Priorities out of whack.

I realize the post is just some inside baseball stuff, but please indulge me.

Apparently some people in the Georgia GOP aren’t aware an election is coming up. An email was sent to member’s of the Georgia GOP’s State Committee asking them to support calling a special meeting to fill two open Party positions.

I responded to this email by sending an email of my own to State Committee Members asking them not to support the call for a special meeting – not because the positions don’t need to be filled, but because we’re now, by my count, 44 days to the General Election, and this can be dealt with after November 7th.

Why should we ask people to set aside their important get out the vote activities to drive to Atlanta to elect people to a Party office that will have no impact on the November Elections? For example, Gwinnett GOP Chairman Greg Howard is seeking one of these vacant offices. The meeting time desired by the author of the email is Saturday September 30th at Noon. To attend this meeting, Greg Howard would be forced to miss the Duluth Fall Festival, which is one of the largest such Festivals in Gwinnett. Perhaps the meeting could be held another day you may ask? Good idea. However, there are public events taking place every weekend in Gwinnett between now and Election day. Why should Greg Howard be forced to choose between his duties as Chairman and a State Committee Meeting? Furthermore, according to State Executive Committee Member, and 7th District Chairman B.J. Van Gundy, the State Executive Committee planned to fill the positions at their last meeting, but chose instead to delay the vote until after the November Election. In other words, the positions will be filled very soon and there’s no need for a special meeting.

Now comes the part where I really make some people mad. The email comes from an address called “[email protected]” and asks people to fax a form to 770-966-7448, which is the same fax number used by Cobb County GOP Chairman Anthony-Scott Hobbs (click here and scoll to the bottom of the page for proof). Clearly Hobbs is behind this effort, and is using an anonymous email account as cover (in fact one person I spoke with, thought the email came from the State Party). To what end? Hobbs desires to be State Republican Party Chairman, and is attempting to use this issue to build support.

In my mind, this episode demonstrates that some people in positions of power within the Republican Party have their eyes on enhancing their own power rather than getting Republicans elected.


  1. debbie0040 says:

    I guess you are advocating that the Georgia GOP should not have to follow their rules and by laws. You think it is perfectedly acceptible for them to choose not to follow the rules .

    We are the governing body os this state and our State Party should set an example by following the rules and not leave the impression they are above it.

    Why have they not called a meeting of their governing body?

    If the Gwinnett GOP or any other county party did not follow their rules, you would be screaming at the top of your lungs.

    Why can’t you just be consistent?

    My understanding is that a state committee meeting has not been held in over a year.

    You should be grateful someone is bringing it up and not waiting for the Democrats to bring it up.

    meetings of the State Committee and the Executive Committee shall be held on written notice setting forth the agenda mailed, faxed, or sent by written electronic communication not less than twelve (12) days prior to the meeting on the call of the Chairman or upon the written request of one-third (1/3) of the voting members the Secretary shall issue the call as provided in Rule 2.5Attendance at a meeting of the State Committee or State Executive Committee by a member shall constitute a waiver by that person of any notice required for such meeting.
    A. The Executive Committee shall meet not less than quarterly, provided, however, that two of those must be in person meetings.
    B. The State Committee shall meet not less than semi-annually, provided, however, that one of those must be in personal meetings.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    Anyone that criticizes this effort to have a meeting is essentially saying rules don’t have to be followed if you have an election coming up.

    It is very clearcut. Either you don’t believe rules should have to be followed or you do.

  3. Rusty says:

    We should all pull for ASH for party chairman (Repubs, Dems, cynics, optimists, bloggers and the media alike), because a cash value cannot possibly be placed on the festival of unintentional comedy that would ensue. I’m talking cherry Andy Kaufman-style theater of the mind stuff.

  4. Erick says:

    Are you lacking on the reading comprehension tonight?

    (1) Whether the state party is meeting as it should or not is *NOT* the point.

