tom Price whined about all of the “liberal” Republicans in Congress unwilling to cut spending so he has to vote right alongside with them?

    “Duhhhh…gee, we Congressmen cannot figger out why ANYONE would be discontented with the stellar f***ing job WE’VE been doing!”

    Gawwwwwwwwllllllllllll-lee! Shazzzzam!

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Was Cong. Price actually at the East Cobber Parade, or just kids with signs? Did he decide to go to Alpharetta instead? I was asked several times. I know I didn’t see him..

    Just curious..

  3. BB says:

    To his credit, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland was very critical of the job congress is (not) doing at the Ann Coulter dinner Saturday night. He would be a great guest on Red State Radio.

    Congressmen Price and Gingrey both spoke before Lynn touting some of the things that have been done to decrease spending in DC. There is still much to be done and no matter what Bill thinks, the Georgia GOP delegation as a whole is doing a good job despite its overall lack of seniority. Given a couple of terms, these gentlemen will show what fiscal conservatism really means and hopefully have considerable influence as the GOP continues its majority status….(waiting in breathless anticipation for the verbal onslaught sure to follow as BS seems to have downed a heavy dose of caffeine this morning based on a couple of his expletive filled posts).

  4. MarkedExcess says:

    In the Republican Conservative spectrum, does Price imagine he’s a Conservative? When did budget deficits become Conservative?

    * Price voted to cut taxes without cutting spending.
    * Price voted for some of the most bloated spending bills in the history of the U.S. Congress.

    Where is the Conservative part? Anyone who argues Price should be rewarded for that kind of behavior is a damn fool.

    Price should resign and apologize to his district and the country.

  5. kevin35 says:

    Why is it that Republican can call himself a fiscal conservative during a debate, add or speech. Then if a Democrat does the same who may like the same issues such as immigration, freedom for America and being a fiscal Conservative they are made fun of.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    “Was Cong. Price actually at the East Cobber Parade, or just kids with signs? Did he decide to go to Alpharetta instead?”

    Seriously, what in the hell is the difference? That’s like wondering whether MIT has more nerds than Georgia Tech.

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