Dear Gov. Perdue (and Bart Graham)

Loren pointed out that the Blue Plate Special was just a trial balloon.

I have a suggestion. Keep them. But reverse them.

The white one is very minimalist and cool looking — it’s the the iPod of license plates, gets the job done with a minimum of pretension. Let the blue light specials that the State Troopers drive have the Blue Plate special license plates. They wear blue and drive blue, they might as well have blue license plates — oh, and that will stop everyone from slamming on their brakes going down I-75 when they see some horses’ behind in a Crown Vic pretending to be a policeman — no blue tag, no policeman.

It’ll make it easy to identify. It’s a good idea. It’ll cut out the police poseurs.

So, keep the blue plates and the white plates. Just let us ordinary folks have the slick, minimalist white tags (perhaps with the county put back in) and let the official folks have the blue tags. Then we can all go away happy.

Thanks very much.

Erick Erickson

PS – You know how Peach Pundit made such a stink of this? Well, I’m a little hacked off that in an entire AJC article about bloggers’ reactions to the plate, Peach Pundit was mentioned ZERO times. Jim, I’m hurt.


  1. One suggestion. Keep the counties. For those of us that stare at county maps all day, some we’ve never been to or rarely get to go to, it is nice to connect a name (or a car) to a place. In fact, I’d go one step further and suggest that the counties be on specialty tags as well.

  2. conservativecore says:

    I like the anonymity of the tags with out a county. What little of it the specialty plate provides. However I think this is a good time to suggest that the Governor start to rethink his staff, get rid of the old hold over democrats who think a (blue) plate special for a car is a good idea like the former administartion thought a denny’s place mat was a good idea for a flag. Governor please step up from mediocrity and show us that you are a true conseravtive. Build a cabinet of people who long before you put their blood and sweat into being a Repbulican and Conservative and built the foundation from which you have experienced so much success.

    Governor if you can’t or won’t do that then at least change you campaign slogan to

  3. Chris says:

    When I heard that they were moving from light colored plates with dark lettering to dark colored plates with white lettering my first thought was “It’s probably easier for the cameras and computers to read and analyze”.

    Does that make me paranoid?

  4. rightofcenter says:

    I agree with county name’s on specialty tags.

    As for the diatribe against “hold over dems”….what? Bart Graham is not a holdover or a dem for that matter and has done a great job at the DOR. Most of government is not a democrat or a republican thing but an efficiency thing. Sonny has put competent PROFESSIONALS in place who have done an incredible job of reforming state government. It is the undertold part of his story that I hope his campaign will hit hard in the weeks ahead. The politicos and the pundits may scoff at the importance of efficiency in the drivers license process, but it is a big part of where the state government interfaces with the public. And that is just one small part of great job this administration has done on making the state government a more “customer friendly” organization.

  5. CobbGOPer says:

    Farris may be on to something; the first thing I thought on seeing the blue plates was “Oh, this is probably so cops can see the tag numbers more easily at night, especially if someone’s tag light is out.” To be quite honest, who cares what the tags look like? Since when do we care if our government ID is ‘pretty’? It’s still just a tool for government to identify individuals, why waste money making it ‘personalized’ or nice-looking? The Europeans have it right on this one: they just have monotone plates with the letters and numbers, and maybe a little insignia identifying what country they’re from…

    How much tax money are we wasting on this?

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