    (2) Someone using the email address “[email protected]”, which is arguably designed to confuse people and think it is the state party emailing, is trying to use an anonymous email account and faxed forms to call a meeting of the State Executive Committee.

    Now, if you are such a stickler for the rules of the state party, perhaps then you should also be a stickler for calling meetings properly and not using anonymous email accounts designed to confuse to accomplish the goals.

    We’re not criticizing whether to have a meeting or not — though I agree with Buzz that now is probably the worst time to have a meeting — what we’re criticizing is the *means* by which some anonymous person with a more than likely ulterior motive is trying to induce members of the committee to call for a meeting.

    And one more thing — so they haven’t met like they should have, which as a lawyer I would caution them. Must that mean we must have a meeting at a time that is not otherwise convenient to people on the committee?

    “Either you don’t believe the rules should have to be followed or you do.”

    Count me on the side for having to follow the rules. But count me also on the side that says meetings for the sake of meetings are crap — especially when all of our time would better be spent in neighborhoods than around a meeting table at this time.

  5. buzzbrockway says:


    The question is not wether to have a meeting, but when. Days before the election is not the time to do this, and the motives of the person/persons behind this should be examined. Of course the Party should follow it’s rules, but if we spend our time in meetings rather than winning elections why have a Party?


  6. shep1975 says:

    As the one who nominated Greg Howard at that meeting, I thought that the decision on what to do was to be tabled as well until after the elections and upon ruling.

    The meeting we had as an EC a month ago was frank andconstructive, though a little on the long side. It was decided that because these positions are elected by caucus, not the convention as a whole, that the EC may not have to power to make replacements. If you re-read the rule, it would not seem to apply to those two positions.

    “2.13 FILLING VACANCIES IN OFFICES ON STATE COMMITTEE In the event of death, resignation, or removal from office of any officer of the State Committee elected by the State Convention or the State Committee, the State Executive Committee shall elect a successor by a majority vote of a quorum present.”

    These two positions are not elected by either State Committee or State Convention, they are elected by caucus of County Chairmen. (see Rule 2.15). Let’s wait until a ruling comes out before we start calling for meetings to elect positions that the SC may not have the power to actually elect.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Notice how Debbie avoids the issue of the sneaky/underhandedness of her Hero, ASH, and his hiding behind an official-sounding e-mail address.

    Rusty, you don’t want a guy like ASH to be ANYWHERE near a bank account of the size of the state GOP’s. Not even for a joke.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    If the state party had followed the rules, the timing would not be an issue. They could have held a meeting sometimes in the spring .

    Hobbs had already spoken to enough committee members to call a meeting. Do you actually think he did this on his own? Enough members were spoken to and knew the email was going out to call a meeting. Committee members had been complaining for months about no meeting and the fact the state party does not seem to care what they think. I have had numerous state commitee members tell me that the state party just wants their money and volunteer time but nothing else. The state party could avoid this sentiment by having meetings as required under their rules and getting imput from the grassroots.

    I have no clue why he did not use his email address. I would assume it was a defense against the sometimes heavy handiness of those in charge at the party level and he knew they would probably use him to stop the meeting. They would say the same things you are saying. I will ask him why he did not just use his info.

    You guys are just ticked off because Hobbs is calling the meeting and you don’t like him. The bottom line is someone else could have called the meeting under the rules, but NOBODY stepped to the plate. They are afraid to buck the State Party.

    None of you have even criticized the State Party for NOT following their rules. You just attack Hobbs. Do you not realize that Bobby Kahn could have bought this up? Our party governs the state yet doesn’t follow their rules and by laws.

    And Erick, part of Buzz’s post was blasting having a meeting. Did you skip over paragraph four?

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Official meetings of the State Committee and the Executive Committee shall be held on written notice setting forth the agenda mailed, faxed, or sent by written electronic communication not less than twelve (12) days prior to the meeting on the call of the Chairman or upon the written request of one-third (1/3) of the voting members the Secretary shall issue the call as provided in Rule 2.5Attendance at a meeting of the State Committee or State Executive Committee by a member shall constitute a waiver by that person of any notice required for such meeting.

  10. Maurice Atkinson says:

    There’s always a motive for everything. My biggest problem is the fact that the email I received was deceptive. I thought it was from the powers that be, not the powers that want to be.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    I asked Anthony why he did not use his email address.

    He said there were 40 + people behind the effort calling for a state committee meeting and you could not put all those emails down. The email address used was a collective email address so to speak. Because of expected retalitation from the state party, they did not want their names used.

    You guys think Anthony is leading this effort by himself and he is not. He is the only one that is willing to get in the forefront and take the “hits”.

  12. Bill Simon says:

    Oh, puh-leeze, Debbie. Stop the drama. Hobbs is “willing” to get out there because he wants to make a bigger name for himself so he can attract more attention for his future run for state GOP chair.

    You and Hobbs and Michael Altman, et al. REALLY think the rest of us are sooooo stupid as to believe your ploys. We don’t. Especially when ANY one of you are the point person for the cause.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, you are not being consistent. If the Cobb GOP or any other county party were not following the rules you would be yelling at the top of your lungs.

    But here you are giving the state party a pass for not following rules.

    Do or do you not believe rules should be followed?

  14. CHelf says:

    While not in the Kool Aid crowd on this subject I will say that those saying this is inconvenient when they could be campaigning is a cop out. If the GOP’s election hopes ride on a handful of people like this being out there putting up yard signs and going door to door (which I doubt all actually do actively) and cannot take a few hours at most to do this, we are in trouble.

    Rules are rules. THAT is the point here. If Hobbs wants to be a coward and hide in the weeds lobbing firebombs anonymously, that is his problem. It’s a testament to his lack of leadership for doing so covertly. Strike against him if and when he runs. Another strike for the leadership who is not even abiding by their own rules. If they cannot follow simple procedures and it comes to a question of “how can we do this so late in the cycle?” then we have to ask ourselves if we really want these people who cannot follow simple rules running the show. If they cannot follow simple rules, what does that mean for what they could be doing out in the field?

    We’re arguing over two sides and both seem to have some major character flaws. The logic in this argument is over which side is more incompetent or incapable of leading and abiding by rules. Neither side is admitting their side is at fault for a major issue. Both sides are ignoring the key point and diverting the argument to things like conspiracies and anonymous emails. It’s like killing the messenger with whistleblowers. Look at the key issue here. One person is using anonymous actions while another one doesn’t want to miss a city festival. You have gutless anonymity and you have someone who thinks if they are not at a festival, their county party will collapse and the Dems would win.

    It’s theater of the absurd…..

  15. Bill Simon says:

    Debbie, Debbie, Debbie….YOU and your ilk are the cause of me not giving one shit about the rules on anything regarding the political parties in this state. You fucking morons waltz-in, takeover, fire everyone who WANTED you to follow the rules, and then you sit on your high chair and act holier-than-thou when I don’t buy your cry-Wolf “We’re just following the rules…” story.

    Get it through your head, Debbie: Between the rule-breakers of the state party and the rule-breakers of YOUR little podunk gang of putzes, I’d rather have the state party rule-breakers in charge and remain in charge. Dig?

  16. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, this is the second time I have asked you show me how the rules were broken. Great pains are taken to see that the rules are followed.

    Please provide proof of your ridiculous allegations or shut up.

  17. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, though it is NOT written down as a “rule”, when people LIE consistently about what’s going on in the county party (as you and Hobbs et al. think you can do and get away with), as far as I’m concerned your problem is beyond “breaking rules” and goes much closer to grounds for expulsion from the party.

    If anyone wants any “proof” of their lies, I invite them to go back and look at all of my Web archives on Hobbs:

  18. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, you hide behind your little disclaimer at the bottom of your emails so you will not get sued. You even state that it is a parody and not fact. If what you state is true, then why bother including those?

    Again, where is your proof of rule breaking?

    You have also attacked many Republicans in y our newslettes.

  19. Bill Simon says:

    The documentation of Hobbs is pretty clear, regardless of my disclaimers. Thus the attempt by the Hobbettes to “censure” me in a resolution at the March 2004 county convention. You folks KNEW I was printing the truth and that’s why you tried to “censure” me…which lost by a 2:1 margin, didn’t it, Debbie?

    And, as far as “attacking Republicans,” oooh, are you now saying there is a rule against that, Debbie?

    Here’s the proof of one of the rules you tried to break:

  20. debbie0040 says:

    The rules were followed and the language in the call was very vague. There was much confusion. No rules were violated. A compromise was reached.

    You have repeatedly stated that we have violated rules, yet can produce no such instance.

    As far as the censure, people only had a problem with the fact if they voted to censure, it would violate free speech. It was NOT because they supported you.

    The office holders in the Cobb GOP were re-elected at the last county convention without opposition despite your repeated attacks.

  21. Bill Simon says:


    The reason for your’s and Hobbs’ re-election was NOT due to the overwhelming popularity and trust people have in you. It was because the real Republicans (i.e., the ones who do not spend their time lying to and about other Republicans with a flagrant disregard for honesty like you folks do with a regularity that would astonish Bill Clinton) have thrown-up their hands and said to heck with the county party.

  22. Gregory Howard says:


    With all due respect for you and all you have done for the party, I am greatly perplexed as to why you would want to air internal struggles within the party in a public forum. Once again you have the “scoop

  23. Bill Simon says:

    No, Debbie, their exodus started way back during the Gilhuly time period and progressed through ASH’s reign.

    And, again, you have no defense for your record of lying to and about people all over the county. You and Hobbs must still think you’re in high school or something. You’re not and no one, except other nutjobs, buys any of what you folks are peddling.

  24. buzzbrockway says:


    I didn’t air any “laundry” belonging to the Georgia GOP. I made public an attempt by Anthony-Scott Hobbs to compel the Georgia GOP to hold a meeting at a time of his choosing. This episode has not brought embarrassment to Governor Perdue or Chairman Poitevint, but rather to Mr. Hobbs and those who’ve aligned themselves with him.

    Furthermore, Hobbs used an official sounding email address which caused confusion among many and caused the State Party’s ED Paul Bennecke to set the record straight as to the true source of the email.

    Of course the Party should follow it’s rules, but I see no compling reason to hold a meeting before November 7th.


  25. Bill Simon says:

    :::sniff! sniff!::: What’s that I smell? Ahhh…something that might be worth an Alert in the Vine…something concerning ASH…something under the radar from even the Peach Pundit….heheheheh…..

  26. Big Mack says:


    Apparently you don’t know your ass from two dollars a week. The rules have not been broken. A meeting of the state committee was held in the spring in Athens. I attended it. The business at hand was to select the site for the 2007 State Convention and Gwinnett county was given the approval. The rules say that at least two meetings of the state committee must be held each year. The other meeting will be held in December. ASH doesn’t have the sense that God gave a billy goat. He will not be elected state chairman.

  27. Mad Dog says:


    There are some good things in this thread. I’m glad you ran it.

    If you have the scoop, on the Dems – the Repubs – the Libs — I urge you to run it.

    Ridicule, public ridicule, can bring about good change. Keeping things in the under the rug, … nothing but poor housekeeping.

    I think both parties should do away with internal time tables that conflict with the governor’s race.

    Maybe the elected governor should run the respective party?

  28. shep1975 says:

    If the reason for the meeting is to elect the two Chair positions, then it’s a moot point anyway. The State Committee cannot elect those two positions under the way the rules are written.

    Whoever is interested in the position would do well by himself to organize a caucus conference call of his/her fellow County Chairs, vote by roll call or via email, and report the results back to the State Party.

    If it is done before the election, then the call could also discuss various GOTV activities. Then it may be a good thing as per timing.

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